Communist Party USA statement on Healthcare Bill

President Obama’s friends in the Commmunist Party USA are pulling out all stops to ensure that the president’s Healthcare Bill becomes law-with coverage of illegal immigrants and state funding of abortion.

The Communist Party is rallying all its allies in the “people’s movement” and both Houses of Congress to get this Bill passed.

The Party understands that this Bill will be a giant and near irreversible step towards socialized medicine and wedding the American middle class onto the state teat forever.

From the CPUSA website;

CPUSA: Keep Up the Momentum for Strong Health Care Reform Now

by CPUSA National Committee, 11/18/2009

Resolution of the National Committee, CPUSA, adopted November 15, 2009

As the historic fight for health care reform passes to the Senate next week, and then to conference committee before final vote, a continued and expanded push is needed to prevent blockage of this key legislation, to insure a strong public option with no taxation of health benefits, inclusion of immigrants, and to eliminate measures that restrict coverage for women’s reproductive rights. Messages to the Senate are needed in favor of health care reform that is affordable, accessible, portable and universal.

The outcome of the monumental battle for health care reform will affect every other issue on the labor and people’s agenda. As the extreme right-wing teamed up with the medical industrial complex to stop passage at all costs, they drew a line in the sand, threatening to bring down the Obama Administration on the issue of health care.

To date, a huge mobilization has taken hold with labor at the center, involving African American, Latino, women, senior and youth organizations, small business, the faith community and many others, complimenting the role of the Progressive, Black, Hispanic and Asian Pacific Congressional Caucuses working together. The key to passage of positive health reform is phone calls, letters, rallies and public expressions of support to every member of the US Senate. Several members of the House who were undecided stated publicly that they voted in favor because of the huge volume of calls and messages from constituents.

The union workplace sticker and call-in day, giant rallies in California, sit-ins and vigils in Connecticut, and protests at insurance companies in Chicago are great examples of the creativity that this movement has sparked. The pressure cannot be let up if health care with a public option is to become law. Passage will give millions of people coverage they do not have, and will save countless lives. But passage will not be an end. It will create forward motion toward the single-payer national health service our country needs. It will provide new experience in organizing and mobilizing at the grass roots. It will open the door to the fight for the right to form a union and many other key battles that lie ahead coming into the 2010 elections.

National Committee
Communist Party USA

The Party understands that this Bill is not socialized medicine per se, but it will create forward motion toward the single-payer national health service our country needs.

The Party sees the Healthcare battle not as a stand alone issue, but as a key component in the struggle for a socialist America.

American’s ability to restore their great Republic will hugely reduced should this Bill in any form, be passed through the Senate.

For a sound Republic and a healthy populace, Americans need to take the stand of their lives against the Communist Party and Obama’s plans for socialized healthcare.


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5 thoughts on “Communist Party USA statement on Healthcare Bill

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  2. As Glenn Beck put it, if this so called Health Care Reform bill passes, "Game Over." Once Obama has his Socialist "Crown Jewel" in place the final nails in freedoms coffin here in America will follow swiftly. The bill for all it's flowery talk of providing health care to all is meant to do one thing, expand the Federal Governments role in your life, it's about CONTROL! Just as the comming Cap & Trade has nothing to do with "Climate Change" (that whole argument has already been proven WRONG) but with the doubling the control of the health care reform bill. We here in America are quickly becoming Venezuela.

  3. Have kids and never have a moment of peace? Just wanted to take a bubble bath or even go pee? How about slavery? Didn't they at least have a moment they could breathe fresh aire? Were you ready to have your every move monitored with a healthcare bill passing…your freedoms are at stake more than you ever thought possible.

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