3 thoughts on “Marxist/Muslim Alliance Wrecking Swedish City

  1. Interesting comment Reid. The options for Muslims in Europe are their assimmilation (unlikely), their takeover of various countries, or their living separately in balkanized areas of various countries. Or i guess some mix of those options. Really hard to say what will happen though.

    I do agree with you that things could turn ugly very quickly. Europe’s history is red with blood. And to me it’s not so much the Muslims who have caused this but the self loathing indigenous European useful idiots who are promoting and encouraging all this madness. Lee

  2. NZ can expect a sharp rise in the number of Swedes seeking to immigrate.

    What I find incomprehensible is that these Islamic immigrants have a 70% unemployment rate. The Swedes like to think of themselves as rational but allowing Muslims to move in with no jobs is downright idiotic. Any nation that allows mass immigration without jobs is crazy.

    I don’t believe that Europe will become Muslim. Europe is setting themselves up for another genocide. This time they will be slaughtering Muslims. Muslims will continue their slow motion jihad in Europe until a boiling point is reached. Then open warfare will ensue with millions of Muslim killed and the rest deported back to the Muslim world. I consider this karma for the Holocaust. They got rid of most of their Jews and now they have a Muslim problem. I think most Europeans would prefer to have their old “Jewish problem” as opposed to their new Muslim problem. Europeans are deluding themselves if they think their Muslim problem won’t end very violently.

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