The Dope on Obama’s Communist Prof, Derrick Bell (fm. last night’s Twitter activists)

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

I was not able to see the initial broadcast of Sean Hannity’s Fox News program last night. Instead, I scanned Twitter, to see what was being related about the highly (but not widely) promoted video of Obama at Harvard, talking up his Harvard faculty friend (and anti-American Communist) Derrick Bell.

This is what I found:

From @JustenCharters:

A Video: You Must Watch. Derrick Bell And Bill Ayers Were B.F.F. #GOP #TCOT #LNYBT #Hannity #Breitbart #WAR

From @ColorMeRed:

THE VETTING: OBAMA EMBRACES RACIALIST PROF #Breitbart #VetThePrez #tcot #IamBreitbart

This leads to the introductory Breitbart, Big Government article.

From @jc_rss_rul:

Derrick Bell: Academic career: ? Previous revision Revision as of 02:19, 8 March 2012 Line 59: … #wiki

Apparently indicates an attempted scrubbing of Wikipedia, of this paragraph (this excerpt includes wikimedia script, I’ve converted its URL to a link of the same):

Bell reentered the debate over hiring practices at Harvard in 1990, when he vowed to take an unpaid leave of absence until the school appointed a female of color to its tenured faculty.<ref>{{cite news|title=Derrick Bell takes a leave of absence to protest the lack of minority faculty at Harvard Law |url=|accessdate=30 November 2011| newspaper=The Ten O’Clock News|date=12/03/1990}}</ref> At the time, of the law school’s 60 tenured professors, only three were black and five were women. The school had never had a black woman on the tenured staff.<ref name=answers/>

From @CarolCNY:

You can gain some insight into Bell connection to Obama, Obama didn’t move away from Wright, he hasn’t changed at all.

From @CoffeePatriot:

Some facts on Derrick Bell #tcot #hannity #breitbart #obama

From @AlAlekhine:

Derrick Bell is the guy that you will see Obama praising tonight on Hannity. Learn about the nutjob here: #obama2012

From @NolteNC:

Why didn’t Ben Smith tell us more about Obama’s hero Derrick Bell —

From @indyrallen:

RT @hoosierclinger Who is Professor Derrick Bell and what is Critical Race Theory? #tcot


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