Marxists Attack Aussie PM

Socialist Worker doesn’t like Aussie PM Johnny Howard-particularly for his paternalistic and decidedly non Liberal (but popular) Aboriginal policies.

They posted this charming montage on their blog. A bit “over the top” perhaps?

On Monday they demonstrated outside the Australian Consulate in Auckland. SW had a little help as the figure on the far right of the Indymedia photo is Annalucia Vermunt of the Communist League. Jared Phillips of the Workers Party was also present and allegedly got into a spot of bother with the police-as usual.


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16 thoughts on “Marxists Attack Aussie PM

  1. Hey Trev, do you think Aboriginals have as much access to the exercise and enjoyment of human rights as millions of other Stryllyans do ?

    It’s just that your comment – “I support human rights – which includes Aboriginal rights.” – well, that seemed a rather quick pass of the ball actually.

    And senseless really. Surely it’s palpable that from Aboriginal experience the anticipation is NEVER matched by the consummation.

    Whatever rights they’re “said” to have.

  2. Mah, your “plans” for the world and your random dictates about how the rest of the world “should” think and be, well, they’re gross !

    Far more impolite (and dangerous) than anything I’ve ever said to you. So stop whining when someone chucks some innocuous crap at you. You sound like you think you’re “special”.

    If I May Say So, Your Excellency ? (low, sweeping bow before His Excellency).

    IDF: 10 Palestinians: 1

  3. he’ll be in auckland so i guess you will miss it – maybe your friend ian wishart might like to attend – hah

    im sure you will hear about him once he arrives

  4. I support human rights-which includes Aboriginal rights.

    Yes I am a CC skeptic-not so much the change part-the human input part and the socialist solutions part.

    Didn’t know he was coming-tell me more!

  5. jared didnt get in trouble trev – as usual a rather second rate report – thats what u get from siting on a computer all day.

    so do you not support abouriginal rights? and you are a climate skeptic – guess u are the opposite of socialist worker.

    u coming to see george galloway?

  6. “Are Aboriginals the new Jews Mah Mah ? You didn’t answer.

    Of course, there’s the reality that a wide spectrum of world opinion supports the Palestinians – IDF:10 Palestinians:1, apartheid etc. “

    Steve, shut it with your Jew-baiting propaganda. Al-Qaeda is even on the side of Hamas. You know, the same group responsible for 9/11 and other attacks against the U.S.? That group?

  7. Are Aboriginals the new Jews Mah Mah ? You didn’t answer.

    Of course, there’s the reality that a wide spectrum of world opinion supports the Palestinians – IDF:10 Palestinians:1, apartheid etc.

    Hardly surprising that Al-Qaeda is seen in that spectrum.

    To make a particular point about it is like Trev’s grizzle that amongst the 53% say of Australians who oppose Bonsai Howard, there are a few impotent commies.

    That’s manifestly no point at all so what is your point Mah Mah ? Or are you just reflexively screeching again ?

  8. Steve knock it off.

    You simply do not care about the victims of the holocaust if you wouldn’t mind painting your opponents on the lines of the Nazis and also ignore similar radical leanings among some of those you support.

    Do you care Steve that even al-Qaeda supports those “poor” Palestinian terrorists? How about the likes of the “moderate” PLO getting rich from Western aid and often misusing it to promote terrorism?

    Get a life Steve and stop ridiculing people on a blog in this manner. The same goes with people who obsessively paint their opponents to be on the lines of Hitler and the Nazis too. I’m sorry to Trev for those words even if it’s the damn truth.

  9. What petty arse lickers the two of you are !

    What you say Mah Mah, fine devotee of the non-sequitur, is just as ludicrous as this absurdity: health warnings about obesity emanating from the Russian, Chinese, Cuban, Venezuelan medical professions – well, just “commie” subversion – Hmmm – Typical ! Don’t believe a word of it !

    How possibility can an unassailable fact of science become bullshit just because a “commie” expresses it ? Your fanaticism really compromises your rationality Mah Mah !

    And of the picture of Adolf and staff – well, who in recent western history was into pre-emptive moves Mah Mah ? You got it – Adolf, the guy you dine out on to justify the excesses of Israel against Palestinians.

    And who most recently in the world was into pre-emption – you got it in one……The Chickenhawk !

    And who’s The Chickenhawk’s anointed “deputy-sheriff” in these parts ?

    Right……Bonsai Howard ! Look at his “demonising” of Aboriginals. Strange behaviour for a man of God and a freedom-lover.

    Are Aboriginals the new Jews Mah Mah……?

  10. I doubt so Exocet. Look for the Protestwarrior sign about the Workers’ Party. The last thing they do is work.

  11. “Mah you’re nuts and can’t take a joke.”

    No, you must be nuts for joking around with one of modern history’s top ten dictators.

  12. “That Hitler sure was a good lookin dude. Nice hands.”

    Anyone who paints their opponents with no major proof on the lines of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis has a major totalitarian agenda.

    You praising the likes of that horrible man (btw was no better than Stalin and the average Communist dictator) exposes that sort of brand of totalitarianism.

  13. Communists and other fellow far left sympathizers can never debate when they laud their opponents to be on the lines of Nazis and Fascists.

    Would they dare question why Hitler and Stalin formed a military pact that divided up Poland in WWII’s version of the “One Cletched Fist” operation?

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