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Snow in Cuba Mall and “Claire de Lune”

My country, New Zealand doesn’t always enjoy a semi-tropical South Seas climate. Where I live in the South Island, we get a touch of snow…

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Lulu Belle & Scotty – “I’m No Communist” (1952)

Tell me one lyric in this song that doesn’t apply today!

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“Mexico Came Here”

Multi-platinum selling country / pop music duo the Bellamy Brothers are fuming mad about the current illegal immigration situation in the United States. In fact,…

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“Chooka” Parker Rocks the Aussies

Amazing what these Aussies can do. The “outback” Susan Boyle. Thanks Kathie

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“American Pie” Grand Rapids, Michigan Style

Tres cool!

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Ray Stevens on the “Obama Budget Plan”

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#TupacShakur was a Communist

Rap icon Tupac Shakur was a communist. Raised by Black Panther parents , Tupac joined the Young Communist League as a teen and never lost his…

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“Hold it Against Me” 266 Rein Marines Do Britney

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Josh Thompson “Way Out Here”

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“Where Do You Go To….”

One of the great songs of the ’60s.

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