No Evidence For Impeaching Joe Biden?

By: Roger Aronoff | CCNS

No evidence. That has become the mantra the Left — both politicians and the media — keeps stating to suggest that the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden that officially begins this week is baseless.

No evidence, they say, that links Joe Biden to Hunter Biden’s business dealings. This is such nonsense. It actually stands as solid proof of how corrupt our news media actually is. One could argue that the evidence doesn’t add up to proof that Biden is guilty of “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” But to argue there is no evidence is absurd.

Evidence includes sworn testimony by whistleblowers, whether you put the word in quotation marks or not. Evidence includes bank transactions, shell corporations, over 170 Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) from banks, testimony from Hunter Biden’s business partners putting Joe Biden on phone calls while Hunter was talking to and pressuring people to send him millions of dollars, loads of emails on Hunter’s telltale heart, i.e., his laptop computer that he left in a repair shop but was too messed up to go pick up, as well as emails that talked about paying for his dad’s expenses, and ten percent for “the Big Guy,” identified as such by Hunter’s business partner Tony Bobulinski. You can explore Hunter’s laptop here.

It doesn’t matter if they discussed business or the weather when put on one of the 20 or so known phone calls that Joe joined with Hunter and business associates, according to Hunter’s business partner Devon Archer. That is the business, access to Joe Biden. Classic influence peddling.

The latest evidence to show that Joe Biden is lying about his family receiving money from Communist China came this week via a press release from the House Oversight Committee. Financial records obtained by subpoena show that first son Hunter Biden used his father’s home address in Delaware as the beneficiary address for two bank wires he received in 2019 from China, one for $250,000 and the other for $10,000.

Also, there was an admission last year to the FBI by James Biden, Joe’s brother, that he and Hunter attempted unsuccessfully to help Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials purchase U.S. energy assets, according to John Solomon of Just the News. Is that a crime in itself? Probably not, but it fits in with the demonstrated influence-peddling operation that the family was involved with.

There are several good compilations of the evidence. Here’s one compilation of links on “The Biden Crime Family” that could keep you busy for hours on the website of Congressman Andrew Clyde, a 28-year Navy officer, now a second-term congressman from Georgia.

Another timeline of the Biden influence peddling operation can be found on the website of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, chaired by Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.).

And remember, as Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon found out, impeachment is often more about the cover-up than the crime itself. But the crimes, though some may have been committed before Biden became president, are egregious. Though he took his crack-addicted son to China on Air Force Two while vice president, Joe Biden claimed for years to know nothing about Hunter’s business deals. Yet Hunter walked away with a managing interest in an investment fund, Bohai Harvest, owned mostly by banks controlled by the Communist Party of China, an interest that he kept well into his father’s presidency. The Biden family has received tens of millions of dollars from China, and we knew about much of it even before Republicans took control of the House and started investigating in January of this year, mainly thanks to the great investigative work of Peter Schweizer.

Biden’s actions as president have certainly reinforced the idea that he is beholden to China, or being blackmailed, whether we’re talking about the spy balloon that meandered across the U.S. flying over some of our most sensitive military bases, or the elimination of the China Initiative that served to stop the theft of our intellectual property. Or the success of China’s vast espionage operation, the penetration of our schools and curriculum, their influence on Hollywood, the purchase of land near military bases, and the amount of dependence on things like lithium batteries, pharmaceuticals, and more, affecting our supply chains.

In one of former President Gerald Ford’s rare often quoted lines, he said on the floor of the House that “high crimes and misdemeanors” should be defined as “whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers them to be at a moment in history.” In other words, it is in reality a political process, as we saw twice with Donald Trump. It takes in concepts like abuse of power and obstruction of justice as well as provable crimes.

With that in mind, there might be several grounds to impeach and remove the 46th president. For example, failure to enforce the immigration laws, and to protect this country from an invasion of unvetted and unvaccinated people pouring across our southern border, people who don’t meet the legal requirements to migrate to the U.S. or are entitled to asylum, allowing at least seven million illegal migrants into the U.S. so far, in less than three years. A new ABC-Washington Post poll shows that only 23% approve of Biden’s handling of the U.S.-Mexico border, which, knowing how the leftist media polls are weighted in favor of Democrats, probably means the real number is closer to 10 or 15 percent. That is the same poll, now being called an outlier, that shows Donald Trump beating Joe Biden by nine points if the next presidential election was being held this month.

The impeachment inquiry that is scheduled to begin on Sept. 28 should look at the Burisma deal. There you have a situation in which there is evidence of a bribe having taken place, as we’ve seen repeatedly in Joe Biden’s brag that he threatened to withhold a $1 billion loan guarantee if Ukraine didn’t immediately fire the state prosecutor who was investigating corruption of Burisma, the energy firm that had just recently put Hunter Biden on the board of directors for about a million dollars a year compensation. They wanted access to the “big guy.”

Biden and the Dems and their crooked allies in the media claimed that Biden was only carrying out the policy prescribed by his boss, President Obama, the State Department, and the EU. But only recently has it come out that that is false.

Just the News reported that newly uncovered State Department and European Union documents had both indicated that “Ukraine had made adequate progress in its anti-corruption reforms, including within its Prosecutor General’s Office,” and thus should receive the loan guarantee. Yet Biden held it back, which clearly protected Hunter’s ongoing income from the corrupt energy firm. The article showed how The Washington Post grudgingly acknowledged this in their “Fact Checker” column, as it obliterated their 2019 version of the same events. Not surprisingly the Post played it as if this really doesn’t change the narrative they had been pushing.

Selling out to China for cash, and opening our border, while ignoring our laws, to a massive and uncontrolled invasion by illegal migrants while constantly claiming the border is secure and that this has been a humanitarian process are two solid grounds for impeachment and removal of Joe Biden. The Senate almost certainly will not remove him from office, but that is no reason for the House not to do its duty. Let the official inquiry begin.


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