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Tim Carpenter: Tribute to a Fine Opponent

I was saddened to learn of the recent death from melanoma, of Massachusetts activist Tim Carpenter. While I have opposed Tim Carpenter’s agenda for years…

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Loudon’s “The Enemies Within”: Why Does Marxist Tim Carpenter Hang Around With So Many Congressmen and Senators?

Tim Carpenter is one of America’s most influential Marxists. He is the former leader of Orange County Democratic Socialists of America – then a Southern…

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Loudon’s Book: Ed Markey – the Socialist Ally Who Would Render the U.S. Defenseless

Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey is running for the U.S. Senate. He is one of the more than 60 U.S. Representatives and Senators profiled in my…

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Elizabeth Warren, Socialist Part 2: Liz Warren and Progressive Democratics of America

Elizabeth Warren, Socialist Part 1 here. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s connection to the U.S. left runs deep. She is particularly close to one of the…

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Progressive Congressmen Gather to Plot Agenda: Alinsky Invoked

A major focus of this blog is to expose how radical and Marxist groups have huge influence on Democratic Party policy. One key transmission belt…

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