Mark Levin is a Big Phony

By: Cliff Kincaid

I don’t like the views of Rep. Matt Gaetz on Ukraine or marijuana. He is against aid to Ukraine but in favor of legal dope. But he is right about Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s failure to act like a real conservative in managing the affairs of the House. McCarthy has failed to use the power of the purse to force conservative measures on the Senate and on China Joe. As a result, he depended on Democrats to keep the government open, as if that was a good thing.

Sometimes it is more advisable to close the government than keep it going. This is such a time. The federal government has become tyrannical. Do we need any more evidence of that?

People in the private sector cope with uncertainty every day, wondering if they will keep their jobs.  Let the bureaucrats sweat for a change. In any case, if McCarthy is going to work with the Democrats, let the Democrats save him.  That is the meaning of the Gaetz motion to force McCarthy out. It sends a strong message.

In the face of McCarthy’s mismanagement of the House, Fox News “conservative” Mark Levin has attacked Gaetz, saying McCarthy is more conservative and doing a great job. Levin makes millions selling books that are pale echoes of what others like anti-communist analyst Trevor Loudon have documented with hard facts decades ago.

A supposed expert on the American Marxist revolution, Levin’s book American Marxism is full of holes and based on shoddy research. Since then, he has published a book trashing the Democratic Party.

But since McCarthy works with Democrats, what is the purpose of trashing the Democrats?

Before McCarthy won his post, we warned that he was a key member of a cabal that worked to defeat staunch conservative Rep. Steve King, forcing him out of Congress.

As I noted at the time, when former Rep. King came under media attack for speaking out in favor of saving Western civilization, McCarthy arranged to have King replaced on various congressional committees and orchestrated his defeat. King had supported a House Internal Security Committee to uncover communists.

In the latest escapade, he attempted to keep the government “open” by saying that Republican investigations of the Bidens and the “impeachment inquiry” into Joe Biden would be de-funded.  But what if one or more of these officials gets impeached? These hearings have featured Republican politicians competing for face time on Fox News and nothing much has been done.

We all know the Bidens were selling influence. What else is new? That happens all the time, with politicians of both political parties.  Some of it is legal, some of it is not.

The real power is Barack Hussein Obama, whose “Permanent Revolution” is ongoing. But Republicans lacked the intestinal fortitude to impeach Obama because he was our first black president. He knew all along what Biden was doing. It was Obama who approved the Russia-gate probe of Trump.

On November 10, 2017, at a National Press Club event, America’s Survival Inc. (ASI) explained how Barack Obama planned to continue his Marxist revolution in America. Trevor Loudon and I warned of the left’s plan to take the concept of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition and create a new American majority fusing communists, progressive whites, New Agers, felons, minorities, Islamists, potheads, and legal and illegal immigrants, as part of a long-term strategy to put conservative states into the Democratic Party column. This strategy is still on track. 

McCarthy talks about border security when millions have already poured into the country. Where is the McCarthy plan to deport them?

There is no reason to believe McCarthy has since developed the intestinal fortitude to hold the Bidens accountable. He is just buying time, hoping he will look tough.

The only way to really look tough is to use the power of the purse, such as by de-funding Special Counsel Jack Smith and others prosecuting former President Trump.

Whether you like him or not, Trump is the candidate who temporarily derailed Barack Hussein Obama’s “Permanent Revolution,” which was supposed to go forward under “President” Hillary Clinton. He is clearly seen as the one candidate in the future who can stop the Democrats from consolidating their power. That’s why he is under attack.

As I predicted in a column a year ago, Republicans are at a crossroads. Trump is attempting to save the GOP from itself while others, such as Kevin McCarthy and Senator Mitch McConnell, want to “save” the party from Trump by working with Democrats.


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1 thought on “Mark Levin is a Big Phony

  1. I used to really enjoy Trevor’s perspective – I considered him a friend (he has stayed with us when we produced events for him), and I forgave him when he did not fully understand who Donald Trump was (back in 2015 during the campaign). You obviously don’t know or understand what ‘America First’ principles are (, and you would not understand who and what PDT stands for if you don’t.

    Gaetz is right on regarding Ukraine (cutting off any support for the globalist take over and intention for a One World government).

    Mark Levin IS a phony – and a Neo-Conservative war monger. He is wrong about pushing for a Convention of the States – I my gut always churns when he is pushing his books.

    We (AMERICA) needs MORE people like Matt Gaetz to make their way to the podium and help wake up people up to the actual issues of our day – you too.

    Wish Trevor well – if he is still Anti-Trump I suggest he retire in Florida, watch Star Wars, and learn how to fight the dark side.

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