Juche! Juche! Juche!

Is there no limit to human self delusion and twisted thinking?

Juche” is the self reliance form of Marxism-Leninism followed by North Korea.

Check out this statement from the;

Asian Regional Juche Seminar on “Economic Development, Social Justice and Democracy”

New Delhi Declaration April 8, 2006

The Juche philosophy is universal. It is relevant to every nation and every man irrespective of caste, creed or race; the reason being that it is man-centred. It treats man as the centre of everything. It clearly says that man is not a straw being carried away in any direction by the strength of current, on the other hand with his will and determination he can even change the direction of the current or else adjust it to serve his own purpose. President Kim Il Sung, the founder of this thought, also states this fact when he says:

“The Juche idea is a world outlook that centers on man and places man in the center of all thinking and makes everything serve him. It is a revolutionary theory designed to achieve the Independence of the working masses”.
The strength of the Juche philosophy can be fully comprehended if we cast a look at the following remark made by a statesman of Panama. He says:
“Archimedes, a physicist of ancient Greece, said that he would lift the earth if he had been given only a lever and a fulcrum. Today President Kim Il Sung has given us the lever and the fulcrum. The Juche idea is the lever and the masses of the people are the fulcrum”.
The Juche philosophy in short, is an instrument to empower the masses or the common people or the common man. It grants him independence, awareness, equality, dignity, self-reliance and fellow feeling–all the ingredients of a true democrat. Believing in the impeccable and lofty ideals of such an ennobling and sublime philosophy in a spirit of dedication the delegates decided unanimously to propagate, disseminate, and spread it.

The participants/delegates also could see clearly through the nefarious designs of imperialists, who in the name of democracy and globalization are trying to spread their dangerous tentacles to throttle the peace-loving independent countries that refuse to fall in line with them.

The slogan of world peace is a ruse and a cover to enslave or exploit other countries. Another great cunning slogan is ‘Democracy’. The truth of the matter is, that in the name of democracy they not only deny equality and freedom to their own people – (because in their own land the rich, the powerful and the haves exploit openly and unabashedly the poor) but invade other countries.

It is the case of “Devil preaching the scripture”. There is a perceptible hiatus between what they say and what they do. Understandably, they cannot tolerate the people, the nation where the true “Democracy” prevails where the dignity of individual is honoured, where the man is at the center of everything, where the man is charged to shape his own destiny.

Globalization is the other cunning ploy to economically enslave other nations. In the name of free trade every attempt is made to capture foreign markets and suck away their wealth. Be it said to the sagacity, wisdom and farsightedness of the DPRK that they have not fallen a prey to these designs of the USA.
The DPRK fully realizing that this resistance would invite the wrath of the imperialist powers took to Songun Politics initiated by General Secretary Kim Jong Il who has further strengthened and enriched the Juche Idea. Knowing fully well that ‘force can only be met by force’, General Secretary Kim Jong Il, through this army-centred-Politics or policy gave extra edge to the army.

Army-centred-Politics means Army is given priority, but we should fully understand the subtle difference between this army and the armies of other imperialist nations. It is peoples’ army and therefore it is also man-centred. “The people are army” and “army are the people”.

And this all is done to maintain peace because the aggressor however powerful he might be would not dare attack an equally and well prepared opponent. It may also be mentioned that when we talk of negotiations or talks of peace-treaties, the common diplomatic sense tells us that, if it is done on equal footing, then along the purpose is served. In that case we give some ‘room’ and in return also have some ‘room’.

But on the other hand if it is held between two unequal powers, then the more powerful will only ‘take’ and not ‘give’. He will only dictate. And therefore to maintain this balance Songun Politics has played and is playing a signification role.
It is accepted by thinkers and seers that the 21st Century belongs to Asia and rightly too. But to achieve this, and to thwart the nefarious designs of the imperialist powers the crying need for Asian countries is to unite. It is time to co-operate with one another and have a united front. We declare that we will work in this direction.

We the Juche Study Groups, Societies associated with the Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea (ARIJI) working in Asian countries also declare that we will study it still in greater depth and do research work so as to understand this philosophy and make use of it according to the circumstances prevailing in each country.
We also appreciate with one voice the excellent efforts made by the ARIJI in holding this seminar and thus providing an open platform to delegates of different Asian countries to contribute to discussions and proceedings and to partake of the wisdom and seminal information which flowed from the podium.
In the end we reaffirm our full faith in the Juche Philosophy and Songun Politics and express our solidarity with General Secretary Kim Jong Il and other Korean people and believe that the reunification of Korea will soon be a reality.

New Zeal Note the paragraph on “Songun Politics”. Keep in mind the constant threats used by North Korea to extract concessions from the US and other Western powers.


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13 thoughts on “Juche! Juche! Juche!

