225 thoughts on “Pat Condell on the Death of Osama bin Laden

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  3. I THOUGHT I liked you-until you proved you have no knowledge of the mere simple fact that Abortion is simply Murder-a commandment-a sin…too bad you were never well read on the bible….before you tried to speak of murder.
    After you harvest your garden-try to find Jesus.

  4. Russia’s 9/11 Part III


  5. (Russia’s 9/11 Part II)

    It’s interesting to note how Western pundits who would likely dismiss as nonsense the mere suggestion of a 9/11 conspiracy have no problem at all assessing the Russian apartment bombings as state terror. David Satter, a fellow of the Hoover Institution and the Hudson Institute and former Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times of London, wrote “The Shadow of Ryazan” with funding from the Smith Richardson Foundation, an abbreviated version of which was published by The National Review: http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/comment-satter043002.asp

    It’s funny how easily the generalized dismissals of conspiracy, such as “something so big couldn’t be kept a secret,” or “it is ‘BS’ that “divides American conservatives, creates even more distrust of government and the security services and diverts patriot’s attention from the numerous genuine and more pressing threats that America faces,” vanish into one’s political blind spots. That is, to the opinion makers, conspiracy can be the most reasonable explanation of events, so long as it’s OVER THERE, and it’s something THEY do. Satter finds the FSB guilty of waging a false-flag terror campaign against the Russian people, but don’t expect him to be called a kook in a tinfoil hat for it.

  6. Russia’s 9/11 Part I

    We’d never seen anything like 9/11. Except we had, and didn’t recognize it. We needn’t go back to Operation Northwoods, the Lavon Affair, or the other false flag conspiracies of suppressed history. Just two summers before, nearly identical mechanisms of terror and control were deployed upon the Russian people to consolidate the transfer of power to Vladimir Putin, who was facing his first election, and to provide the pretext to invade Chechnya.

    Four apartment complexes had been bombed and 300 killed. Putin promised to “liquidate all terrorists.” He proclaimed Russia was facing a war between “good” and “evil.” “It’s our boys,” said Putin, fanning war fever and hysteria, “against terrorists” belonging to an “international Islamic conspiracy.”

    Residents in the city of Ryazan discovered a huge bomb in their basement and called the local police. Initially, federal authorities claimed terrorists had been thwarted, but when the perpetrators were apprehended shortly thereafter by Ryazan police, and found to be agents of Russia’s security service FSB, the story changed: it was now claimed to have been an “exercise,” and the sack of explosive hexogen was said to have contained nothing but “sugar.” In 2002, an incurious Duma voted against a parliamentary inquiry into the bombing campaign.

    The war in Chechnya is ongoing. 10% of the Chechen population is dead. Thousands of Russian conscript soldiers are dead.

    Disbelief, a documentary regarding the bombings and the revelation of state guilt, may be viewed here: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=7658755847655738553&q=Disbelief

    Not only by history’s precedence, but by current events, 9/11 isn’t really that extraordinary.

    1. Very good; Americans need to see their own false flag ops.

      If not, Obama will push another one, because so many have bought The Big Lie. This is all about money, and control. the New World Order is not a ‘theory’. Banksters are not a fantasy; it is a world tragedy and false flag operations (even when — especially when — including the very real world islamic terrorists) make anything believable, to those who WANT to believe what they are told, as it reinforces their biases.

      The tide is turning, and I recommend those who are still believing 9/11 happened like the government told you (and SHAME everyone out of even investigating) are in the MINORITY. You are just noisy on websites and blogs with these subjects. It is not logical to believe a false flag op once so much is exposed.

  7. Is Christianity’s war against the US still on as well? If Osama bin Ladin’s attack is a declaration of war by his personal religion, I assume Timothy McVeigh’s attack in April 1995 is a similar declaration. Just curious, as I don’t want to hate the wrong group.

    I look forward to your clarification.

  8. I love it. You’re the man Pat. Love the piece of pork in the mouth and a fireman’s axe up his ass remark, bang on. We don’t owe any courtesy to these stains in regard to burials. Bin Laden or as I like to call him “the load his mother should have swallowed” should have been brought to an NYC firehouse first to let the boys pay their “tribute” to this piece of shit, then maybe to a precinct, since there were cops killed as well on 9/11.

    1. According to the FBI, “there is no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” Even Dick Cheney admitted on the Tony Snow Show that “we’ve never made the case, or argued the case, that somehow Osama Bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming.”

  9. Hi Pat! Loved your piece on Osama bin Laden but then it lead to another video of yours where you don’t believe in God and Jesus.

    In listening to you, I know these beliefs you have are from being raised Catholic! With the priests being all righteous and far better than you – this was even spoken of in the Bible – the Pharisees!

    You need to hear the truth about Jesus – find a Bible based church and learn from them! I will be praying for you! God Bless!!!

  10. Concerning the Utube “your faith is a joke” his commentary is spoken like a true uninformed individual, who will one day see God faca to face.

  11. Pat Condell is a dumb ass. Its thanks to people like him there is hate in this world. Osama was an asshole who used religion for his personal agenda against the US and i am glad he is dead. Osama was mad at the US for leaving him in darks when he supported the US and Afgan aganist the Russians. And Pat Condell is another Osama bin laden, the only difference is he doesnt have a beard nor he has an Ak47 and sad of all he is British!!!!!

  12. I don’t really care for Osama. This F* is an ass hole who is using Osama death to spread his poison. He is another Britt kissing US asses. It no longer matter you a** hole since England is history and your point of view does not matter anymore.

  13. Pat, As a retired NYPD Detectiove I would like to thank you for being so honest and saying what we all feel I am sure.
    If you ever run for office here in the US you got my vote.

  14. Should we trust Muslims? Not until there is a general uprising from them that expresses displeasure (at the least) or total opposition (which would appropriate) at terrorism. I deem Islam to be a political system that exists to support the sense of inadequacy that drives the society in which Islam lives.

    That Obama gave the order is somewhat surprising. After he claimed he would go with the Muslims if the “political winds tend that way,” I expected him to avoid confrontation of any sort. Perhaps he has begun to understand that his lack of comprehension of what it means to be American has limited his viability as a candidate. He is, however, set for life as a result of this election, and it is to be expected that he won’t care about the effects of his actions after he is out of office. If he perceives that he cannot be re-elected he may not care what he does while he is in office.

    I like the idea of the Kosher hot dog. Beheading is as demeaning to us as Kosher is to them.

  15. Loved this commentary, right on target. More Americans need to step up and speak up. And ask, why are we giving the Pakistani’s money while borrowing from the Chinese. That’s like giving the guy on the corner that chooses not to work $100 that you put on a credit card because you don’t have the cash……but of course, it’s not Congress’s money, it’s ours. They don’t pay taxes………..

  16. when you kill 3,000+ 500+343+123+54+254+the list goes on, people out of spite thats wrong in any war. seems there is gang mentality all around. call me an ass and im going to kill your family and friends!! terroists are just drive by gang bangers. don’t they know how childish this is? if someone called me a name or got agreessive with me then it was on. mono e mono win or lose it was just us two.!! but lets do what we need to do, do it quickly and get back home closing our borders. Isnt it time for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to look out for its self?????????

