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  1. Thank you Jeff Sessions from the great state of Alabama. I think JS was the man who was investigating and trying to get to the bottom of the Farm Bill! He wanted to find out why the US government was giving food stamps to illegal criminals at the tax payers expense! Thete are so very few men of honor anymore and fewer politians but Jeff Sessions is a very honorable American. I can not imagine what he is feeling knowing what his party had become ! All those years of work and dedication he put in! Thank you again Mr. Sessions!

  2. notice how the democratic liberal party want to accuse Republicans of taken away the poor,s healthcare, but they fail to speak up on all the other dam things Obama Pelois and Reid put in the bill huh all the dam bad things to harm American’s who now have part time work because of this and the lies that came with Obamacare u can keep your health ins if u like u. u sneaky!! making it possible for them to come into our homes that Pelois lying to us. God only knows what else sinister crap is in it. we are sick to death of this.

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