Philip Morris Takes the Gutless Option

Cigarette company Philip Morris, “responsible for a brand of cigarettes causing offence to Maori” has apologised for any insult.

The company’s Israeli subdivision has been selling packs called “Maori Mix”. They apparently feature a Maori design, and a map of NZ on the back.

Maori anti-smoking groups are up in arms about the packaging, claiming it is appalling that such a precious name is used to sell a product that kills millions of indigenous people around the world.”

Philip Morris says the packs are no longer on sale in Israel.

Since when do this so called entity “Maori” own that name? When did “they” ever trademark it? Have French bakers trademarked “French” sticks, or Danish bakers “Danish” pastries?

Philip Morris should have more guts. The company should tell these so called “Maori anti smoking groups” to bugger off and go and do a bit of research on what property rights really mean


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3 thoughts on “Philip Morris Takes the Gutless Option

  1. As an aside, the word ‘Maori’ actually means normal or ordinary in Maori language, so attacking it’s usage would be even more ridiculous than the Danish getting up in arms over danishes.

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