Socialist Worker Leadership Exposed!!!

NZ’s leading Trotskyist organisation, Socialist Worker has kindly listed their Central Committee on their new blog.

Here is the list with some short bios from yours truly;

Don Archer

A Christchurch factory union delegate, Archer has been part of the city’s activist scene since the early 70s. He is a 30 year veteran and founder member of the Campaign Against the Foreign Control of Aotearoa and was a long time member of the Stalinist Communist Party of NZ.

He has been active in CND, the Canterbury Health Coalition and in recent years, Peace Action Christchurch and the UNITE union.

Grant Brookes

A Wellington Nurses Union delegate, Grant Brookes joined Brian Roper’s International Socialist Organisation at Otago University in the mid’90s. ISO merged with the ex CPNZ dominated SW for a while and when the inevitable split came, Brookes was one of the few to stay with the ex-Stalinists.

In the late ’90s Brookes was active at Auckland University. He then headed to London where he was active in Socialist Alliance. By 2003 he was active in Wellington SW and Peace Action Wellington. Brookes has been on the editorial team of Socialist Worker.

Joe Carolan

An Auckland based activist, Carolan works for the SW’s “Solidarity” and also fronts “Climaction”.

Originally from Eire, Carolan was a long time activist with the Irish Socialist Workers Party before a stint at Waikato University in the early ’00s. There he helped overturn voluntary student membership and led the “Anti-Racism Movement”.

After rioting in Genoa in 2001, Carolan returned to NZ and was for a time an organiser for the UNITE union.

Gordon Farris

A Wellington based “community activist and home educator”, Farris started out as a pro-China Maoist in the early ’70s.

He moved onto Stalinism with the Communist Party and later embraced Trotskyism as SW’s national organiser.

Vaughan Gunson

A Whangarei based polytech art history lecturer, Gunson has also been a volunteer for the UNITE union.

Bernie Hornfeck

A mainstay of the Rotorua Communist Party/SW since the ’60s, Hornfeck is a former Carpenters Union official and forestry worker.

Very active in Maori and “anti-racism” issues, Hornfeck was involved in HART, Te Matakite o Aotearoa, Te Roopu a Te Pohutu (which occupied Rotowhiu Marae),the 1975 Maori Land March, the Bastion Point protest (he was arrested), the fiscal envelope march, and the hikoi against poverty. He has served as a trustee of the Apumoana Marae and has recently worked for the Maori Party.

Hornfeck has also been active in the State Housing Action Coalition, the Rotorua anti Iraq war movement and has been local chairman of the UNITE union.

Peter Hughes

Before joining SW, Hughes was the Communist Party’s Auckland chairman and leader of the State Housing Action Coalition (SHAC).

In recent times he has worked in London.

Daphne Lawless

A former member of Jim Anderton’s New Labour Party, Daphne Lawless joined SW at Victoria university in the early ’00s, where she was active in Campus left.

A professional musician, Lawless is co-editor of SW’s magazine “Unity”. She has also been active in the Association of University Staff.

Grant Morgan

A former member of the Waikato branch of the Communist Party, Grant Morgan was a key player in transforming the Stalinist sect into an active Trotskyist party.

Until recently, Morgan led SW. He also heads the Resident’s Action Movement, which succeeded in electing his partner, Robyn Hughes to the Auckland regional Council in 2004.

Morgan is co-editor of SW’s magazine “Unity” and is secretary of the SW’s “Solidarity union.

Len Parker

An Auckland based retiree and former member of the Communist Party.

Parker was very active in SHAC rent strikes and in the SW front, Residents Action Movement. Parker manages SW’s “Socialist Centre” in South Auckland.

Tony Snelling-Berg

A Tauranga based “social justice campaigner” and butcher.


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  1. Hey Anonymous – how do you get the bold. I like it ! Yeah, I’m on Microsoft. Only deviates are on the other one. Get Back !

  2. Bloody hell! I can’t believe it. These commie mutant pinko traitors actually put their names to a statement they’d written! What a giveaway! What a scoop! It’s almost as if they had nothing to hide!

  3. Would you be able to demonstrate how a single one of these people has had any influence in NZ politics in their lifetime?

    Frankly, Trevor, I am getting a little worried about your obsession with lefties. It is very odd that someone your age, who would normally be spending this time on their job or with their family is instead providing people with extremely detailed biographies of unimportant shrivelled up old lefties.

    I am not a professional, so I am not in the business of giving advice, but you may need to see someone about this problem, Trevor.

    Good luck.

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