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NoisyRoom By: AJ President Obama placed our soldiers under UN NATO control for his war in Libya without consulting the United States Congress. Using our…

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An Important Message From Jeff Nyquist

This organization deserves your support.

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Say “Goodbye” to the Dollar

Commentator J.R. Nyquist on the recent BRIC Summit and a probable Russian/Chinese attack on the US dollar. The BRIC Summit, held on 14 April in…

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China Offers Places to 10,000 US Students, Steps Up Cooperation With MIT

Let’s make treason, espionage and subversion  even easier, shall we? From the Communist Party of China website   Visiting Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong announced…

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Tea Time in Wisconsin

NoisyRoom Greeted by the Tea Party as well as local and bussed-in thuggish astro-turf minions dispatched by Richard Trumka and President Obama’s Organizing for America,…

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Atlas Is Shrugging

NoisyRoom – Hat Tip: Brian B. Ace of Spades

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Explosive Bill Ayers Interview: John McCain is a War Criminal & the Pentagon is a Terror Organization

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews

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Sam Webb: Communist Leader Lays Out Stark Choice for America

The Communist Party USA held a special annual conference in New York over the weekend. Normally national conferences are only held every 5 years or…

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NZ Marxists Celebrate Anniversary of Cuban Victory at Bay of Pigs

Every Western country has its “5th Columnists” – including mine. From Cuba’s Prensa Latina Wellington, Apr. 15  New Zealanders and Latin Americans on Friday honored…

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Father Pfleger & Cornel West Are Shocked To Learn Even A Black Man Can Be Corrupted By Power

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews First of all, this man is a travesty in the sight of God. He is blasphemous. Second, don’t you believe what he…

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White House Legislation for DHS Control of all .gov Domains (and as always, more)

By: Arlen Williams Gulag Bound Firstly, “White House legislation;” what’s wrong with that picture? Well, that’s not so uncommon (except in the Obama administration, where…

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The Council Has Spoken!!

From: The Watcher’s Council The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week, carved eternally in tablets…

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Red Reps 7 Clem Smith: Communist Party Sympathizer in the Missouri State Legislature

Red Reps 6 here For several years, the Missouri/Kansas branch of the Communist Party USA has been infiltrating sympathizers into the Missouri State Legislature. The…

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Jim Wallis: Paul Ryan a Bully & Hypocrite, Never Been Around Poor People, Has No Courage

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews Spoken like a true Marxist. Jim Wallis is not a genuine man of the cloth. He is a progressive, collectivist who wants…

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Soros, Piven and SEIU Working to Destroy Americas Financial System to Create Revolution

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews

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