  17. You know on 9/10/01 I found myself at the Federal Courthouse in Rapid City SD. It was my first visit to a Federal Building since the Oklohama City Bombing, and I was amazed at the bomb shields on the courthouse, and the added security. Once inside I saw my first Muslum Couple, not sure what they were doing, but it hit me that things had changed somehow. The next day the world noticed the change.

    I can’t say that I hate Muslum’s in general, my VA Doctor was a Muslim, she was a nice lady who gave me good care while she was there. She explained that she had to give up a good practice in NY City after 9/11. At the time I did feel sorry for her. She has now moved on and I no longer see her, guess she has worked her way into the medical communtity at Rapid City now and has a practice of he own. Some how though I think the old practice of camps for the enemy on our shores that became a realitity during WWII should probaby be implimented once again with the Muslim Communtity gathered up and given the choice, return to your homeland or enter the camps after all the safety of our cities is at stake. The safety of our children and grand children.

  18. Sorry but I am not happy with people who say ‘Islam is Evil’ and by extension all Moslems are terrorists or supporting terrorism. At this point in time the leadership in the Middle East are evil and have managed to corrupt many youngsters in the East and West (which I doubt they would have managed without the Wests heavy handed interference in their politics) but Christians have been there themselves in the past and it would take very little for Christian extremists in the US to take over the government by force or through politics (despite the US constitution explicitly prohibiting religion, even Christianity, from having any influence in politics) and as soon as that happens it is 100% guaranteed that they would unleash a campaign that would make the Islamic Terrorists look like street muggers and Nuclear Holocaust will follow very shortly behind. At its core Islam is as peaceful as Christianity is supposed to be and if I drew up a,list of every person I know and ranked them by ‘christian’ values of compassion and peacefulness etc. my few Muslim friends would all be in the top 10% as well as taking the top few slots, it is the senior clergy that are the problem in both religions.

  19. America wake up! If for some reason you think that there are not millions of islamic’s wanting you head on a stick, well, you are as much a problem as the terrorists. WAKE UP before it’s too late. The mid-east has not had peace in several hundred years and have no intention of peace until every infidel (Christian and/or free willed person) is dead.
    P.s. Good post Tom G.

  20. I am a Christian and as much as I love your comments in video above, you are wrong about Christianity and I can’t over look this one issue. Jesus came to proclaim the New living Testament.
    Bottom line, you only Read the words that came from Jesus’s mouth. The rest are just stories of the time.
    Pat, I really live your straight shooting, but it only fair that you seek the truth about this subject.

  21. Since it’s not necessary to be a true American, I vote for this man as President of the United States. USA needs you!

  22. Agree with his comment about Bin Laden’s death but his comments about Islam are wrong and based in ignorance and I am a Christian.

  23. There is more to be concerned with along with the Muslims, there are the Samolians, the wet back Mexcians as well as the “Black & White Niggers. Its not about just the Blacks, I use the term “Nigger” in describing a person who is a no good lazy MF that is a useless human life form in all races. I also us the term “Useless Niggers” in reference to Politicians.

  24. I would love to see everyone of our military aircraft tankers loaded up with pig grease/oil and carpet sprayed throughout the middle east except Israel.

  25. Yes, Obama sent in the Special Forces, 8 months after he was told where Bin Laden was; he listed to V. Jarret rather than the military advisors and he should thank his lucky stars that Bin Laden didn’t move before the raid. Think the raid was politically staged at his time for ratings? And why did he have to identify the specific Special Forces group – now they and their families must live in fear. And he calls himself Commander In Chief.

  26. After Islam, American Evangelicals are the the next big threat to our freedom and liberty. They have become the worst kind of idolators. They idolize and worship a country (America) under the guise of Christian values. They believe and are actively seeking to turn America into a Christian version of Saudi Arabia. They are destroying America from within while professing to defend it. They are just as much or MORE the enemy as Islam is. Evangelicals are destroying America, they are perverting and distorting the vision of our founding fathers. If they succeed, eventually America will have its own Religious police, just like Saudi Arabia…

  27. God Bless You, Pat! I agree completely although I would have done the burial at sea a tad differently. I would have wrapped that little sheet head (they do NOT wear diapers on their head like so many people mistakenly say) in a hog skin complete with hog head. Then I’d have shoved both carcasses (the hog and the fornicator of agricultural poultry) off the fantail and would have photographed the ship’s compliment pissing on the unmentionable bastard to show on al jazzera television. Aside from that, I think the pork chop shoved up his ass would be a nice touch if for nothing more than trapping developing intestinal gases to keep him afloat for target practice. Why waste a good target? I make no apologies to anyone who might be offended by either Pat’s or my comments. If anyone is offended then please call: 1-800-EAT-$HIT (there might be children reading this so I’ll keep it relatively clean).

  28. Choice? Obama had no choice but to act, even if he did so reluctantly. Once it was known where bin Laden was, how could he have refused to him take out as Bill Clinton did? Refusing would have been revealed and he could kiss any reelection hopes goodbye. And, it was a “kill” mission, not a “kill or capture” mission. I know; but don’t ask me how.

  29. Most religions, including Christianity and Judaism, have modernized from the primitive era. They do not condone the stoning of sinners, slavery or polygamy… just to name a few modernities.

    They both have had religious Reformations — start reading your history. What Islam refuses to do is to realize that sentiments written in the 7th century do not hold up with 21st century mankind… they refuse to have any Reformation – in thought, word or deed.

    Islam is mired in primitive, aggressive barbarism and that is true for the majority of Muslims, not just for an “extremist minority.”

  30. Would love to have been able to read the article. But the State of Florida has decided it was not appropriate for stae employees to read.

  31. Could someone sent a copy of this video to ALL the bloody mosques in the world, for re-broadcast – just as a reminder to all these “Camel Jockeys” that this is what we can do – when we want to make a point – two can play their stupid bloody game – but we play it better – Imche Alla!!!

  32. Face the facts.. there will NEVER be peace in the mid-east because too many primitive screw heads control that part of the world. 72 virgins? No one can reason with people in a totally male controlled society that cuts the nose off of a woman that leaves her abusive husband. Bin Laden had 8 wives. Say no more.

  33. Why is it that the comments are not in order by date and time?
    Generally they are – but going back they are all over the place so it is hard to make sense when there are comments and feedbacks to previous comments and sometime hard to place the comments and responses to earlier comments in perspective.

  34. Excellent! Loved the idea of the pork chop and axe at Ground Zero.
    Nice to hear someone that is not politically correct and says it like it really is!! That’s where my admiration goes!!

  35. May 24, 2011

    We must have more Pat Condells who does not minch words when he speaks of the truth. Truth must be known to all, regardless of how it is presented. Freedom of information is what liberty and freedom to choose is all about. Gil

  36. Well, Why do you think that Obama did not display the body? Could it be they killed the wrong guy, because Osama has been dead for years. When has the government told the truth about anything? Branch Davidians, 911,Murrah Building, Atlanta Bomber. They always destroy the evidence.

