US Communist Target Minorities

The Communist Party USA is in no doubt that it’s future lies in manipulating minority groups against the US “mainstream”.

It’s called “National Question” politics-the deliberate targeting of minorities in order to foster division and “social change”-ie revolution..

From the CPUSA’s 2007 Party and Press Building Plan

Racially and nationally oppressed communities

A decisive part of the core forces for social change in this country are the communities of the racially and nationally oppressed people. They also represent a key part of the multiracial, multinational and multi-lingual U.S. working class. African Americans, Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans and other Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Arab Americans and others face particular oppression under U.S. capitalism and they also bring their own particular experiences, needs and issues to the struggle for equality and democracy. In this connection we plan to.

• Hold discussions in key districts about developments in the communities of the racially oppressed, the struggle for equality, and approaches to building the Party in those communities, starting with a meeting of the club (where one exists) to discuss its status and potential for growth.

• Hold public meetings in six or more such communities with the goal of increasing PWW subscriptions, developing new contacts and recruitment.

• Increase bilingual English/Spanish materials as well as look at other ways to make the Party fully bilingual and recruit Spanish-speakers


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23 thoughts on “US Communist Target Minorities

  1. I’m done with all of your pathetic and childish antics as how to “prove” your points. Calling people who have different points of view various names such as “fascist”, “holocaust Nazi”, “third reicher”, the list goes on.

    You deserve that title of being a sniveling cowardly liar Steve when it comes to your dishonest antics against anyone who dares oppose you.

  2. I think Uncle’s speech writers in Washington DC would roast you for saying that our esteemed whanau knowingly supports Arab terrorists.

    Because we all know that at massive cost he supplies the firepower to bomb the hell out of them, or people he says are terrorists. And the poor wee “collaterals”, the babies.

    Is this carry on one of your “I think, therefore it is…..” episodes Mah ?

    Listen, if it’s really that important to you I’m quite happy to say this:

    You won Mah, you won little fulla….

    OK, you alright now ? The quid pro quo is this: you must not call me a “sniverling” cowardly liar – “snivelling” cowardly liar will do just fine.

  3. Either read my comments Steve, or it seems like I have won. You are clearly ignorant that you seem to scroll down and ignore all my comments.

    You can only produce the same old childish attacks on me, and then attack the very man you despise who is the current U.S. President, only to find out that he is friendly toward the PLO and allows U.S. arms to fall into terrorist hands against Israel. The Palestinian terrorists you dare suggest are “outnumbered” are being trained by the U.S. to “fight” Hamas, at the same time they receive U.S. arms. You’re so blatantly dishonest Steve, you don’t care.

    You dishonestly suggest how “outnumbered” Palestinian terrorists are, while ignoring reports of U.S. arms that are sent to Abbas end up in the hands of terrorists. You Steve are a cowardly sniverling liar.

  4. I have sympathy for babies in Gaza with their faces blown away, Mr Zionism.

    IDF: 10 Palestinians: 1

    However, on one point I do agree with you Mah. Mickey Mouse has alot to answer for and not just on account of his soulless appropriation of Minnie’s blintzes the other week. His television show is utter moral pornography !

    But while Mickey steals the odd snack, bad little mouse he is, The Chickenhawk steals scores nay hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

    For which “Good Works For Freedom” our benign Uncle Maxwell Smart treats himself with unconscionably frequent R & R spells back in Crawford – all self-congratulative and puffed up. And making a reasonable though I understand not perfect fist of keeping off the turps !

  5. “Look chap, it’s an appalling non-sequitur to hold that because I despise the fascists you love, ipso facto I love the fascists you hate.”

    How the heck can I be the “fascist” when you ignore how Palestinian children are brainwashed by terrorists to hate Israeli Jews? Are you accusing me of also being involved with Kachist circles? You know, the radical followers of Meir Kahane? I guess you must be stupid to not notice how they are also seen as a terrorist group by the Israeli government.

    But it seems to be alright for you to continue to attack me as a “fascist” while you support Palestinian terrorists. Tell me, how many terms did Arafat get when he was PLO-chairman? How about any term-limits for Mahmoud Abbas? Are the Palestinians free under the leaders you support and become a notorious apologist for?

    Do you give a damn on how Mahmoud Abbas was one of the Palestnian Arabs brainwashed by the Soviets when he wrote how Israeli Zionists and Zionists in general “supported” the Nazis while Abbas promoted holocaust denial? You have the gall to attack me a “fascist”, but support Abbas and his friends in Hamas?

