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Michael Savage Interviews Allen West on January 30, 2012
January 31, 2012 – 11:11 pm EST |

This is Allen West at his best. Congressman West even mentions Ayn Rand’s great novel “Atlas Shrugged.”

Congressman McClintock, SOPA is a “Crippling Danger to the Internet”
January 31, 2012 – 10:54 pm EST |

This is excellent! Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA) delivered the following excellent speech on the House floor on Monday, January 23, 2012. It shows the Congressman’s dedication to freedom and his perceptive understanding of the dangers creeping government infringements pose to our First Amendment liberties.

“They Believed” by Sons of Alice
January 31, 2012 – 10:25 pm EST |

I love this. Written and performed by, ‘Sons of Alice’.  All proceeds to supporting America’s fighting men and women through Operation Homefront.

Bad Dreams In The Night
January 31, 2012 – 10:24 pm EST |

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton A terrifying new concept has recently reemerged in the global climatology fight and the clarion call is heralded by a book that Zombie just read: The Weather Conspiracy: The Coming of the New Ice Age. So, let me get this straight… In the 1970’s, we were all going to freeze to […]