Is America Prepared for Total War?

It is my contention that the US will probably eventually face an all out war against the combined forces of Russia and its vassal states, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran, North Korea and possibly  several other major countries, including even Brazil, Mexico, India and Pakistan and conceivably even Japan, Turkey, Egypt and Indonesia.

These countries all lag the US in military technology, but they do mostly have significant armies – boots on the ground.

Therefore one wonders if the new military strategy favored by leftists’ President Barack Obama, and the equally radical Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, will work in America’s enemy’s favor?

Obama and Panetta want to massively reduce troop numbers, in favor of more flexible, air based strike weaponry.

They specifically want to abolish America’s ability to fight two land wars at once, down to one.

If Russia strikes through Europe, while China strikes through Asia and the Pacific, where does that leave America? And that’s assuming Cuba, Venezuela and their allies don’t open a third front to the South, or Iran, Turkey and Egypt don’t open another front in the Middle East, or Pakistan in South Asia, or………

Given huge and ongoing espionage by both the Russians, Chinese and Cubans, just how long can America guarantee that technical superiority? Given that weapons systems can be immobilized by a series of keyboard strokes, don’t boots on the ground remain an essential part of sound defense strategy?

There are a lot of ifs in the Obama/Panetta plan…..

The world is entering its most dangerous and unstable phase since the 1930s. America’s large army and superior technology maintained relative peace in the world for 60 years. Will the Obama/Panetta strategy keep America safe, or will it merely embolden the world’s tyrants?

Will Moscow and Beijing care if they lose millions of vassal state soldiers, if they can once and for all destroy their hated main enemy, the United States of America – their only significant barrier to world domination?

Moscow propaganda channel Russia Today comments on America’s new “defense” strategy.


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37 thoughts on “Is America Prepared for Total War?

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  2. You don’t know anything about USA and what is behind their government; Bush, Obama and various others are tools; the ones who tried to fight against the system, such as Kennedy, got killed…Bin Laden was a CIA (together with the National Bank, they are the real rulers in that country) tool too…They promote the Wars because they want money and power…there’s no “freedom”, it’s only about “mental prison” and brainwashing…u typical americans are so blind.

  3. “Russia and its vassal states, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran, North Korea and possibly several other major countries, including even Brazil, Mexico, India and Pakistan and conceivably even Japan, Turkey, Egypt and Indonesia.”

    Wow, talk about strange bedfellows!!!

    China is no-ones vassal BTW and they don’t play well with others. Neither does Russia, both HATE Muslims and are conducting stealth pogroms against them as we speak. And Pakistan has such a long history of standing by it’s “allies” instead of knifing them in the back the instant it’s to their advantage. Not to mention the decades of friendship and trust they share with India and the love of Hinduism that fundamentalist Wahhabist Muslims carry in their hearts. It even rivals that of Christianity, Taoism and Secular Humanist.

    Co-ordinating such a military force would be a logistical nightmare far beyond any military campaign ever attempted by humanity, not just radically different military systems but no common language, common heritage or even common faith to hold it together once the pressure’s on.

    Not to mention the argument’s on who gets the spoils and when, who’s in command… I can see that group working well together…

    It would take nothing less than an all out war of extermination against humanity waged by aliens that want to use us as hamburger patties to hold that alliance together and even then I give it a 50% chance of lasting more than 24hrs.

  4. Two high-altitude electromagnetic pulse nuclear warheads, one each off our west and east coasts, would put us back in the stone age. I believe their are a couple of rogue nations working on this. I doubt much of our population would survive after a month or two, especially in the cities. Very few of us are able to take care of ourselves like our grandparents in the 1930’s.

    If I was going to destroy America, I would start with the HEMP’s. Then a few well placed nukes on our major cities and armed forces installations. Then just wait a few months and let the starvation take it’s toll.

    It’s just a matter of time before God has had enough of us killing babies and turning against Him.

    1. Won’t effect my battle rifles and ammo at all. None of them are electronic. They will still go bang and the target will fall.

      Just sayin’

  5. Watch the documentary “AGENDA:Grinding America Down” and it explains how the communists in the last 100 years have taken over our institutions through a well thought out and implemented plan. It is right on the money. Trailer here –

  6. China is a Russian vassal state?

    The US will EVER engage China in a land war in Asia? (think Napoleon and Hitler re their Russian adventures to get the strategic gist).

