Kincaid Interviews Loudon

I did a video interview in the US with Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media and America’s Survival.

It covers my views on Obama, Frank Marshall Davis, Van Jones, communist infiltration of the US government and many other subjects.

Check it out here


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1 thought on “Kincaid Interviews Loudon

  1. Well Scoop Loudon……I managed to watch 12 excruciating minutes of your big media burst in the US with that fat fulla Kool Aid Kincaid……that's how mortifyingly boring he was……

    Must say you do a good "commie hatin' hayseed who runs the general store" routine.

    Bet you had fun after "the show" horsin' round in that brand new '52Studebaker parked right outside the studio……

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