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Blinded by the Left: How Marxists Wrote Ron Paul’s Defense Cuts Plan

While many conservatives admire Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul’s principled economic and constitutional views, they are often bamboozled, even appalled, by the Texan’s defense and…

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Communist Party Targets Veterans for Recruitment: How Will Their Skills be Used?

Always ready to recruit the embittered  and disgruntled at any opportunity, the Communist Party USA has established a special veterans committee. The target – demobilized…

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US Communist Leader Lays Out Strategy for 2012: “Big Progressive Change is Closer Than We Think”

In a Christmas break message to his party, Communist Party USA vice chair Jarvis Tyner has confirmed the vital importance of the build up to…

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Communist Economist John Case Praises Obama’s Osawatomie Speech – “the President Took a Great Step Forward for the Whole Country in Kansas”

One of the Communist Party USA‘s leading economic commentators John Case, has come out in support of President Barack Obama‘s recent agenda setting speech at…

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Activist Boasts of Communist Leadership in Occupy Movement – Links to Re-election of Obama

By: Trevor Loudon Big Government While addressing a gathering of the international communist front World Federation of Democratic Youth, in Lisbon Portugal, November 10, 2011,…

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Treason? Senior Communist Lobbies “Super Committee” for Defense Cuts

A senior Communist Party USA activist is leading a nationwide effort to lobby the Congressional Super Committee of 12 to propose deep cuts to US…

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Commmunists Involved in “Occupation” Movement, Nationwide

Listen to Communist Party USA leaders Bobbie Wood, John Wojcik, Jim Lane (Texas), Elena Mora (New York), Arturo Cambron (Los Angeles), Juan Lopez (Northern California)…

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Communists Lead “Occupy Los Angeles” Movement – Nationwide Takeover Planned

Two prominent members of the Communist Party USA are leading the growing “Occupy Los Angeles” movement. Further, the Communist Party is deliberately infiltrating the “Occupy”…

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Top Communist Interviewed at Van Jones Inspired “Progressive” Gathering

Cliff Kincaid interviews Communist Party USA Political Action Commission chair Joelle Fishman at this week’s Take Back the American Dream Conference in Washington DC. Joelle…

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Van Jones Media Mouthpiece Caught Taking Russian Cash

By Cliff Kincaid – October 6, 2011 Progressive TV and radio star Thom Hartmann took time off from covering Van Jones and his “Rebuild the…

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Communists Enthused About Elizabeth Warren Candicacy

The Communist Party USA is enthused about Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy to replace Scott Brown as US Senator for Massachusetts. Dan Margolis writes in today’s People’s…

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Communists Back Obama’s “Jobs Bill”

Sam Webb, national chair of the Communist Party USA, held a national teleconference with Party members, September 27, “on the fight for jobs.” The purpose…

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Red Reps 14: Scoop! Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva’s Communist Party Connections

Red Reps 13 here. Most Arizona voters are probably aware that the 7th district Rep. Raul Grijalva leans pretty far to the left.  After all,…

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Crypto Communist Institute for Policy Studies Claims Credit for Successful Tax Shame Campaign

I have long maintained that the Washington DC based Institute for Policy Studies is one of the most influential leftist organizations in America. The video…

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Congressional Progressive Caucus Pushes Communist Inspired “Jobs” Scam

The Communist Party USA has been calling for massive government jobs programs for many months now. Their ally in the White House and the Congressional…

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