Melanie Phillips On Obama’s Dupes

Melanie Phillips of the UK Spectator has linked to my latest Obama file, which quotes former terrorists Mark Rudd and Jeff Jones on Obama’s allegedly covert socialist tactics.

Melanie makes the point that many commentators have been sucked in by some of Obama’s “moderate” appointments.

Like me Melanie believes that Obama’s appointments are simply smart tactics, designed to neutralise opposition to the president-elect’s socialist agenda.

Writes Melanie

Trevor Loudon has got hold of a fascinating analysis of Prez-elect Obama’s administrative appointments by Mark Rudd and Jeff Jones, two former Weather Underground terrorists (chums of Obama’s old ally chance acquaintance, the unrepentant former WU terrorist William Ayers). The two of them are now on the board of Movement for a Democratic Society, in turn the parent body of Progressives for Obama, the leading leftist lobby group behind Obama’s presidential campaign.

And waddya know – just like me they believe Obama is practising stealth politics with a degree of sophistication and success with which ‘even Lenin would be impressed’. As they say, Obama knows that he must be subtle and reassure even the most conservative of his opponents if he is to achieve his radical goals…

The key is the stupidity of so many of Obama’s opponents, amplified by the credulousness and prejudices of the media and the ignorance of the public. The shallow Republicans and their supporters in the media and blogosphere have in large measure fallen for Obama’s stealth politics hook, line and sinker. As a result of his ‘centrist’ appointments which have got them absurdly cooing over people like Clinton and Holder, Gates and Jones, their guard is now totally lowered. They still don’t know the true nature of what has hit them — and at this rate will never know until they wake up one morning to a transformed America and a free world that has lost the war being fought against it.

And the more the left shrieks ‘betrayal’, the more American conservatives will wrap themselves in denial. But characters like Rudd and Jones are the horse’s mouth. They know from the inside the manipulative and stealthy game that is being played here. Lenin would be impressed indeed.

Thank God for courageous journalists like Melanie Phillips.


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