Nepal’s Maoist "Former" Rebels Infiltrating Highest Levels of Government

Nepal’s Maoist rebels are consolidating their power inside the new government.

From Cuban news arvice La Prensa Latina

Kathmandu, Mar 31 Former rebels will occupy posts in five of the 21 ministries of the Nepali cabinet, by virtue of an agreement reached with the governing alliance on Friday.

According to Nepalnews, the ex rebels will work in the ministries of Information and Communication, Children’s Affairs, Women and Social Welfare, Local Development, Works and Physical Projects, and Forestry and Soil Preservation.

The other ministries will be shared by the Party of Congress, the Marxist Leninist Union and other small parties in the alliance.

The incorporation of the former rebels into the interim cabinet was included in the peace agreement signed in November 2006, which ended a decade of armed conflicts that left a toll of 13,000 deaths.

Elections will be called to establish a Constituent Assembly that will decide whether Nepal continues to be a Monarchy or becomes a Republic.


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1 thought on “Nepal’s Maoist "Former" Rebels Infiltrating Highest Levels of Government

  1. I wonder if any of those “Naxalites” are Chinese operatives infiltrating the government or “former” Soviet operatives.

    Would make sense to why those Naxalites are out of control in India.

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