    You Steve also do not know how close you are to a Communist either, and also being sympathetic to a neo-Nazi when it comes to attacking folks like me to be “fascists” while you have such sympathy for Palestinian terrorists.

  6. Mah, you STILL haven’t got it.

    Look chap, it’s an appalling non-sequitur to hold that because I despise the fascists you love, ipso facto I love the fascists you hate.

    That’s like saying because I hold (on impeccable grounds by the way) that you’re a fanatic, ipso facto I hold that all Jewish people are fanatics.

    Just not true. Outrageously stupid to even contemplate the thought. Well….I can understand that “you” might….but please Mah, just certainly shut it, shut your bullying….right now I laud you to stop !


  7. “Perhaps people come back to you as they do because you so distort the balance.”

    You’re the one who is distorting the balance. The PLO and Hamas are some of the richest terrorist groups in the world, but rarely hand over money to the very people they proclaim to be serving. You support terrorists who don’t hand over all that aid to the Palestinians and support their corrupt dictatorial actions.

  8. Well Mah, I see it this way: not all the nutters are on your side. There’s a sort of a statistical spread I guess.

    I know for example that there are millions of Jewish people who regard you as a nutter and an embarrassment with your rave.

    Just because they’re Jewish doesn’t mean they think like you think (???). Equally, I don’t go along with the David Dukes and all those fullas you go on about.

    It’s you who “needs” them, not me, as I’ve said many times. Don’t you ever listen Mah ?

    Anyway Mah, who’s in charge of your keyboard – you or your tin soldiers ? Had a litle mutiny have we ?

    I told you there’d be trouble if you made the boiler room in your block into a mini-Guantanamo.

    Cruel things like that happen only in Cuba, not in the bastion of freedom and enlightenment…..viz. Mah’s digs in NY.

  9. “With your fanatical zionism – “I hit him – he hit me back – oh what a soulless bastard he is snivel snivel !” – you know, the dirty, Nazi-like zionist crap you get into.”

    Let’s see. I’m a “Nazi” for exposing the likes of Amiri Baraka who stated how 4,000 Israeli Jews “took the day off” on 9/11 with a organization such as the Black Radical Congress that doesn’t even shy away from being involved with the Communist Party USA and the International Socialist Organization?

    You should be the one to be lauded fascist, holocaust Nazi and a fanatical far left-wing ideologue.

  10. Perhaps people come back to you as they do because you so distort the balance.

    With your fanatical zionism – “I hit him – he hit me back – oh what a soulless bastard he is snivel snivel !” – you know, the dirty, Nazi-like zionist crap you get into.

    Cuckoo, Cuckoo ! IDF: 10 Palestinians: 1 – Hooray !

  11. “Watched the news the other night – apparently slavery is still alive and well in the US of A.”

    You have to lecture to me how there is “slavery” that remains “true” in the U.S., and then you call me “brainwashed”? I think you’re a brainwashed American-hater and an Israeli-hater too.

    How about genocide in Darfur? How about slavery still existing in Africa? Or are you just being quite jerkish?

  12. Hey Mah

    Watched the news the other night – apparently slavery is still alive and well in the US of A.

    Are you an Israeli or an American?

    I think you are the brainwashed one.


    PS Please don’t call me anti-semite again – you don’t even know me koretake.

  13. Why do these two terror groups hide their cash in Swiss bank accounts Steve? Or are you pretending to care about the Palestinians so that they can be brainwashed to hate Israeli Jews?

  14. Don’t give me this crap about how “oppressed” the Palestinians have been Steve when you have never lauded one cent of criticism toward the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which has been regarded as one of the richest terrorist groups, along with their friends in Hamas.

    You’re logic is full of crap, and pardon me to Trev for saying that, but it’s the truth when it comes to folks like Steve.

  15. Oh, so I’m not just anti-semite, I’m “blatantly” anti-semite.

    I’m neither of course….even if in your moral gymnastics I’m David Duke….remember, I did tell you why you need him.

    No Mah, what’s really underneath all that fancy name calling nonsense is this:

    IDF: 10 Palestinians: 1

    A fact, a horrible fact and you own it ! Not me !

  16. “Get a life Mah”

    Calling people who expose a radical group such as the Black Radical Congress suddenly qualifies me to “get a life”, but apparently exposing a radical organization that still is rooting for a failed ideology like Communism and its “moderate” brand-Socialism doesn’t?