    Give my regards to the fairies at the bottom of your garden.

  7. What’s about to happen is from the old movie “RED DAWN” it’s playing out before our very eyes, as silly as it sounds. America is about to be destroyed.

    Everyone should watch the documentary “AGENDA” Grinding America Down by Curtis Bowers & read “How to Kill 11 Million People” by Andy Andrews. Then share these with family, friends, and anyone you can as soon as you can. The time is short for us to save the last beacon of liberty.

    BTW, Trevor Loudon’s closing statement in the “Agenda documentary” should send a chill down every person’s spine. He is AWESOME.

  8. It is no accident that ABRAHAM is sitting on the throne at the linchon monument in washington DC. Let not our hearts be troubled my fellow Christian brother and sisters

    1. You must be joking!?
      Abraham Lincoln has nothing to do with this and you have an eschatology problem.

  9. We all need to remember, GOD Almighty, also made a eternal covanant with Abraham, USA, I will ALWAY’S be with you! For my GREAT names sake.

  10. This is spoken of in KJV, EZEKIEL Chapters 38-39 and DANIEL Chapter 11 verses 39 thru 45. Us Christians need not be troubled,GOD Almighty is in control. You might read JOEL Chapter 2 verse 25. Our FATHER in Heaven is sore displeased with the heathen/wicked and bitter people.In EZEKIEL you will read they will come against ISRAEL(USA) out of the north but, who knocks them out with mighty hail stones weighing a talent of 100-180lbs? Our FATHER in Heaven does. It wasn’t no accident we bought Alaska and payed 7 million dollars for her. By the way 7 in Biblical numerics means spriritual complete! Amen

    1. Doug, I am sorry, but when the Bible speaks of Israel, it MEANS Israel. Ezekiel speaks of the dead bones coming back to life and becoming a great army. That is Israel being reborn in its land. God’s promises to Israel are forever and the key to understanding Bible prophecy hinges on Israel, the nation, it’s people, the Jews, and Jerusalem, the city where it all comes to a head. To substitute the U.S. for Israel is tampering with the Word of God. If that was the case, people from China could substitute their nation for Israel or any other nation for that matter. Do you believe Jesus was talking about the U.S. to his deciples in Matthew 24 when he warns them about the abomination of desolation and tells them to flee and don’t look back? Pray that your flight be not on the sabbath? The Jews worship on the sabbath, Christians on Sunday. The abomination happens in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, not in New York, Pittsburg, or Spokane.

      1. James, Your talking about EZEKIEL Chapter thirty seven. It means they are spiritually dead/dry,the people, and GOD said to EZEKIEL,Prophsy,means too TEACH. They were living people just spiritually dead. Remember when GOD changed Jacobs name to ISRAEL? Why did he change is name? Jacob was carnal/flesh wisdom and knowledge, and by GOD changing his name he became spiritual minded with GOD.Israel is the 12 tribes. The nation of Israel,there is only two tribes there,Judah and Benjamin. Read about the twelve tribes of Israel in GENESIS Chapter 49. JOHN Chapter 4 verses 23 But the hour cometh,and NOW is, when the true worshippers shall worship the FATHER in SPIRIT and in TRUTH:for the FATHER SEEKETH such to worship him. 24 GOD is a SPIRIT:and they that worship him MUST worship him in SPIRIT and TRUTH. Where did America get it’s USA from? this is history, jerUSAlem. The sabboth you are talking about is Jesus Christ, COLOSSIANS Chapter 2 Verse 16, Let NO man therefore judge you in meat,or drink,or respect of a HOLYday,or of the new moon,or of the SABBOTH day’s: 17, Which are a shadow or THINGS to come:but the body is of Christ.I totally agree with you that satan wants to sit on mount ZION claiming himself to be Jesus Christ, It’s our FATHER in Heavens most favorite place in the universe. Satan isn’t coming to physicly kill and blood let. No one would follow that. He comes in peacebly,no more wars,pay all your bills etc… Just worship him. Many will thinking he is Christ but, he is anti christ. That was what EZEKIEL Chapter 37 is talking about, they are spiritully dead and hence followed the anti christ because of false pastors,peachers. EZEKIEL Chapter 13 really nails the false pastors/preachers

  11. Obama said he wanted an Army that was funded as well as the US military. He is getting it by sending our “stimulus money” to other countries. Who do you think funded all this stuff in other countries….Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc.? If all the stimulus money went into OUR economy, we wouldn’t be in a DEPRESSION right now. YES, I said it DEPRESSION. History will prove it when the facts really come out after the band-aid is ripped off.