  1. To do justice to the Banner of Songun and to the great idea of Juche, it is advised that Harish Gupta and his wife Sadhna Harish are replaced from Songun and Juche forums and institutions by people with a good reputation in India. This husband-wife team is just sucking the honest blood of Korea like mosquitoes singing a pleasant whining tune. They are well known in the whole of Delhi University as totally corrupt schemesters. Harish Gupta used to teach at the College of Correspondence Studies, where he did hardly any work and constantly indulged in all kinds of skullduggery. He indulged in a wide range of criminal activities, ranging from kidnapping his neighbour’s son to practicing Freemasonry with CIA agents in India and the USA.

    Harish Gupta is known as a master manipulator who guided his wife Sadhna Harish into extreme corruption when she was a college principal in Delhi. It is said about him that he is just an opportunist and he can very quickly compromise truth and loyalties to gain his selfish interests. Friends of Korea better be more watchful in future. We only believe in the fundamental powers of Our Great Leader and Our Dear Leader.

    It gives us sorrow to see an utterly opportunistic couple with old loyalties to the Imperialists jointly misusing the generosity of the Korean masses who are constantly toiling to rebuff Imperialism and cultural domination by a couple of big nations. The friends and the peoples of Korea should not suffer in the hands of such imposters. However, it could be an intelligent move by Our Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il to include such CIA informers into DPR-Korea, so that the Koreans have control to the spying activities of the CIA and other imperialists; and the imperialist agents are shown whatever the Great Leader wanted them to see and all the time, the Western spies will exult in their access to DPR-Korea!!

    But, the way Harish Gupta is threatening gentle Indian people about his Korean influence and power is not very helpful in developing a good impression about DPR-Korea, whose people are hosting him for years with their hard-earned resources and luxuries. He makes people believe in India that he can get anybody eliminated because he has the military might of the North Korean State behind him; this is a very bad approach for the reputation of the self-reliant dignified people of DPR-Korea, who never attacked any country in their history.

  2. Yesterday, while surfing, I found a post on how corrupt and opportunistic persons get into Juche forums: http://tongilkorea.net/2008/04/16/floral-basket-gifts-and-congratulatory-messages-presented-to-kim-jong-il/#comment-10

    I feel, North Koreans quite unwittingly allow foreign agents to snoop on them in the form of KFA members. I do not see any point in promoting a phoney friendship network. May be, it is way, Kim Jong Il tries to impress upon his people about his foreign connections.

  3. To anon. Far be it from me to pick fights on the right-I am a man of peace, much to your apparent disgust.

    If you continue to make dumb comments like “ACT…has no intention of campaigning for the liberation of north korea by a us-anzac coalition”, don’t expect to get respect for your more sensible views.

    MAH-please cut out the “turd” stuff etc.

    I welcome vigorous debate and criticism, but abusive names are unnecessary.


  4. And please anonymous, you’re nothing more than a coward whenever you attempt to “prove” that I am a Communist even though I am against Communism and Socialism. You’re just simply a sad, sad person who has no other life other than to accuse the wrong people of being involved with Communism.

    “act – a capitulation to tyranny…”

    You sure do sound like a Leftie disguised as a rightie to me when you demonize a right-wing organization in New Zealand. Sheesh.

  5. “why don’t you go back to cuba where you belong, mah?”

    Hey anonymous turd, I stated Cuba is the lowest buttom of the barrel on the economic freedom ladder turd. Why would I praise a socialist hellhole?

    As for your attitude, you have proven to be no right-winger, but you’re really a Leftie here to make righties look bad if you can’t see that Hong Kong along with the rest of the top ten are Capitalist societies. New Zealand included.

    You’re nothing more than a fraudulant rightist.

  6. Anonymous, why don’t you shut up please? Tell me, does New Zealand look like North Korea? North Korea is the buttom of the barrel on the economic ladder. Last time I checked, New Zealand is somewhere on the top ten.

  7. Jeez anon-don’t you know the plan? Why do you think Rodney’s been doing all the swimming and fitness training?

    He’s going to be swimming accross the strait from Hokkaido to Pyongyang with a nuke strapped to his back.

    Can’t tell you the exact date, or I’ll have to kill you.

  8. blatant hypocrisy for the pacifist trevor to post this when we all know Act has done a u turn on supporting the war in iraq and has no intention of campaigning for the liberation of north korea by a us-anzac coalition. we live under a pro-totalitarian communist regime in new zealand, even trevor accepts that, yet Act won’t state that openly!

  9. “The Juche philosophy in short, is an instrument to empower the masses or the common people or the common man. It grants him independence, awareness, equality, dignity, self-reliance and fellow feeling …”

    What a crock!

    Behind the high-sounding phrases is nothing but what Nietsche called “the will to power.”

    Any “Peoples Republic” is a place where you do what you’re told or get shot.

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