12 thoughts on “Is the American Economy Being Deliberately Destroyed?

  1. My biggest problem with all of this is that a simpleton like myself had Obama figured out long before November of 2008…and apparently the voters of 2012 haven’t figured it out yet.

  2. No doubt more and more of us are coming to the only possible conclusion. That the current regime is hell bent on leveling the playing field, that is to bring the US down to a level that it can no longer be considered a superpower. BHO was indoctrinated to believe that a strong US is a dangerous US. The two most opposing forces against the US are world communism and the muslim jihad/ sharia movement, and though these two forces are not commonly thought to be allied, the current regime is being used by both of them to completely destroy our economy and even worse, our society. It is so well known to us that the jihadis profess that their struggle against us and the very reason for 911 was their hatred for our way of life, the western way of life where there is freedom to worship as we please and we don’t cover our women in head to toe tents. We do however live a freewheeling lifestyle which is in direct opposition to what the jihidis claim they want. As far as the communist movement goes, we all know the cold war never really ended, it just went underground. Obama and company are clearly trying to sink the US economy and the reasons may not be very sound but they are nonetheless succeeding. The time to do something about it is rapidly upon us. As a last thought, Bill, I have often wondered what Mr. Loudon, or you for that matter, think of the story related by Tom Fife ( google him if necessary ). It is farfetched and quite difficult to believe, but so is what is transpiring before our very eyes, present day.

  3. I just love these ignorant articles thry show and tell me you sheeple are all blind and will ne Eric wake up from your coma and you do not pray or read scripture only your bank accounts and false flag Info you are all Loki g for someone a man to solve the problems of the USA and may e the world well he is here and on the way to introduce himself the one and only antichrist lucifer and his minions I pity you poor souls who have such little faith or hardly any at all lord have mercy on these sheeple who do not put you first or not even at all recognize you

  4. Obama is not simply a Communist. I believe he is a member of an order hell bent on restoring the Caliphate. He is focused on this mission, as well as, the destruction of Israel. It’s been said that do not judge a man by his words, but do judge him by his actions for the fruit he bears will either be sweet or rotten. Obama is rotten to the corps. Following his trip to Saudi Arabia, the Arab spring exploded with death and destruction everywhere. A marvelous feat for the man who was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize! Here are some more fruit from the Obama tree,

    America’s Super Power status keeps Israel safe. America’s power comes from its economic, military, and moral, superiority. Obama has attacked all three. Economic ruin is evidenced in his ability to spend us into bankruptcy. Now he demands dictatorial powers to raise the debt at his discretion. Destroying the dollar, and the economy is well on its way to fruition. With respect to our military, Obama’s actions significantly degrade our troops morale. His open support for gay and lesbian conduct in the military, ridiculous rules of engagement leading to military defeats in Afghanistan, and the looming military budget cuts will hallow out the Armed forces making us imputant to stop a major theater conflict. Finally, Obama has divided the country with his violent rhetoric. Obama spews hate of the rich, tea party members, whites, and non-union members. His open support for hate groups like the New Black Panther Party only exacerbate black on white crimes. Obama’s wife recently announced that her husband is not finished “change” for America. No doubt, these two haters of the Republic have set their sites on a Socialist solution to change that was previously espoused by Mao, Lenin, and Hitler.

  5. Obama is a COMMUNIST. So, of course he wants to bring the country down any way he can. The Marxist/Leninist “boring from within” philosophy has been going on for decades and Americans are too brainwashed to see the truth of what is happening. My only hope is that parents will start looking at the curriculum of their children’s schools and make changes there. To paraphrase Lenin” “give me a generation of school children and I will have conquered the West without a gun”. Obama has been conquered through indoctrination and now wants to conquer. As the CEO of Honeywell who’s been in conversation with Obama at the WH to solve the “fiscal cliff” said, if he could he’d fire the whole bunch of them. Too bad. We had our chance to do just that.

    1. You called that right!
      I have been a long time admirer of Trevor Loudon, having discovered his work shortly after Obama was first elected. An oddity about him. He was born in New Zealand and I regard him to be one of America’s greatest patriots. In addition to being a great patriot he is also one of the greatest researchers in the world. Much of Glenn Beck’s success can be attributed to the efforts of Trevor as he was the man who discovered and revealed Obama’s connection to The New Party and the communist and criminal background of Van Jones.
      I learned of The New Party from reading one of Trevor’s essay and just couldn’t let it go. This is an old essay of mine from 2010 where I followed his lead and ferreted out a great deal more on this wing of the Communist Party to which Obama affixed himself. They were in no small part responsible for launching his political career.

  6. I do believe that the progressives are intentially destroying our economy and attempting to degrade our moral compass by dividing all groups of Americans and promoting the war on Christianity and Judaism. Political correctness, alliances with our enemies and inexplicably, moving away from our longterm allies. Slowly introducing things that are not normal, such as drones, laws to imprison and kill Americans if they are determined to be enemies of the state by the government. I believe it is all in the communist playbook.

    What makes the most sense to me now, is the implimentation of the UN’s Agenda 21 New World Order plot that has been spoken of by Bush I, adopted by Clinton and now fully embraced by Obama. It seems to be happening at a breakneck pace. All the pieces appear to be falling into place with some of the steps that Obama is taking through the EPA, his Executive Orders, etc.

    I am currently reading the chilling novel published by Glenn Beck called “Agenda 21”, watched Rosa Koire, a liberal democrat, speaking out about the subject that she has become an expert on due to her encounters with government dealing with eminent domain issues.

    She and Glenn discussed that this is not a Democrats vs Republican issue but a worldwide issue that we all need to come together to stop. We must join together to thwart the elites power grabs before it is too late.That time is soon approaching.

    Must reads: Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 by Rosa Koire
    Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck with Harriet Parke
    Must watch: Glenn and Rosa discussing Agenda 21 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Oevj6XokVw
    Rosa Koire-How your community is implementing Agenda 21
    Rosa Koire – Behind the Green Mask https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDtCb45Lqt0
    Rosa Koire website: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/

  7. After much hand wringing over the past few years, this is the conclusion that I have also come to. The question is how has this president managed to get so many people to collude with him that previously were not radical? Obama had a specific, radical childhood. Others around him had unusual backgrounds, but you have to assume at least a few had normal, sweet families who loved their country. It is obvious to me that there is no way the destructive policies Obama has advocated are accidental. It is obvious that he has pitted the people of this country against one another. It is shameful and dangerous.

  8. I have been a long time fan of Ann Barnhardt and she knows the economy and what is being done to it. Recently she made a rather lengthy video and mentioned that, due to its length many would not watch it. I have incorporated her video into my essay and it is broken into eight brief segments for those with limited time.
    Her presentation is all in layman’s terms and after watching this you will know where we are headed.

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