  12. During the boom time of the 80’s I used to teach English in Japan to Japanese and Chinese businessmen.
    After classes we would talk, some boasted that their grandsons would have a farm in Kansas one day and that purpose of China’s one child policy was to build a massive army to invade America.(360 million men)

    They said “America will be China’s rice bowl.”

    Yes. China has a lot of land but not like our vast farm lands.

    Side note Please check out the book: The Harbinger by Rabbi Johnathan Cahn.

  13. Let it be reminded of why the Japanese Generals would not invade the mainland United States. A gun will be placed behind each blade of grass.
    While my numbers are just good estimates, in Wisconson alone, 700,000 registered hunters go to play in the woods each fall – multiply that by fifty free and independant but United States.
    The federal government may not be prepared, but the United States Citizen is – and that is something that should not be overlooked.
    The second amendment is for many things – life, liberty and property to speak a few.

    1. America won’t go down????…think again people… When all is said and done she will have lost two thirds of the population and over half her land mass. Almost all heavy industry has been dismantled and shipped off shore..95% of all clothing and footwear now imported….35%food imported….and the list goes on and on….years of open boarders, endless wars, bigger & bigger govn’t at local, state and Federal level…communist take over of 90% of education..opressive taxation and regulation of private enterprise..this didn’t happen over night…just one little cut here and one little cut there and oh S—, we can’t stop the bleeding…yes…as in Rome give them games and bread[beer & sports]and Rome will fall from within as the world army blows in and burns the once Great Republic too the ground..All by design, as nothing happens by chance…..

  14. I began by believing Obama was just incompetent. But it was impossible for anyone to be that incompetent so I began to believe his sabotage of America is intentional. I now suspect he is in fact a Manchurian candidate. The question now is who is pulling the strings.

    1. Obama is a Soviet plain and simple. Trevor discusses that the up lines from Obama, Axlerod, Jarett all lead to one place; the former Soviet Union.

      If we won the Cold War, what is the definition of winning?

      If you had a choice of being declared the winner of a war or having freedom and liberty flourishing in America and around the world just as socialism and communism is today, wouldn’t you want to be the loser?

      I’ll take the loss and have the media saying that freedom and liberty is dead while enjoying the fact that my children would being fed more and more information about our founding and free market principles.

      Think about it folks communism faked its death just as Golitsyn, Bezmenov, Lunev, Litvinenko and Chris Story warned us about.

      We were too arrogant and blind to see.

      Open your eyes people.

      Get back to the Lord, that is our only hope.

      God Bless

  15. I especially appreciated that a few keyboard strokes could obliterate any technological superiority we may currently enjoy. That coupled with the current administration’s seeming disdain for our culture and history, makes this “new strategy” precarious on several levels.

  16. Trevor,

    I hate to say, but you are right on target.

    The scary thing is that we are spreading our own military so thin across the globe leaving our homeland exposed.

    I recently spoke to a marine that is headed to Kenya in a couple of weeks.

    Let me see, if America doesn’t have enough troops here at home, then how convenient would it be to push this civilian force?

    People open your eyes and take the bananas our of your ears, tyranny is here and can’t just be wished away.

    The only thing that will save America and the free world is for all patriots to get back to GOD as the central focus in their lives.

    Sounds simple, but nothing else will save freedom from being swept off the face of the earth….

    God Bless

    1. I think our battle rifles will have their say and be quite effective using 4th Generation Warfare tactics.

      If all those countries band together and invade America they will meet at least 90 million gunowners (in my case I can pass out a couple of dozen weapons to others too along with ample supply of ammo.)

      Read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross.

      Bring it!

  17. But what ground is it that the USA troops’ ‘boots on the ground’ will be upon? Why would the US be scattered across the globe? If it’s on USA soil that she’ll be attacked, then I imagine having her troops home would help that situation.

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