  37. This guy does not understand the true nature of the Islam!! Islam is of peace, but just like in Christianity and any other religions, there will always be radicals!!! These radicals are mostly uneducated people that are promised that their families will be taken care of after their deaths. Yes Osama is dead! And yes his body should have been taken to NY, but what if he died a long time ago(one of the theories)? photos can be falsified so thats not a good idea. the body would do fine. and why a burial at sea? was he already dead? or is he still alive? its a well known fact that the bin laden family and the Bush family are good friends.

  38. Sure Pakistan is on the payroll, going along with the Bin Laden Theater killing, obviously staged considering that Bin Laden died long ago. But hey, the show did what it was intended to do, it boosted Obama’s low poll ratings.

  39. As a matter of principle we are forever at war it seems, however our leaders as we learn are faced with a very difficult task; something no true leader will ever envy. Nor do I wish or hope that our future generation would have to cope with as many global issues, however we are coping, some more so than others. Sadly leaders are facing new global dilemmas each and every minute that we discuss it on the net or around the campfire. Perhaps, now we understand, how precious freedom is and how precious peace really is depending on the individual. We can only hope that others do the same, too.

  40. I don’t care about the infighting between the right and left. That said I am glad the guy was found and killed and put to sleep with the fishes.
    I also liked this commentary, entertaining as it is.

    The fundamentalists of Islam kill more of their own, plus torture and rape than they do anyone else. For that reason alone they all deserve death as well as dismembership (to prevent their ascent to Allah)

    As for Mosques, they are used as a place of worship, but are also used as recruiting ground for various miscreants and for hidden storage of munitions. For that reason all Mosques should be open for inspection.

  41. Kudos, Pat! As the widow of a firefighter… I applaud this! Especially the reference to the firefighter’s axe!! God Bless the emergency workers and all who lost their lives that awful day.

  42. How about a full mount (I know a taxidermist who’d donate his time) with the aforementioned pork chop in his mouth and a fire ax up his arse in a glass case a la Stalin, at Ground Zero? I could have gone for that…….too bad he’s in the saline solutions of all saline solutions.

  43. Speak from knowledge . He deserved it but how many of our erudite commentaters have read the Koran. It was just the same when we hated communism, nobody had read Das Kapital. The cruise ships go to Dubai & Saigon & Leningrad or what ever they call it now. Not much healthy cynicism about.

  44. Why Oh Why can we Not have a Man lie THIS in office???!!!!!

    This has been what Most” Sane” people have been thinking anyway!

    KUDOS Trevor loudon…My hat off to Ya…

    I must agree with one other on here..as I think they should have just ” dumped” the body…Either way, what ever Shark finds That body will have a Nasty after taste to say the LEAST!! Poor sharky

  45. Nice to hear what is said by someone who can say it and get to the point of it. Who said this is a nice world to live in, when you’re up against a wall even if you say nothing. I give Pat my vote for keeping it clean and precise! It is what it is~~no more, no less!

  46. Pertinent comments, albeit adorned with irony and sarcasm. Guess, the Navy Seals didn’t take of their shoes before entering Osama’s hideout to shoot him. Certainly the U.S. should not waste its money on Pakistan without a defnite control where the funds go. Should the one having demonstrated total disregard of human rights by causing the death of thousands of “infidels” deserve a “human rights treatment”? Perhaps the action of getting him (Osama) “out of the way” as fast as possible rather than getting him on trial was the best solution. As Shakespeare already said: “What’s done cannot be undone”

  47. He should have been brought in alive.

    Not to kiss his butt and coddle him, but to show the difference between what we believe, or at least what we used to believe, and what they believe.

    Either you believe in due process and you don’t.

    The one thing Condell got right is comparing Obama to Reagan.

    Obama is like Reagan on steroids.

    He’s not a business man, he is a puppet of corporations, he is expanding the govt., he is printing money like a fiend, he is creating a new debt standard and a false economic boom based on Federal Reserve loans, and just like Reagan, he will raise taxes.

    The difference is that Reagan pretended to be for smaller govt.and lower taxes and Americans ate it up because they heard it at Church.

    At least Obama is telling us what he is going to do to us.

  48. OMG who is this guy Pat Condell? I think i am in love, i wonder if we can get him to come here ,and be the president? It should not be too hard ,to phony him up a U.S. birth certificate, after all that’s what they did with Obama.. Pt you are spot on, my friend.. love the porkchop, and axe handle comment, you Rock, keep those video’s coming..

    1. Hello Francine,

      I agree with you totally. I have just found a new hero thanks to Tony Visconti on FB rfrl to this site.

  49. bin Laden’s photos might be inflamatory? OK. But not the pictures of U.S. troops’ bodies hanging from that bridge in Fallujah? Not the pictures of Daniel Perlman sitting captive in front of the thugs, and later his severed head being held up? Not the pictures (video) of the jets flying into the WTC time and time again? Double standard? Hipocrosy? Or is it simply OK to show what inflames Americans; but Heaven forbid, showing anything that may inflame anyone else !!! OH NO….by all means, let’s continue to bend over backwards to kiss everyone’s ass, make sure they are pleased (but STILL HATE US) and send them as much TAXPAYER dollars as we possibly can. Am I the ONLY American “inflamed” by this? Just sayin’.

  50. Beautiful speech. Ground thinking. And really an absolutely wonderful style in making us all think that we’ve gone a long way with the Arabs except that we’ve gone the wrong way.

  51. Instead of dumping him at sea in nice, clean salt water, I think it’d have been much more fitting and poetic to have dumped him into the waste-treatment lagoon at one of our New York hog farms.

    Even better if they’d captured him and thrown him in alive.

  52. Funny and mostly sensible, except the last bit. The sarcasm will be lost on most people and it will only fuel the flames. Why purpose does that serve?

    All in all I think the Americans under Obama handled the Osama execution pretty well. They knew pictures would have just thrown everyone into a frenzy. They got rid of him in a business-like way, without collateral damage. And more importantly, without over-the-top posturing.

    Contrast that to Bush Jr’s speech on the USS Abraham Lincoln. What a buffoon.

    1. mac,

      Maybe the purpose of the sarcasm at the end was, uh, to be sarcastic. What is the purpose of your last sentence other than to prove that you think you’re smarter than George Bush. Say it to his face. Give him 15 minutes with you and we’ll see if you can stand up to that man’s intellect. I’ve been there. He’d make you sorry you ever learned the word buffoon.

