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THIS is what domestic terror looks like

In the wake of the irrational media response to patriots occupying an empty building in the woods in Oregon, this author thought readers may like…

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#BlackLivesMatter: The communist origin of the ‘pigs in a blanket’ chant

While the mainstream media is not interested in making the clear connection to #BlackLivesMatter “activists” and the rampant anti-police sentiment that prompted Las Vegas Undersheriff Kevin McMahill…

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#WeWillShootBack: ThinkProgress glorifies black militant violence

Author Trevor Loudon predicts that Communist-driven violence is ‘imminent’ New violent hashtag #WeWillShootBack glorified by Soros-funded ThinkProgress ThinkProgress announces “black-only” weapons training The Nation of Islam planning an…

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Pro-North Korea Communists Defend Pyongyang, Condemn “The Interview” Call For Black Revolution

Just recorded. Nick Maniace of the Workers World Party condemns US military “who commonly commit rape against South Korean civilians,” US “biological and chemical warfare”…

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U.S. Attorney: ISIS attempts to recruit Ferguson protesters (Video)

The Islamic State, or ISIS, has been attempting to reach out to Ferguson supporters who hate America as confirmed by  U.S. Attorney in Southern District of…

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VIDEO: DOJ ‘police reform’ consultant taunts NYPD police

Bassem Masri, an infamous Ferguson agitator, has surfaced in New York City taunting police officers who were mourning the loss of their fellow colleagues, Officers Rafael Ramos,…

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Leading Communist: Ferguson Will Lead to “Global Revolution” – “Its Occupy, but a Hundred Times Better”

The pro-Iran/North Korea/Cuba Workers World Party is heavily involved in many of the anti-police demonstrations currently occurring in the United States. Listen to Workers World Party…

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‘Unconventional Warfare’: Moscow Propaganda Uses ‘Ferguson’ to Demonize United States

Here’s an example of Russia’s unconventional warfare against the US. Kremlin propaganda station RT (Russia Today) uses “Ferguson” and gives us thirty minutes of almost…

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Pro-Iranian Communist Party Co-ordinates “Ferguson” Protests, Excuses Violence

The Workers World Party is one of the most extreme leftist groups in America. They support Cuba, Iran, North Korea, even Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe….

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CAIR, others join with Communist groups to ‘organize’ in Ferguson and beyond

By Renee Nal. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has thrown their hat into the ring along with various communists and their sympathizers such as…

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Pro-Iran Communist, Plans “Peaceful” Shutdown of Clayton, Missouri, in Wake of Grand Jury Decision

Communists, anarchists and anti-American radicals of every stripe are converging on Ferguson, and nearby Clayton Missouri. The Governor of the state, Jay Nixon, has declared …

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