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Communists propel Chokwe Antar Lumumba towards Jackson Mississippi mayoralty

American Maoists’ plans to transform the Deep South got a major boost on May 2, when Chokwe Antar Lumumba won the Democratic primary in the Jackson Mississippi…

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#RememberMississippi: Rick Perry and his dodgy campaign staff

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry seems to have largely escaped the scrutiny recently directed toward Scott Walker for hiring establishment operative Brad Dayspring who aggressively lied…

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Bennie Thompson: Mississippi’s Pro-Communist Congressman – Book Teaser

Did you know that Congressman Bennie Thompson, of Mississippi’s 2nd District, is at least a communist sympathizer? In November 1979, Marxists from the Democratic Socialist…

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Weekly Featured Profile – Bill Chandler, Mississippi

Bill Chandler is the founding Executive Director of the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance and a close ally and enabler to Jackson Mississippi’s newly elected Marxist/Black…

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Jackson Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Lumumba: Revolutionary Speech From 1998

Anyone who doubts that Jackson, Mississippi’s new Mayor Chokwe Lumumba remains a committed Marxist revolutionary should check out the video below. Recorded in 1998 in…

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Chokwe Lumumba: Marxists Rally in Support of Jackson Mississippi’s New Black Radical Mayor

Socialist revolution and radical Black nationalism has secured a major base in the U.S. South with the election of Chokwe Lumumba as the next Mayor…

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Chokwe Lumumba: Revolutionary Mayor of Jackson Mississippi, New Afrikan Republic

Who is Chokwe Lumumba? Why should anyone but the citizens of Jackson, Mississippi care about their new Mayor? Elected in May, Mr. Lumumba is already making his…

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