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Time for Truth Ted Cruz Anthem
October 29, 2015 – 5:27 pm EST |
Time for Truth Ted Cruz Anthem

Thanks for bringing this one to our attention, 2 Million Bikers to DC!!

Cloverton Hallelujah
December 3, 2014 – 12:46 pm EST |
Rockin’ With the Communist Party
May 24, 2013 – 10:52 pm EST |

Communist Party USA supporters burn up the dance floor in Chicago’s Unity Center, at a May 19th People’s World Party potluck and fundraiser, celebrating international labor solidarity and the fight for immigrant rights. If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t much worry about these people.

“Catch Me Now I’m Falling”
December 22, 2012 – 4:27 pm EST |
“Catch Me Now I’m Falling”

Released during the Carter era, a pro American song from iconic British band The Kinks. More appropriate now than ever. I remember, when you were down And you needed a helping hand I came to feed you But now that I need you You won’t give me a second glance Now I’m calling all citizens […]

Tim Hawkins “The Government Can”
August 28, 2012 – 1:05 am EST |
Ava Aston “We The People”
August 13, 2012 – 6:17 pm EST |

New York based singer Ava Aston wears her love for her country on her sleeve. I love this song.

Songs for Andrew Breitbart
March 5, 2012 – 1:01 am EST |

I have never seen such general grief in the movement as I have over the death of Andrew Breitbart. I don’t pretend to have known Andrew well – we met a couple of times and spoke on the phone several times. One thing he did share with me though was his love of the music […]

The Day the Music Died
February 12, 2012 – 5:49 pm EST |

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Recreate ’68 – Adbusters The Recreate ’68 Committee has its origins in the Democratic National Convention protests in Chicago, 1968. They were violent and spurred on by leftist groups pushing a Progressive agenda. In 2008, the Recreate ’68 group was co-founded and organized by Mark Cohen, Glenn Spagnuolo and numerous others. […]

“F*** the U.S.A.”
October 17, 2011 – 2:30 am EST |

October 15, 2011 – Protesters at Saturday’s Occupy Portland demonstration vented some of their anger at the capitalist system by setting the phrase “F*** the U.S.A.” to “music.” Yes folks, these protesters are just decent, patriotic Americans concerned for the welfare of their country.

“Do Ya Miss Me Yet?”
October 7, 2011 – 8:09 pm EST |

I gotta say, I wasn’t the hugest fan of George Bush II when he was president, but compared to whose there now…..

“This Is Still the Land of the Free” – Veteran’s Day/Memorial Day Song
October 5, 2011 – 5:38 pm EST |

Michael Souder’s Tussing Elementary School 3rd grade class bring tears to my eyes, again.

“Remember Me”
September 26, 2011 – 9:16 pm EST |

Fifteen year old Lizzie Palmer made this. If this doesn’t bring tears to your eyes………. Thanks to Dennis.

“Amazing Grace” By Wintley Phipps
August 30, 2011 – 4:21 am EST |

Truly beautiful, truly inspiring. Hat Tip: Big Peace

“I Read Some Marx (And I Liked It)”
August 28, 2011 – 7:04 pm EST |

Two comrades from the Young Communist League USA channel Katy Perry. Who says socialists have no sense of humor?

Johnny Cashless Sings, “Obama’s Prison Blues”
August 28, 2011 – 4:14 am EST |
Snow in Cuba Mall and “Claire de Lune”
August 18, 2011 – 12:13 am EST |

My country, New Zealand doesn’t always enjoy a semi-tropical South Seas climate. Where I live in the South Island, we get a touch of snow every second winter or so. However New Zealand has just been through a three day Antarctic wind blast, that brought snow to almost the whole country. A once in 50 […]

Lulu Belle & Scotty – “I’m No Communist” (1952)
August 12, 2011 – 8:18 am EST |

Tell me one lyric in this song that doesn’t apply today!

“Mexico Came Here”
July 6, 2011 – 9:13 pm EST |

Multi-platinum selling country / pop music duo the Bellamy Brothers are fuming mad about the current illegal immigration situation in the United States. In fact, the brothers are so heated, they’ve released a new song, with a direct message to the U.S. government… “Mexico Came Here!” “In light of Obama’s recent moat and alligators comment, […]

“Chooka” Parker Rocks the Aussies
June 9, 2011 – 6:22 am EST |

Amazing what these Aussies can do. The “outback” Susan Boyle. Thanks Kathie

“American Pie” Grand Rapids, Michigan Style
June 1, 2011 – 6:31 pm EST |

Tres cool!

Ray Stevens on the “Obama Budget Plan”
June 1, 2011 – 6:23 pm EST |
#TupacShakur was a Communist
May 14, 2011 – 7:19 pm EST |

Rap icon Tupac Shakur was a communist. Raised by Black Panther parents , Tupac joined the Young Communist League as a teen and never lost his revolutionary outlook. According to Baltimore YCL leader Jordan Farrar, a self styled “red’ skinhead, Tupac joined the League in Baltimore as a teen in the late ’80s .  He was […]

Josh Thompson “Way Out Here”
April 12, 2011 – 6:28 pm EST |
“Where Do You Go To….”
April 5, 2011 – 11:18 pm EST |

One of the great songs of the ’60s.