Democrats Run “Gay Pride” Events

By: Cliff Kincaid

Rainbow flags were everywhere on June 22 when thousands of Democrats rallied in support of “gay pride,” abortion, condoms, transgenderism, and marijuana at the annual “Frederick Pride” festival in Frederick County, Maryland. So-called “pride” events like this one are barely disguised Democratic Party get-out-the-vote efforts to get Joe Biden back in the White House.

My report complete with photographs documents that, for those at “Frederick Pride,” the day’s events included performances by “drag artists,” with young children in attendance, and a pro-gay speech by Maryland’s “progressive” governor, Wes Moore, wearing a “TRANS MARYLAND” sticker on his shirt and blessing a queer youth with a big hug.

Moore, advertised as the “next Obama” and a future Democratic Party candidate for president, served on the board of a marijuana company before he was elected.

Young people with gender dysphoria need understanding and help in many cases. It can be a terrible phase of a young person’s life. But showcasing the syndrome at a “gay pride” event with “drag artists” or “performers” present is not proper therapy. It only makes things worse.  Nevertheless, attendees were encouraged to vote for local board of education candidates who support “trans and gender nonconforming students.”

In truth, of course, the “pride” event raises serious theological questions, in addition to the political uses the Democrats make of these people.

The hundreds of “rainbows” on display at this event were not symbolic of the rainbow that traditional Christianity regards as the covenant between God and man (Genesis 9:17) and His promise to save humanity from evil and wickedness. The “pride” behind the “gay pride” event reflects a different kind of rainbow, in which political elites devise a rebellion against God’s plan for men and women and instead substitute a man-made concoction of artificial gender distinctions based upon political and ideological choices, not biological facts and DNA.

It is a form of Cultural Marxism, designed to further undermine the Christian traditions of the United States.

In fact, we are witnessing the destruction of the traditional family, a unit of stability that guarantees the survival of the United States and is based on a man, woman, and children.

As such, the “gay pride” event was linked to abortion, which was a big emphasis of the Frederick County event, as boxes labeled “abortion pills” and condoms were available for free to anyone requesting them. 

One of the strangest pro-abortion buttons on display was titled, “Funding Our Futures,” which is bizarre considering human beings are destroyed in the womb. But such absurdity was the nature of this event.

For male homosexuals, an HIV testing site was available, an indication that anal sex is still a major health hazard, as the CDC documents. Simply put, it is not the way to have sex and create children for a healthy society. Instead, it is a sure path to sexually transmitted diseases and an early death.

The group “TRANS Maryland” was selling buttons that proclaimed “Any pronouns” would do as well as “he/him,” among others. This is the current trend, designed to further confuse gender roles and make new “victims” of the old Christian tradition. The group even offers letters for “gender-affirming surgery,” now said to be available from 10 providers in Maryland. Such “surgery” involves mutilating children to make them into something they are not.

The sad nature of the event, reflecting confusion about sexual roles, was upstaged by what the local rag, the Frederick News-Post, which was an official sponsor, called the performances of “drag artists” or men dressed up as women. The paper reported one of these disgusting dance routines as follows: “As the drag queen danced her way around the amphitheater, the sun reflected off of her sequined headdress and sparking tights as hundreds of people in the crowd flapped multicolored fans and flags in time with the thumping music.”

The “drag artists” were men dressed up as women, wearing wigs and lipstick, gathering dollar bills from the ecstatic crowd as they finished their dance routines. It was truly sad. Yet, children were exposed to it.

As a long-time journalist who covers these events first-hand, with photographs, this event was a real shocker, as my report reproduces photos demonstrating the shocking distribution of free condoms, abortion pills, and directions to the local marijuana “dispensary.” Stickers even proclaimed “Shout Your Abortion.”

Those who say Joe Biden can’t attract a crowd are missing the point. These “gay pride” events are comprised of voters for the Democratic Party.

You can see in the list of sponsors and vendors that they are run by the Democratic Party and designed to get members of the queer community out to vote for a “straight” Democratic ticket. This is how Democrats get their votes in early and often, overwhelming Republicans at the polls on election day.

As I was taking pictures, several people running exhibits asked me to register to vote, so I could vote for Democrats in November and abortion on the ballot. It was designed this way.

The list of official sponsors/vendors included the Democratic Central Committee of Frederick, Frederick County Progressives, Frederick Democratic Socialists, Frederick County Teachers Association, and Planned Parenthood of Maryland.  Marijuana businesses included Curaleaf, gLeaf, and Grow West.

In this case, as I document in my report complete with photographs, thousands of people showed up, in sweltering 95-degree heat. These are committed people who believe their future lies with the Democratic Party.

Local Democrats, including Democrat Rep. David Trone’s office, were giving away policy papers from the Biden Administration on how queer organizations can claim their fair share of largesse from the federal government, in the name of “equity.”

But literally dozens of other organizations, including some progressive “Christian” churches, were there, too, giving their blessings to conduct that is clearly outlawed in the Bible of Bible-believing Christians.

In Frederick County, just outside of Washington, D.C., the County Executive is a Democrat, Jessica Fitzwater, who recently announced a new Frederick County requirement that all employees take diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training.

She made the announcement wearing a dress with the rainbow colors.

Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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