      Have a nice day

  53. Its a shame that BHO is taking creidt for this.
    Pat if you could find an old Photo-shopped Birth certificate, you should run for President of the USA.
    You do a better job than all the republican (right wing) Talk show hosts in America.
    You deserve a Golden Microphone for your Excellence in Broadcasting.
    Continue with the Great work. I wish you can do a Series on the Pakistanis and shed more light on how they stole the Nuclear Technology from Europe. It is a pity that America got into Bed with a country and its President that handed over the “keys to the City” to a man who stole the Secrets of the Nuclear Technology from Europe.
    Now that OBL is out of the way, its time to go after the Nukes. I predict that the Mullah’s of Tehran will give the West the run for their money and try to get those Nukes before America does. Watch out world as Pakistan send those Nukes to Tehran for Safe Keeping.

  54. The US shouldn’t be too critical of the Pakistanis for allowing Bin Laden to live in their country. After all, the US has several notorious war criminals from the Bush Administration (Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.) walking free and even boasting of their deeds.

  55. Pat Condell,
    Your abama message supper great!
    Your take on Jesus, as it regards Christians is jaded!
    I strongly agree that the theft of the name of Jesus has been exploited for gain by Christians, though you reference to “if” he existed is quite troubling…. To dispense with secular archeology, the year of our lord AD AnniosDios 2011, and multiple proofs written by historians during 1C.AD proves your sadly misguided. Regarding your comment stating that the Kingdom of Heaven was with-in, that Jesus said this, is also misguided and false. Jesus did say “I am the way, the truth and the life and that no man cometh by the father accept by me.” Perhaps you refer to “eternal life?” see the Book of John Chapter 3 verse 17.

  56. Pat,You are my Write in for President.I’am so fed up with the usual
    excuses our politicians give me.I’ll be following your opinions closely from now on.Thanks,Pal for TELLING THE TRUTH.

  57. If Pat Condell decides to run for U.S. President (don’t worry
    about the birth certificate issue), he’s got my vote. RW

  58. He hit the nail squarely on the head for the first half of his talk, but then the political exaggerations started to show up and make it sound kinda stupid. Loved the first half though.

  59. The guys who carried this off are true heros. Each should be acknowledged, but that can not be, only because of the nutcakes in the world, but we need to support and acknowlege all they do and have done for their country.

    Proud to have served!



  60. LOVE YOU! Where have you been. Hope all of those in power watch you in this video and take your words to heart.

  61. I have that he died from credible sources, but no facts
    I believe the seals did kill him for 1 reason!

    Obama had no clue till the seals were there!
    look at the photo op where hilary had her hand on her mouth! ask your yourself why the most powerful man in the world is sitting in a corner like a little mouse on a little chair! read the inside story!

    and see that barry had nothing to do with it

  62. Great video, you said what I think most Americans Think. We are so afraid to express an opinion anymore because we live in a freedom of speech country. Bull. Why are we so concerned about what the terrorists will think or afraid we might hurt there feelings. Did they care about the 3000+ that were killed in 911 and on the people on the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania that was going to crash into the White House. We are at WAR and we need to act like we are.

  63. I loved this! Pat is great and no teleprompters! I just can’t believe that Osama was taken out there. I believe it was a ruse to take the public’s mind off of the birthing issue. There are too many theories of Osama’s death preceding this ruse. obama needed the rating increase to boot! Watch the 1997 Movie “Wag The Dog”. How did Reuter’s publish pics of dead guys from that raid?

  64. One thing that has always bothered me, where do our enemies get their knives, guns, tanks, bombs, etc., who makes them and why don’t we as they say, nip the problem in the bud. Stop those that make and sell these things in any way we can. If they are Americans, see that they are put in jail and the same for all others.

    1. Duh! You dumb ass Americans armed and trained Osama when you wanted him to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. You should all be throw in jail.

  65. Spot on!! Fanatical muslims declared war, continually encourage and commit mass murder, kill innocents including Muslims, cut off heads and drag bodies through streets. They have no concern for others. Yet… everyone else is told to be sensitive and apologize and worry about anti-Islam perceptions. A killer was killed. Good riddance. Get the rest of that trash now.

    1. Of course it’s right to get rid of Osama and fight terrorists. But Muslim fanaticism didn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s the result of 60 years of American war-mongering across the globe.

      1. Mac: You need to read the Q’uran (as I have) America has nothing to do with it…It is about world domination by the Muslims…

        1. Yes, but you missed the parts where it condemns killing and evil. Namely verses 5:32, 16:125-128, 42:40-43, 41:34-35 and others. In that sense you’re thinking like the terrorists who are zeroing in on the parts of the Qu’uran that justify their actions. Even the Old Testament is full of contradictions like this. You take out what you put in. Maybe the question you should ask is why all the hatred? Why didn’t they attack Japan, or Brazil? Here is one answer:

  66. Some of these commenters don’t really know what they are talking about. Most suffer from Cranialanalitis and need a cranialanalectomy!
    Most people talk out their … since no one listens to them anyway!

  67. This guy is certainly pumping the popular sentiment. He has no Reagan in him other than his ability to make colossal mistakes. Let’s forget about the resentment issue. When Reagan used US forces to get the Lockerbee bombers, he forced the plane down and handed the bombers over to international community. This is a far better course than targeted assassinations. Back in WWII, the Germans were asked why they didn’t used gas when they invaded Poland and other countries. Their answer was simple: Most of our artillery was pulled by mules. If we would have used gas, opposing forces would have retaliated with gas and our transport system would have been crippled. What this does is open our president for targeted assassination by not only a non-nationalist organization like the Taliban or Al Qu’ida but such luminaries as Khaddaffi.

    Another thing: I am, quite frankly, fed up with people spouting opinions from a base of surety that certainly cannot be based on real knowledge. The average Pakistani does not have a view of Pakistan the same as a Brit has a view of England or an American has a view of America. It’s better to think of government effective in the big cities but outside of that, there is very little real “national” government outside of the military. Most things are tribal or geographic in nature with Tribe overruling everything. Even in government, tribal alliances trump government service. Because the government has so little sway in many parts of the country, ascribing something that happens there to the “government” is rather foolish. Also, the Pakistanis are quite individualistic in a way that Americans have a hard time understanding. Yes, they are Muslims but even in that there is a lot of division. Many like the “Sufi” kind of Islam with lots of festivals, music and dancing. However, a growing number of young are moving towards more radicalized forms of Islam out of a sense of frustration with being able to put a life together given the disparate government and fragmented social order which is Pakistan.

    People always ask why we support dictators. It’s simple, dictators have absolute rule and can work in our favor on behalf of our interest. If they are working for our interests, they are not working to enhance the interests of the people in their own country. In a dictatorship, it’s easy to build a military installation in some part of the country. In a democracy, the people have to agree to let it be there or they will vote the person allowing the base’s presence out of office.

    Did Pakistanis know about OBL? Some probably did but given the fragmented nature of the government, it is entirely possible that most did not know. Did they know his wife and kids were there? Maybe more did but since he was paying for his family’s protection, nobody would have thought it weird that they were there and fewer would have imagined he would be there.

    Look, we have allowed political leaders sanctuary here when their home governments would have hung them. I can’t imagine getting bent out of shape when another country does the same.

    I used to think that is would have been impossible to arrest him but in the years since 9/11, have come to think it would have been better. As long as he were alive, people trying to take over his position would forever be in a hierarchical limbo because there would always be a chance he could win freedom some day.

