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Women’s March sponsored by Communist Party USA among others

One of the many radical groups who sponsored the anti-Free Market, anti-Trump temper tantrum thinly disguised as a “Women’s March” the day after the inauguration of…

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Teaser: Barbara Lee and the Communists

Most conservatives understand that California Congresswoman Barbara Lee is a far leftist, but I think few realize just how deep her commitment to the Communist…

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Help KeyWiki Expose This Marxist!

KeyWiki needs you! Help KeyWiki expose  Barack Obama. For proof of Obama’s extensive Marxist and communist ties go to our KeyWiki pages: Barack Obama and…

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Barack Obama’s Ties to the Marxist Led New Party and “Progressive Chicago”

Author Stanley Kurtz has released new information, confirming that, despite Obama campaign denials, Barack Obama was a member of the Chicago New Party, in 1996….

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