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Obama’s Economic Shell Game
January 28, 2015 – 2:03 pm EST | No Comment

By: Bethany Stotts Accuracy in Media Whether in his State of the Union or his recent campaign-like visits to the states, the President has been touting an economic recovery that his policies have supposedly fostered after he inherited a dire recession from George W. Bush. This narrative, repeated over and over through the years, is […]

‘Economics professors’ trash entrepreneurs, argue for taxing the rich
January 2, 2015 – 6:38 pm EST | One Comment

An OpEd posted at the Tampa Bay Times by Economics professors William L. Holahan and Charles O. Kroncke (retired) begins with the sentence: “It is a common misconception that entrepreneurs create jobs.” Instead, they argue, taxpayer funded “investments” into education and infrastructure is what empowers the “true job creator: the workings of the market.” The roads and bridges argument […]

What the United Nations Doesn’t Want You to Know
September 1, 2014 – 7:56 pm EST | 3 Comments

By: Brent Parrish The Right Planet My friend Lt. Robert Powell from the Pacific Freedom Foundation recently emailed me about a new PowerPoint presentation he put together (compiled and written by Irving Baxter Jr.) on the murky origins of the United Nations. This is also a subject matter I’ve delved into quite deeply myself. Powell’s […]

Listen to the American People: Secure Border, No Amnesty
August 19, 2014 – 2:15 pm EST | One Comment

By: Michael Johns “He was tortured, beaten to death, strangled and then set on fire,” Laura Wilkerson said earlier this month in McAllen, Texas. She was recalling her beloved 18-year-old son Josh, who was brutally murdered by illegal alien Hermilio Moralez in November 2010. The details of Josh Wilkerson’s murder are gruesome: Moralez, in the […]

Obama Pushes Wealth Redistribution In Africa
August 6, 2014 – 12:00 pm EST | No Comment

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton NoisyRoom.net President Barack Obama speaks at the US Africa Business Forum during the US Africa Leaders Summit, Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington. AP It took a little over a year for Obama to ramp up a massive wealth redistribution scheme from the US to Africa. That […]

Congress: Use the Power of the Purse to Save the Border
July 16, 2014 – 10:17 am EST | No Comment

Written by: Diana West This week’s syndicated column Dear Members of Congress, Here’s an assignment for you: Watch the 1939 classic “The Wizard of Oz” and pay particular attention to the part in which Dorothy realizes that in her ruby red slippers, she had the magic power she needed all along. You do, too. Not […]

Putin’s American Big Business Allies
July 1, 2014 – 7:07 pm EST | One Comment

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media The editorial page of The Washington Post is warning of the folly of appeasing Vladimir Putin, saying: When Russia was roiled by uncertainty and change in the 1990s, and even into the 2000s, it made sense to engage, and engagement did plenty of good. But something fundamental has changed. […]

What Is It With Socialists and Violence Anyway?
December 16, 2013 – 9:55 am EST | No Comment
Karl Pierson is shown in a Facebook photo.

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton NoisyRoom.net Karl Pierson (via Karl Pierson’s facebook profile) The young gunman responsible for the shooting on Friday at Arapahoe High School in Colorado is described in a variety of ways by his classmates: Socialist, Communist… See a trend? Sadly, my daughter came to us today and said that students don’t hold political […]

Pope Francis, Jihad, and Moscow’s “Espionage Church”
December 2, 2013 – 10:33 am EST | No Comment

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media Before Pope Francis created a controversy by denouncing “trickle-down” economics, the pro-growth policies associated with President Reagan, Russian President Vladimir Putin was visiting the Vatican and acting like a religious believer. Putin made the sign of the cross, gave the pope a Virgin Mary icon, and bent over to […]

The Aggression of Hunger, Fear and the Entitlement Mentality
October 14, 2013 – 2:09 pm EST | No Comment

NoisyRoom.net By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Cross-Posted at Right Wing News The politics of hunger showed it’s desperate face over the weekend. For a few hours, America was treated to a preview of the coming hunger riots when our economy eventually collapses. KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather The videos show incidences in Louisiana, but the […]

Lagarde Beckons the US to Commit Economic Suicide and Save Europe from Themselves
October 14, 2013 – 8:29 am EST | No Comment

NoisyRoom.net By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Photo by: Alex Brandon So, Lagarde knows that ‘entitlements’ are a problem for the US down the road, but wants us to incur more debt right now to keep Europe from sliding into another recession. Where to start with this one. First off, the US committing […]

Obama’s “Propaganda Village” on Display in D.C.
October 3, 2013 – 5:11 pm EST | No Comment

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media The Washington Post front-page photo shows Park Service employees shutting down access to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the mall. I have visited the memorial several times in the past and have never seen any Park Service employees. Where did they come from? The “shutdown” is a […]

The Never Ending Fiscal Lie
September 19, 2013 – 11:58 am EST | No Comment

NoisyRoom.net By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Cross-Posted at Right Wing News The audacity of deception. If Obama’s lips are moving, you know he is lying. This morning’s was a whopper. From CNS News: In a speech at the Business Roundtable headquarters in Washington, D.C., Obama dismissed concerns about raising the debt ceiling by noting that it’d been […]

Obama’s Misleading Obamacare Claims
July 25, 2013 – 6:44 pm EST | 3 Comments

By: Bethany Stotts Accuracy in Media Supporters of Obamacare were given reason to celebrate on July 17 when The New York Times announced that health care premiums in the Empire State could “tumble” 50% because of the new health care exchanges. “Obama touted recent news from New York, California, Oregon and other states that have […]