    Would you be so upset HAM if this were called the White Radical Congress where ideologies such as Fascism and neo-Nazism were quite acceptable, along with holocaust denying being exposed by yourstruly?

    I guess some forms of racism and anti-Semitism are more acceptable in a different color, are they not to the likes of your hyprocrisy HAM? I would condemn BOTH sort of radical organizations, but apparently if I expose the Black Radical Congress for being a front for the Communist Party USA, Internaitonal Socialist Organization and a group known to be linked to Amiri Baraka, who stated how 4,000 Israeli Jews were “missing” on 9/11, if Baraka were a white racist, anti-Semite and a dirtbag neo-Nazi if his organization he was affiliated to was called the White Radical Congress, would you still object to me exposing it? Would you object to me to suggest how these white racists/neo-Nazi/neo-Fascist/holocaust deniers would want to brainwash White Americans as much as how the Black Radical Congress wishes to brainwash African-Americans into their brand of totalitarian radicalism? Is that just so wrong of me to expose something like that HAM?

  17. Steve, HAM, you support the likes of Amiri Baraka who stated in a poem that 4000 Israelis went missing on 9/11 or supporting Angela Davis who is known to be on the FBI’s Most Wanted List?

    Apparently that’s quite alright for you folks. You Steve are blantantly anti-Semitic and you do not care about Palestinian children being taught hate. I guess using Mickey in that sort of way Hamas has done so should be quite alright. How about the U.S. being more concern over the arrests of the Hamas leaders by Israel Steve? Or are you too obsessed with believing how Israel “controls” U.S. foreign policy? I would think that whenever a cartoon character is aired to teach children hate, why wouldn’t Israel be mad and arrest leaders of Hamas for doing such a thing?

  18. “suddenly the most extensive intelligence network on the planet”

    I never said that Mah why did you quote that?

    Still say you are a silly old fart and so glad you do not live in Aotearoa! You knock it off Mah and stop threating me Mah. Did a Google on you today very interesting! Have you found anything about me?

    Get a life Mah


  19. And ain’t that the truth of humanity Trev and you said it yourself !

    People who are marginalised, read “oppressed”, will always adopt the “radical” solution. Remembering that that’s a relative concept anyway. Nothing else works for God’s Sake !

    Certainly the powers that be which insist on marginalising, for their greed and sometimes their weird religiosity, invite radicalism. You see, there’s a price to being an oppressor.

    So all you “oppressors” out there, and I think principally of the Mahs of this world, stop your bitch whining.

    Anyway Mah, you are a racist. And ROA is worse – Palestinians “depraved losers” he reckons. Remember we did have that long acrimonious number about apartheid – you guys supporting it. Anybody not zionist who stands up is a pig in your book. So, you get what you deserve chap !

    You bring it on yourselves and Good Job ! Treat people like shit you get it back and Good Job !

  20. HAM, knock this off. Having you being more concern over Israeli Mossad and then calling me a “racist” for exposing an organization which has the anti-Semite Amiri Baraka who promotes 9/11 style conpiracy theories along with Angela Davis makes me a “racist”?

    Your suspicions of how the Mossad is “suddenly the most extensive intelligence network on the planet” certainly places how Israeli Jews seem to “run” things. Yea, never mind of how other nations such as Russia and China have often a tradition of promoting their secret polices into a state within a state.

    I also doubt exposing a organization such as the Black Radical Congress where it has literally ties with the Communist Party USA and the International Socialist Organization can deam me to be a “racist”.

  21. Easy on Sue. All races get “brainwashed” to some degree by people with agendas.

    The CPUSA targets blacks because they are the group that is more marginalised than any other, so is more likely to fall for radical solutions.

  22. “brainwashing African-Americans into supporting Communist-socialist-radical causes” for goodness sake are you saying that those Americans are incapable of making up their own minds about anything? You are a racist Mah and no I am not an anti-semite I am a real person. Get a life Mah before its too late.


  23. You may also want to take a look at the folks in the Black Radical Congress. They openly support brainwashing African-Americans into supporting Communist-socialist-radical causes and have links with the anti-Semite Amiri Baraka, the Black Panther and formerly on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted-Angela Davis, and is endorsed by various members of the Communist Party USA and also by members of the International Socialist Organization.

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