    But now he’s dead and we have instantly made him a martyr of epic proportions.

    1. no big marytrdom blow back (despite the hype that would occur). The reason? The Pakistanis know OBL was already dead. Bhuto, and about 10 other heads of state or high ranking officials in various capacities have said so over the last 10 years. Are you really not paying attention?
      If you’re watching and believing the main stream media, you’ve swallowed this all hook line and thinker. sic.

      I realize that Glenn Beck doesn’t get 9/11, but he has a couple of blind spots. It happens. He’ll come around to it, or admit it, once he has some confidence his audience won’t freak out. I’d be afraid of you. Falsers, Falsies? — a dangerous crew. (BTW, I have some background with military so, I understand that a lot can’t be said.)

  68. Obama stepped up the war against terrorism where it counted, W and Cheney between them don’t have the balls that Obama has shownn with the use of drones and getting rid of Bin Laden. I am not in love with Obama but he is due credit for risking his presidency when he could have used missles like clinton or made excuses like W and the draft dodging scumbags in his adminstration.

    1. This was Obama’s PR coup.
      You bought it.
      Truth died. That’s about all that happened.
      Until they killed the SEALs a few months later … !
      Gee, this is all murder, folks.

  69. At least with the scum bag being dumped in the ocean whenever I go to the sea shore I can piss on his grave

    1. Yep, out of respect for muslim tradition. Sailors said a prayer and slipped him into the deep blue.
      LOL — gee, if we believe that one, I can see why you believe 9/11 fantasy. And when I say ‘fantasy’ I don’t deny people died and planes were flying, but — that’s about it … the rest is fabrication and spin and damage control after the act.

  70. FYI

    As far as the mis-named “9-11 truthers” who would not know the truth were it a sharp pointed cactus they sat on while naked, just the information and pictures in this ONE website totally blows their LIES about it being a “Cruise Missile” which hit the Pentagon rather than it being American Airlines Flight 77 with 58 on board into itty bitty smithereens!


    1. Mr Reinhardt. Thank you for your email to me, complete with article and photo links etc. Your language may leave something to be desired but your point should be answered.

      You might not be surprised to learn I have seen most of the stuff you have sent me before. I’ve also seen a great deal more. Naturally – not wanting to be considered a head-case myself – I have been very careful not to get caught out by the more improbable of the very many aspects of 9/11. But I do know that the laws of physics simply cannot support three steel rebuildings free-falling into a heap, the first and only ones in history to do so, only two of them even being hit by a plane. I do find it curious that the debris was such as to match a controlled demolision – complete with characteristic girder angle cuts, size and an army of trucks waiting to whisk this “evidence” away that had been ordered 3 months previosuly (maybe there is an explanation for that last fact – but I haven’t heard it yet?). I do know that completely unbelievable released videos of “Bin Laden” claiming credit for the attacks was not Bin Laden at all – such chinanigans now admitted by the CIA. I do know that Al Qaeda was the name for a CIA list of (Russian) Afghan War fighters and the first time Bin Laden used the name was after 9/11. And Bin Laden always denied any involvement.

      Now if you think that this is all wrong you are entitled to your belief. But simply chanting “lies” and name calling isn’t going to advance your case any – well, not with me it isn’t.

      Some, or even quite a bit, of the 9/11 stories are most likely untrue or ill conceived – and certainly there is evidence of a lot of far fetched assertions planted to be “proven” untrue later and discredit those asking questions. But I’ve seen enough to know that the biggest Conspiracy Theory of all comes from within the US Government itself. Most of those accused of being “conspiracy theorists” are simply pointing to observable facts and asking sensible answers. Those answers are not coming.

      1. I happen to have friends in Chicago who are experts in demolition. I mean experts with advanced degrees and experience who do work world wide.
        Everything that happened in the towers actually happened as explained. And the Pentagon and Pennsylvania
        What you dont understand is the physics of impact and the results of jet fuel burning at over 2000 degrees inside a structure for some time.
        The building literally collapsed on itself.
        And in fact the debris collected showed substantial aluminum traces when it was analysed and it all conformed to avaiation structural metal under spectro analysis..
        I appreciate that you dont believe any of this but my friends went out of their way to analyse and inspect for themselves and they now laugh at all conspiracy nuts.

        1. And I have a lot of demolition expert friends (so it seems?) who say different. And here you can have all their names and their reports.


          Would it be possible to see the names and reports of your friends, Phillip Martin PhD? After all – I do have an open mind and would very much like to hear all sides and to get to the truth of such things – whatever that truth might be.

          1. Very good, Chris. I see you are well ahead of what I suggested. We will continue to have an uphill battle of those who, I guess for ideological reasons/reactions — must hang onto some patriotic chant and sling insults rather than actually investigate.

            There are some silly theories in the truth movement, but that is often due to the lack of evidence that would normally be provided in a crime scene, or act of war. Too many completely ridiculous situations and the absolute transcending of physics on so many issues of that day, including flight paths and laws of aeronautics, and the military exercises at the same time. This is classic false flag. I’m surprised that Americans are still believing it but I think it is more just the noisy ones on the patriot rants, because those who doubt the ‘government and media version’ are in the minority, both inside the US and especially outside of it.

            There is some updating to do, also, as the initial ‘debunking machine’ occurred before the better researchers had a chance to make more solid cases on the day. With Gov withholding evidence and information, it will continue to be a ‘mystery’.

            Updating also may help if folks check out Gulf of Tonkin, national archives released the false flag nature of this in 2005. And, likely, those who believe lies, the Falsifiers, Fabricators, and False Flag enablers will reject this out of hand too perhaps?

            Again, may I remind, that realizing that the official story is ridiculous does not mean we’re giving islamists a pass, we’re just being honest in evaluating a lot of data, from as many sources as possible, and connecting the dots.

            plus the doesn’t mean that

      2. Cooke your an idiot!!! melting high tempuatures and gravity will bring any building down!!!! yes our Gov. has done things they shouldn’t have but something of this magnitude would get them skinned alive!!!!!

        1. CORRECTION to my statement above,
          THIS: “because those who doubt the ‘government and media version’ are in the minority, both inside the US and especially outside of it. ”

          Should be “those who BELIEVE the government and media version are in the minority … ”
          Those who are Falsifiers and False Flag enablers are in the minority, but very vocal, and — as demonstrated — very rude.

          Perhaps it is due to fear, makes men talk loud and attack, when the other is providing new or different information.

          PS: Jet fuel doesn’t melt buildings, and make the smoking hole underground burn at extremely high temperatures maintaining molten steel for weeks later. Come on, friends — think about it.
          🙂 You’ve been duped.
          It happens.

  71. Hey Chris Cooke,

    I see you are another Loony Tune who is so devoid of common sense and knowledge you are so cluless as to believe there is EVEN a SHREAD OF TRUTH in these “9-11 truthers” BS!



  72. And it is a shame STEWART COWAN proves he is another LOONY TOON who believes all kind of total BS while rejecting logic, rational thought, common sense and facts.

