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#GOPdebate: Mark Levin debunks Trump “gotcha” questions

If Fox News/Megyn Kelly can act in such a way, what can we expect from the mainstream media?

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#RememberMississippi: Rick Perry and his dodgy campaign staff

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry seems to have largely escaped the scrutiny recently directed toward Scott Walker for hiring establishment operative Brad Dayspring who aggressively lied…

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#WeWillShootBack: ThinkProgress glorifies black militant violence

Author Trevor Loudon predicts that Communist-driven violence is ‘imminent’ New violent hashtag #WeWillShootBack glorified by Soros-funded ThinkProgress ThinkProgress announces “black-only” weapons training The Nation of Islam planning an…

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The Top Five Most Racist Presidents

The most celebrated Democratic presidents are also – by far – the most race-obsessed. These American presidents care much less about content of character than…

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Radical Islam: a Communist tool against the West

“The KGB boss described the Muslim world as a waiting petri dish, in which we could nurture a strain of hate-America.” – Lt. Gen. Ion Pacepa…

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