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Middleweight Boxing Champion Led a Crime Syndicate
September 8, 2018 – 9:13 am EST | No Comment

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code The Shulaya Enterprise was an organized criminal group operating under the direction and protection of Razhden Shulaya, a/k/a “Brother,” a/k/a “Roma,” a “vor v zakone” or “vor,” which are Russian phrases translated roughly as “Thief-in-Law” or “Thief,” and which refer to an order of elite criminals from the former […]

Review of “Confronting the Deception”
September 8, 2018 – 8:57 am EST | No Comment

By: Gerald A. Honigman Tabitha Korol’s Confronting the Deception dares to engage Middle Eastern topics that too often are deliberately ignored, downplayed, or swept under the rug. With the exception of some diehard Communists, very few of the millions who came to America to better their lives brought with them a hostile hidden agenda. Yet […]

Pride of the Jihadi Mother
September 8, 2018 – 8:42 am EST | No Comment
Pride of the Jihadi Mother

By: Tabitha Korol Latifa Abu Hmeid is a Palestinian mother of six sons who have brought her much acclaim and wealth.    Four are serving life sentences for multiple murders, a fifth was martyred while dodging arrest for the murder of an Israeli, and a sixth is on trial for the confessed murder of Israeli staff […]