    Neil C. Reinhardt

    1. “Airborne”,, All The Way! ((101st 3/66-6/67 173rd Abn Bge 6/67-6/68 82nd 6/68-2/69)) As far as Mr Stewart Cowan is concerned: I couldn’t have said it better myself. Progressive liberals just can’t help it – they ALWAYS give themselves away, logic? rational thought? common sense? facts? what’s that ?

  73. I very much like Pat and his form of humour. So often he is spot on. But I do feel uncomfortable that, on this one at least, he seems to have swallowed the whole 9/11, Bin Laden and Muslim terrorism everywhere thingy. For me I see Islam as a very evil religion; it’s acknowledged barbaric treatment of women, non-believers, homosexuals and heretics being proof enough. But – I have no doubt Bin Laden died soon after 9/11 – probably from the very disease that America was previously treating him for and from which he was expected to have died within a year or two. I don’t know if Pat has ever tried to look up “9/11 truth” or similar on the internet (he certainly won’t find it anywhere else!) – perhaps not? After all, he wouldn’t want to be thought of as in the same head-box as those calling the moon landings a hoax would he? Neither would he need a popular distraction from facing a re-election with a forgery for a birth certificate.

    1. You’re onto it, Chris. CIA operative, Tim Osman (Osama), died a long time ago. 9/11 is a false flag op. The ‘killing’ of Osama did not happen. Check Steve Pieczenik and others on this. It is not a fantasy or ‘conspiracy theory’ (if that means false). That being said, I realize islamists, the koran, the caliphate, CAIR sensitivity training, Sharia Law and Sharia Fianance, halal, etc etc and immigration laxity is a Very Real Problem. But … no. Osama bin Laden died, as you suggest shortly after 9/11 occurred. The FBI has never had him listed as being culpable. They do not have evidence of it. Neither, as you say, is there sufficient evidence on 9/11 to do more than suggest that one check with pilots for truth, architects and engineers for truth, firefighters and family members of 9/11 for TRUTH. The Truth movement is alive and strong, and frankly more people believe in truth than in false flag operations. It is on the net; look it up. It does not mean you are nuts to ASK and look for evidence and not believe the mainstream corporate media and governmental official story that reads like a story script. This is an area that many are still falling for ridiculous explanations. I mean, ‘jet fuel’ brought 3 towers down? Or, what was WTC7’s problem other than a controlled implosion. Just LOOK. Thanks everyone; Pat is a real joy — appreciate his perspective and delivery otherwise.

  74. Pat:

    Thank you very much for saying what needs to be said, and what so many millions of cowardly Americans are uniwlling to admit: Islam is at war with the United States, whether or not we are willing to get off of our lazy, apathetic rear ends long enough to stop watching American Idol to admit it. Osama Bin Laden was only one of millions of Muslims that want to torture and kill Americans and will stop at nothing to do so. If Americans, and Europeans I might add, don’t wake up to the real threat of Islam, the cost will soon be catostrophic and irreversable. Any money sent to an Islamic group or nation is only going to be used to further the cause of ghiad. The battle cry for America and Europe has become, wake up, destroy the enemy, or die!

    1. I couldn’t agree more with DRMB! This man speaks the truth – the reality of what is happening throughout the world – and the dumb-asses in Washington are stilling trying to play the ‘politically correct’ game. TO HELL WITH THAT GAME! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT OUT COUNTRY YOU IDIOTS!!! This country had better wake up, see what is really happening around them – quit sending millions to countries that hate us, refuse to coorperate with us, and burn our flag! WE, as the AMERICAN, AMERICAN LOVING people, are sick and tired of it! We are at the threshold of losing what all of us knew as “AMERICA”. The American we knew is long gone replaced but the liberal agenda that is slowing eroding this country into a third world country. We need to recognize our enemies, destroy them or we will be destroyed!

      1. Linda! best comment I’ve read. My sentiments exactly. You can’t pray in this country anymore. Might offend a muslim! But muslims are allowed to pray, build mosques down the street from ground zero in NY where thousands of Americans were killed, while the muslims were dancing in the streets across the river. Ya know what??? If I had been president, I would have deported every turbin-head living in the US, over here on visas. Then sent a US carrier over to Iraq, aimed the guns, and blown them off the face of the map. If Iran, or any other Islamic country threated us, they would have gotten the same treatment. Then a public announcement would have been made; “You want somemore of this????” America, WAKE UP, take off the damn gloves, run the idiots out of office who are a blight upon this country. We need to take America back. This is a Cristian nation, not an Islamic one. There is NOTHING holy about the Karan, it’s a murdurous cult!!!! They are seed of the “bond woman” We are seed of Abraham through the “Free woman”. President Obama needs to take a look at the supreme court building in Washington. I believe it is Moses seated with the ten commandments and the prophets of Yaweh all around the top of the bulding, NOT ALLAH.

  75. If Condell is as pragmatic and solution oriented on the U.S. economy as he is on the Osama/Islamic question, we should run him for the Presidency of the United States of America. The fact that he is not an American is just one of “those” minor technicalities since the Constitution is an “evolving document”. You know, kind of a guideline instead of a code outlining the rule of law by the people of the country. Anyway, since over half the people of this country can’t read along with the fact that the Constitution has never been made into a “rap” or “pop” song, they wouldn’t know if Condell could qualify to be or not to be the president.

  76. Why don’t we directly link our funding to other nations to our national interests?

    Aide to Pakistan should be eliminated and replaced with an incentive system that requires them to earn it.

    It would consist of a scale that pays them piecemeal for actionable intelligence they give us, and a bounty system that pays them for each verifiable terrorist they capture or kill.

  77. Pat, as a fmr combat Marine (1968, Khe Sanh, et al), I trust you know we love the British. I do. Most of us do. Please accept my apologies for President Osama H. Obama for giving back the wonderful bust of Sir Winston. (Get the Queen to send it to me. I’ll keep it for a real conservative President). He’s apologized so often for all of us throughout the world, I thought I’d apologize for him being our President. Actually, I apologize for every Democrat in our government. I hope we can make it policy that Democrats cannot run for any office higher than 2nd asst. to the dog catcher. Please throw away the CD’s he sent. But keep your socialized medicine. We may have our own version before long. I love your commentary. I hope I’m being nice. -Because Jesus’ grace is always Semper fi! Jim

  78. Pat has hit it out of the park! Excellent commentary!
    Thanks for sharing what most Americans are feeling!

    1. Some people just want their bogey men to stay alive and will fall back on 1) hearsay, 2) as the Seal Team was debriefed the facts of what happened changed, 3) no one wanted the body around as a rallying point for Bin Laden followers, 4) who cares if they watched it live?, 5) SITE? so what?, 6) Like Osama took out his own trash, he came and went in disguise, in the dark or in a van. 7) you’re right Bin Laden couldn’t get any older or dye his beard. He WAS a legend, 8) he was shot because a) this wasn’t a warrant being served it was a covert mission and b) when a Seal says in your own language, “get on the floor” and you don’t the next sound your hear is BANG! not “please” 9)you answered your own question. If you won’t accept any proof you’ll never believe it when you hear it, 10)yeah telling us to be wary because Al Quada might be pissed at losing the head zealot was definitely off base; anyone who still listens to Schumer after the Waco senate hearings is getting what they deserve; Yup, Obama doing what Dubya did is wrong no false patriotism please. This all boils down to, If OBL is still alive it won’t be long before we all find out.

