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NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Brian B. – By: augustanbpp “[The enemy] is racist white folks and the government.”

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Obama Says will Take More than One Term to Destroy USA

By: Sher Zieve Gulag Bound As Obama and his Leninists continue to denigrate and rule over the USA and the American people, the Republican latent-integrity…

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Revolutionary Socialist Group Planing to Recruit Children in JR High School

Brian Becker of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, wants your children. NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews

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Black Americans Alive Today Are The Real Holocaust Victims: New Black Panthers Anti-Semitic Attack

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews The New Black Panthers spew hatred from their pulpit. Read here on their Day of Action Movement. Brewing up a racial/religious war…

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The Globalists’ Takeover of Argentina is a Blueprint for America

NoisyRoom By: AJ Yes, George Soros was involved in the global elites’ takeover of Argentina which de-industrialized their country, eliminated their middle class and plunged…

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National Day of Incitement and Intimidation

NoisyRoom Graphic From: Bob McCarty Writes April 23rd, 2011 is the National Day of Action sponsored by the New Black Panthers. There will be protests…

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Watcher’s Council Nominations: Pre-Easter Edition

From: The Watcher’s Council Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the…

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Soros, Piven and SEIU Working to Destroy Americas Financial System to Create Revolution

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews

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Egypt Shows Us “This is What Democracy Looks Like”

According to Australian based Marxist journal LINKS, on Friday, April 8 one of the largest protests in Egypt since the ouster of Mubarak took place….

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