Sequester fraud in one picture
April 25, 2013 – 7:31 pm EST | One Comment

By: James Simpson Examiner.com Right Side News UPDATE: Maryland’s Dan Bongino, today observed that DC-area airports have exempted themselves from the below-mentioned Sequester cuts! This coming on the heels of today’s announcement that some in Congress are looking to exempt themselves and their staffs from Obamacare. How does one describe such people? April 25, 2013 […]

Forum: The 10th Anniversary of the Iraq War just passed. Was the Iraq Invasion Worthwhile?
April 15, 2013 – 12:35 pm EST | One Comment

The Watcher’s Council Every week on Monday morning, the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum with short takes on a major issue of the day. This week’s question: The 10th Anniversary of the Iraq War just passed. Was the Iraq Invasion Worthwhile? The Razor: I’ll admit I was wrong about […]

The Unaffordable “Affordable Care Act”
March 29, 2013 – 9:20 am EST | No Comment

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media The apparent costs of Obamacare are going up. And up, and up. How much additional cost will the average private payer see in the coming year? The Society of Actuaries, according to The Wall Street Journal, has issued a new report “warning that the cost of medical claims in […]

CNN Exposes Obama’s High-Speed Rail Boondoggle
March 27, 2013 – 12:37 pm EST | One Comment

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media The Obama Administration has put high-speed rail at the forefront of its infrastructure policies, but in reality it’s a slow-moving target for criticism. “Ask any CEO where they’d rather locate and hire: a country with deteriorating roads and bridges, or one with high-speed rail and Internet; high-tech schools and […]

IMF Marxists Tax and Seize Personal Funds in Cyprus – Crickets Ensue
March 17, 2013 – 9:27 am EST | 13 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Very few things give me nightmares… Yesterday’s event in Cyprus was one of them and the media is conspicuously silent. What do you get when you combine worldwide Marxist elitists, bankers and the media? A worldwide depression and a new dark age. The IMF (in case you are wondering who they […]

Obama’s Green Money Scheme Exposed – Part One
March 1, 2013 – 4:51 pm EST | No Comment

NoisyRoom By: Sharon Sebastian Few realize that the “green movement” is about building large personal fortunes for an elite few. As with all robber barons, it is about the money. It is why President Barack Obama laid out his threat to again bypass Congress and ignore the American people during his 2013 State of the […]

Al Jazeera and the Global Jihad in America
February 7, 2013 – 6:45 pm EST | No Comment

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media By refusing to investigate the Al Gore/Al Jazeera deal, it would appear that Capitol Hill “conservatives” like Republican Reps. Michael McCaul, Steve Scalise, and Paul Broun are adopting the view that we have nothing to fear from the global jihad and its instruments of propaganda being positioned on U.S. […]

House Conservative Leader Gives Al Jazeera Deal a Pass
February 7, 2013 – 6:23 pm EST | No Comment

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media Rep. Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana who is the new chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), believes Al Jazeera has a First Amendment right to expand its broadcasts in the United States and that a congressional investigation of Al Gore’s deal with the channel is not warranted. […]

“Terror TV” Comes to America
February 3, 2013 – 2:01 pm EST | No Comment

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton I remember 9-11 as if it were yesterday. The shock, the horror, the tears… the vows of ‘we will never forget.’ Evidently, Al Gore couldn’t be bothered with that memory. Money was way too important – bringing America to her knees was too tempting. He sold Current TV for a cool […]

Battered America Syndrome
January 13, 2013 – 8:32 pm EST | 3 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton The assault on the Constitution and our Founding Principles has accelerated. Americans seem to be assailed by Marxist/Progressive propaganda at every turn. The most serious threat to our God-given rights currently, is the attack being mounted on the Second Amendment by the Progressive Left. They worked hard to manufacture a crisis […]

Crowd Laughs as Chicago Teachers Union President Talks About Killing the Rich
January 8, 2013 – 1:47 pm EST | No Comment

NoisyRoom Read more at Gateway Pundit… Crowd Cheers After Chicago Teachers Union Pres. Jokes About Killing the Rich

Forum: What’s Your Reaction To The Fiscal Cliff Agreement?
January 7, 2013 – 7:54 pm EST | 2 Comments

The Watcher’s Council Every week on Monday morning, the Council and invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum with short takes on a major issue of the day. This week’s question: What’s your reaction to the Fiscal Cliff Agreement? The Razor: Everyone said Boehner was dealt a bad hand, but I don’t play poker […]

Home of the Enslaved
January 6, 2013 – 5:29 pm EST | One Comment

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Millions of Americans got a nasty surprise this week in their paychecks. Their pay was effectively reduced due to the taxation football being fumbled once again by our so-called esteemed leaders in DC. Many Americans believed these politicians on both sides of the aisle when they claimed that they had to […]

House Speaker Boehner Votes for Obama’s Marxism
January 3, 2013 – 2:35 pm EST | 2 Comments

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media Mostly with Democratic votes, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Tuesday voted for what the Obama Administration said was “the most progressive income tax code in decades.” It was Karl Marx who called for a “heavy progressive or graduated income tax” system in order to redistribute the wealth and […]

The Truth About The Fiscal Cliff In Simple Terms
December 31, 2012 – 8:50 pm EST | One Comment

NoisyRoom By: AJ FISCAL CLIFF, OH NOES!! Many either don’t know what the “fiscal cliff” is, or believe this problem is something that it’s not. Although America ’s economic crisis is not rocket science, the media and politicians have done a good job of keeping the truth hidden so that our focus isn’t on the […]

When the Lights Go Out in America
December 30, 2012 – 2:09 pm EST | 2 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton As America prepares to celebrate the ringing in of 2013 and the reelection of a Marxist as President, I think we should also review the EMP threat before America’s lights go out. Notice, I did not say “if.” It’s a matter of “when.” I’ve had many on both sides of the […]