    2. No Factual Value ?? I never knew of any liberal that ever let facts get in their way of personal mindset anyway…. Always demanding facts then ignoring any that show up, it’s the progressive way…. It is impossible to have an informative debate with a progressive liberal so why waste the time?

      1. You got that exactly right. Might as well argue with your front door, with pure physical facts, as with a liberal . . . they don’t care about anything but their agenda.

      2. ..Thank God that somebody had a lot of guts to call the way it should be called!!! “progressive” where are they progressing to? in my opinion they are very regressive at all!! Oh well…..

    3. Hey Stew……the Navy Seals are far to classy to lie for ANYONE.If they said it was done we can ALL believe it!!

  79. GO DUDE!! I might suggest that they should have taken him to a taxidermist and had him stuffed with pig entrails, embalmed with pig blood AND stuff a pork chop in his mouth, then displayed him as a monument hung upside down (like Mussolini) or permantly hanging from a gallows on 9-11 site as a warning to other muslims who entertain thoughts of doing more harm to America. Screw with the US and you die.

    How about an annual ritual where the families of those killed on 9-11 parade by his carcass and piss on his remanins as a gesture of “respect” for this dispicable mass murderer.

    A sign might be erected on site warning: “For each American murdered in the future by this “religion of peace”, we will blow up another of their mosques in reprisal.” In that way, evil shall be put from the land.


    1. Excellent comments and suggestions.The only thing I might add would be to have a T-shirt put on the carcass that read “I LOVE JIMMY DEAN”.And as far as the piss-parade is concerned,I’ll provide the water and make sure the fountains are running in case any “incentive” might be needed for bladder-activation.

  80. I like the bit at the end about the pork chop and fireman’s axe. Pat Condell is spot on in his assessment.


          1. go f yourself geppeto ! islam is the enemy pure and simple ! stick to makeing puppetrs ya dumb bastard till islam is wiped off the face of the earth .

          2. geppetto,
            Just keep thinking that until one of the bastards removes your head. Well that might be justice. Just hope they don’t do that to some of your family.

          3. You should educate yourself about islam, as you obviously don’t understand it. But in this you have a lot of company. islam divides the world into 2 camps, Dar al islam (all countries that have submitted to islam and sharia), and Dar al Harb (Land of War). What they mean by “Land of War” is all countries that have NOT submitted are at war with allah and islam. From this you can understand that it has nothing to do with fundamentalist, or radical, or terrorist, or wether a particular country has supposedly done anything to offend islam, islam IS at war with EVERYONE not a muslim under sharia, period. Check out thereligionofpeace and learn the truth about cult founder mohammed from the mouths of islam’s own historians.

          4. If Islamists cannot police themselves, then they suffer the reputation of those they will not stand up to.

          5. Are you friggin blind and dumb.. ALL Muslim followers are REQUIRED to pay Zakat, (Tithe)… 1/8th of all Zakat from every Mosque in the World, including those in America goes to the Militant wing of Islam to defend and spread the faith in the world… Look it up for yourself.. The IRS and Homeland Security know this as well as President Obama who wants to make it easier for Muslims to pay Zakat without impairment..

            In the Presidents own words:

            The difficulty that Pres. Obama eludes to in this video is because of US security oversight of Zakat and where it is going out of the U.S.A., Obama knows the problem is not with the “Charitable portions of Zakat” but the Militant portion..

            Just because they are not carrying AK47s or Bombs strapped to them does not mean they are not supporting Islamic goals of world domination as called for in their paying of Zakat and demanded in the Koran..

            Muslims are forgiven in the Koran for lying to Infidels in order to keep themselves safe and convince the peaceful motives their faith, they will lie to you under their doctrine called Kithman, which permits lying to infidels to hide Islamic intentions. …

            Beware the Muslim, do not put trust in their words but in their deeds…

          6. hard to think of anything more evil than Islam!!! Even Freud would throw up his hands in despair over their sexual problems!!! They should all be corralled in their respective countrys and they can kill each other untill the cows come home!!! I mean who the hell kills their own girls over something that is none of their business!!! They sure don’t seem to kill their sons!!! Because of their repressed sexual activity half of the males are probably gay!!!!! Did you hear of the forensics they did on bin laden??? Yea they found out his last thought!!! It was— Allah, that smarts!!!!

          7. Why is it when Muslims and their supporters talk about the Crusades it is always the “Christian war on Islam” and never “Christian extremist” yet when they they talk Islam’s war on Christianity we say we must specify “Islamic extemist”? The fact is that Muslim clerics, princes, and heads of states are just as much in support of this Jihad agianst the West as the priest, princes, and heads of states were of the Crusades. Furthermore, why do they always bring up the Crusades but never the Islamic invasions of Christian Europe that happened almost every century since the last Crusade? No, gappetto, islam is at war with the West and has been for a very long time.

          8. geppetto, slim ball, please don’t do like so many of you clan, and bring a knife to a gun fight. Oh, on second thought, please do.

        1. As a family member of an active military member currently in Afghanistan, I agree. And, I wish too that you could have had your wish. At the very least see that particular lunatic catapulted into the sea after he was spit on, stomped on (I’m hoping) etc…

          Thank you for YOUR service!! 🙂


      2. Islam has been at war with all non muslims since 622. Read the history of the world for confirmation of this FACT!

        1. Well said brother John. Since the sociopathic opportunist,mohammed, defiler of children, rapist, slave owner and merchant,thief,liar,murderer of men, women and children, including the elderly and infirm,narcissist and general nasty piece of work(behold islams “perfect man”), discovered his true calling as a false prophet, his cult is responsible for more dead innocent victims than all evil ideologies in the history of humanity, combined.

      3. If only we had just one member of parliament that would have the guts to speak out as does the wonderful Pat Condell, instead of the spineless apologists for this medieval obnoxious so-called religion of peace.

        1. The best speech on the -islamic state of affairs- I have ever heard from a public figure. I would support a Pat Candell run for president of the USA in 2012. After all we know he does not need a real US birth certificate to qualify.

        2. Since they believe that their God-given mission is to cleanse the earth with fire, they are, in a way, a religion of peace: when everyone on earth is wiped out, it will undoubtedly be peaceful.

      4. To ALL of those that agree with this “He said what we are all thinking” mentality, it is high time WE ALL start SAYING IT instead of thinking it. And yes, I for one, do put my money where my mouth is. If you have not heard, Tyson has capitulated to the union and traded Labor Day in favor of Ramadan. I added my email message that I will not support Tyson in any way to their web site contact invite. I invite you all to do the same. SCREW THE LIBERALS, DEMOCRATS, GEORGE SOROS, AND ANYBODY WHO THINKS WE ARE NOT LOSING THIS BATTLE AGAINST THE RE-MAKING OF AMERICA.

