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FBI Director: Would be ‘challenging’ to weed out terrorists from refugees

“It’s our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world, and we will have it soon, God…

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Stand With Pam

Great interview with Pam Gellar from Newsweek: After organizing the contest for Prophet Muhammad cartoons in Garland, Texas, where two men opened fire, the conservative…

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Radical Islam: a Communist tool against the West

“The KGB boss described the Muslim world as a waiting petri dish, in which we could nurture a strain of hate-America.” – Lt. Gen. Ion Pacepa…

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Is Moscow Behind Isis?

From Marius Laurinavicius is a senior analyst at the Eastern Europe Studies Center in Vilnius, Lithuania. His work deserves special notice.  Last month he…

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U.S. Attorney: ISIS attempts to recruit Ferguson protesters (Video)

The Islamic State, or ISIS, has been attempting to reach out to Ferguson supporters who hate America as confirmed by  U.S. Attorney in Southern District of…

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Is Obama Deliberately Using the “ISIS Crisis” to Forge an Alliance With Iran?

The world communist press has been pushing an American/Iranian “rapprochement” for some time now. Navid Shomali, secretary of Iran’s communist Tudeh Party’s international department, recently wrote: The Tudeh Party…

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