NASA’s Chinese Spy Problem

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


From: AngryWhiteDude

Gee, someone was a very naughty little spy who got caught trying to flee the country back to the Chinese homeland. It’s to the woodshed for Bo Jiang who is (or was) a national scientist employed by a NASA contractor for work at the space agency’s Langley Research Center. We owe our thanks to Rep. Frank Wolf, R-VA, who has doggedly gone after this issue for some time. I wrote just recently on NASA’s teeny-weeny spy problem here. Looks like NASA is suffering from a massive infestation of Chinese spies.

So, let me get this straight (and I’m not being funny here):

  • We’ve got radical Islamists in our government, committing a soft coup from within. Check.
  • We’ve got Commie radicals in our unions, schools and major institutions. Check.
  • We’ve got Commies, radical Islamists and spies in our political ranks. Check.
  • We’ve got Commie spies from China throughout our scientific communities. Check.

The only surprise here, is that we haven’t been totally destroyed from the enemies within yet. But, hey… they’re working hard at it. And we have a treasonous Marxist President merrily helping them steal our scientific and military secrets. Peachy. Our Red Dawn is actually occurring very slowly, but it is progressing nevertheless.

It would seem that Jiang decided to leave the country abruptly, using a one-way ticket home. I’m actually surprised he was caught. Must have been a lapse in incompetence somewhere. The FBI’s arrest warrant states they were “investigating conspiracies and substantive violations of the Arms Export Control Act.” Interesting. Of course, he also lied to the agents and tried hiding a laptop, hard drive and SIM card. Bad spy, bad… It would seem that whistleblowers at NASA turned his red hide in. Good for them. At least there are a few patriots left at NASA (not for Obama’s want of trying to eliminate them).

You know what bugs me? This guy had taken sensitive information back to China previously. Did they know when he did this, or just find this out? I’ll bet NASA knew. From The Washington Examiner:

Wolf said he hopes to learn more about the information contained on Jiang’s hard drive. He said “we know that Mr. Jiang has in the past taken sensitive information back to China that he should not have been allowed to remove at Langley.”

Wolf also said he believes Jiang’s information “may pertain to the source code for high-tech imaging technology that Jiang has been working on with NASA. This information could have significant military applications for the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army.”

Sensitive technologies that are supposed to be strictly limited by U.S. export control laws are essential to U.S. space defense programs, but Wolf said they could also apply to “unmanned aerial vehicles and other aerospace/aeronautic technologies.”

Say it with me: Drones. Well, that makes me feel really safe and snug, how about you? So, we seem to know about info going back to China. Note to the FBI, is this a game of three treasonous leaks and you’re out? Maybe it’s ‘who’s on first.’

NASA Inspector-General Paul Martin said he believes there are nearly 200 Chinese nationals working in positions that afford them significant access to the agency and its programs. And I would bet many of them are spies. And why not? They were invited in and the info was practically gift-wrapped and handed to them. Duh.

Maybe we are just giving away our military secrets and technology to our debt holders. If that isn’t the case, then we should treat them like spies and punish them as the asshats du espionage they are. You execute them. You guys ever hear of background checks? Vetting anyone? Our government seems to be anal about tracking every movement of Americans — except those that they should keep tabs on — the radical Islamists, Communists and potential spies. NASA, we have a Chinese spy problem.


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1 thought on “NASA’s Chinese Spy Problem

  1. …. The only surprise here, is that we haven’t been totally destroyed from the enemies within yet ….

    Particularly when one recalls the frenzied 24/7 treasons — that included, for Fractions of Pennies on the Dollar, the recidivist, lying, looting, thieving, mass-murdering, co-serial-rapist Cli’ton Gang’s 1990s’ sale to Peking’s perilously-pernicious predators of a Trillion Dollar’s worth of America’s every nuclear, aerospace, aviation, rocketry, computer, military and civilian secret.

    Let us never forget that the prevention of the cooperation between the Intelligence and the Police-Power Agencies necessary to bring massive capital-treason and scores of other charges against the Clitonistas was the primary and only actual purpose of the Jamie Gorelick Wall. Whose main criminally-negligently-brought-about additional consequence was that it facilitated the Cli’ton “administration’s” only real legacy: the atrocities of September 11 2001.

    (Unless you count, as the only other part of that “legacy,” the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac obscenities and monetary meltdown – from which Ms Gorelick also obscenely profited)

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