    1. I could not said it better myself, I thought I was the only one that felt that way!!! I’m glad i’m not…

      1. Why don’t we hear any UK politicians saying this? It is what every sane person is thinking or would it upset the UK’s islamic apologists?

    2. Right on – Pat has it right and I’m sure at least half of the United States agrees with him, then there are about 25% of the so called progressive liberals who will condemn it and 25% who are, as one writer said, more interested in American Idol then what is going on in the world. We have become an apathetic country and I’m very sad when we have so much to be thankful for and so many don’t appreciate it. God Bless Pat and God Bless America!

      1. Hey, hey, hey! Easy on the liberals. 🙂 This is one with lot’s of guns that is more than happy to see that goat f*****r dead.

        1. A bit rude at times but oh…..how very much on target. Truths sometimes need to be clothed in colorful language to bring it to life. You have succeeded. Bless you and continue to see the naked truth not as some proclaim it to be but as it is.


        2. Just because Ole Pat doesn’t believe in God does not mean God doesn’t believe in Pat. God Bless You Pat…. well said!

    3. I think putting atop the mosque was a good idea but I think it would have been better if they had put him up there with him bent over with his ASS FACING EAST & HIS MIDDLE FINGER EXTENDED TOWARD MECCA ALSO. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

    4. I’m sorry, the pork chop shouldn’t be placed in his mouth. It should have been NAILED TO HIS FOREHEAD WITH A VERY BIG NAIL!!!!

    5. Great Comments,very true. As ex forces the only good rag head is a dead rag head Keep up the good work.

      1. No, no, no! Not “rag head”. The thing they wear isn’t a rag. It’s a small sheet. The proper term is “sheet head”.

    6. Amen, this man is right on the mark. As for what happened to the
      fool who thought he could kill and run, well he is no longer running. The end with the body being pickled and placed for viewing would be great. Then have something to put just what we think of him on a large sign.
      Thank you for saying what is on our minds.

    7. Wow, I love Pat! Want to be our next President? Screw the birth certificate stuff we’ll get you in! Bill from TN (USA)

    8. I vote for Pat Condell to head a world body with the authority to establish certain criteria to qualify for status as a religion, and the power to revoke that status should certain standards of behaviour not be adhered to.
      That would put an end to the current sick running joke of allowing islam to call itself one.

      1. Ok Chris… so I guess all religions should be banned according to your logic because every religion has had men who’ve raped and killed men women and children. Every religion had their fair share of narcissistic assholes and slave owners, they’ve all lied and cheated and stole. You say what modern islam is doing is wrong, but christians and catholics have been doing it far longer. I’m not condoning Islam by no means, but don’t demonize one religion when others have done the same shit they’re doing

        1. Atrocities have indeed been promulgated by virtually every religion known to man. The Christians were the ones who started the “Holy Wars”, among other tragedies such as executing doctors and promoting intolerance all over the place. But Christianity (and I believe most other religions) does not proclaim that all non-Christians should be either converted or murdered. Religions that declare war on all who do not believe exactly as they do do not deserve to exist. Even within Islam the various sects commit atrocities against other Muslims who have a slightly different view of how Islam operates. Individual Christians and Christian leaders throughout history have done despicable things, but the true tenants of Christianity do not condone them, and I do not say this as a Christian, for I am not. But modern Islam should divest itself of it’s barbaric desert tribal roots and join the modern world where it is unthinkable to murder your own daughters because they fall in love outside the faith.

        2. Catholics are Christians. And, that is very old history. Let it go, nothing should be about religion. If religion were taken out of the issues there would be less wars. Sadly, Islam seems to incite violence.

    9. So happy that this was accomplished and that a man stood up and said what multitudes have wanted to say for over a decade.

    10. Bin Laden Given Religious Funeral Prior to Sea Burial.

      I believe this was the awy it happened, or so I want to think that.

      Published May 02, 2011

      Osama bin Laden was given a religious funeral prior to his burial at sea, senior military officials told Fox News. Religious rites were conducted on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier at about 1:10 a.m. Monday in the Persian Gulf.

      In accordance with Islamic practice, bin Laden was washed and wrapped in a white sheet before buried at sea at 2 a.m. local time, senior U.S. military and intelligence officials said.

      Then, “In accordance with common US Navy SEAL practice, the Team pissed on him, stuck a pulled pork sandwich in his mouth and a kosher hot dog up his ass, and pushed the Mother F—– overboard with the other garbage,” a senior SEAL officer said.

    11. I agree with all you say but I don’t know what to do about it. I am, like most people, a follower. Where is our leader? Is it you? If not then name someone who can get these things done. A simple question requires a simple answer. Joe

    12. It feels good to hear all this but let’s not forget that OBL changed the way we live, conduct banking, travel and we also bear the enormous economic impact by expending our men, material and resources in long seemingly endless wars. No country regardless of how big and rich can afford to spend three trillion dollars ($3,000,000,000,000) on wars in two primitive countries where men don’t care whether they live, do well or die. We see the economic impact of such a huge transfer of wealth in terms of foreclosures, unemployment, anemic and shrinking economy, stock market that doesn’t seem to gain momentum, and above all average American loosing hope.

      1. Islam is a gutter religion and should be wiped from the face of the earth. There is no way we can coexist with a bunch of garbage like Muslims. When they are in the minority then play like they are all peace loving and then when they become a large part of the population they become radical. I say lets burn then places of worship down and murdered them like they do to other relgions in their countries. Also may the biggest muslim of them all president Obama be with them. Rememer OBama means One Big Ass Mistake America. It times everyone around the world relizes exactly how much of a muslin this piece of garbage is.


    13. Well said Pat !!!

      I have no idea why these countries are receiving any type of moneys what so ever.

      Take care of your own backyard first and foremost.

      Also why are our governments letting these people into our country when they cant even speak english and wont obey our laws ?
      Yet if we set a foot in there country we have to bite our toungues and wrap our women up like christmas gifts. Yes Christmas gifts NOT happy holiday gifts.

      Between taking jobs away from us and screwing up our holidays have these people done anything positive on a whole for our countries ?

      Just 6 months ago there were a group of muslims that had the nerve to try to get a law passed that would enable them to beat up there wifes and kids. ( it was defeated )

      I believe they should either learn the english language, our laws and our culture or get straight back on the bluddy stinking barge that brought them over here in the first place.

      And for GODS sake take a SHOWER and learn to use toilet paper !!!!!

    14. Do you want to run for President of the US. I think we can have two Presidents in a row that weren’t born in the US. You have my vote!

    15. why can*t they get kadafi the same way they got ben laden? instead of so many inocent people getting killed just to get rid of one or two people?

    16. comments and attitudes like this will never guarantee any kind of peace… he’s just been successful in creating some more hatred in the world

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