Is Twitter censoring the #WalkAway hashtag?

#WalkAway: Democrats are leaving the insanity (Ben Garrison cartoon)

Using the #WalkAway hashtag, former democrats are tweeting about their decision to leave their party. Brandon Straka of Unsilent Minority started the movement with a powerful video that is blowing up Twitter (see below). Yet since it began, #WalkAway (and a similar hashtag, #DemExit) have not trended, despite their immense popularity.

People on Twitter are calling out the social media giant for censoring the hashtag:

The above are just recent examples. People are clearly inspired and maybe it doesn’t even matter if it trends on Twitter. Word is getting out.

Watch the Unsilent Minority Video that launched the movement:


Author: renee nal

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3 thoughts on “Is Twitter censoring the #WalkAway hashtag?

  1. Americans should be celebrating unity NOT diversity.
    America is NOT a salad bowl we are a melting pot.
    We have several subgroups reinforcing there differences rather than being Americans emphasizing their commonalities.
    Diversity promotes divided loyalties, diverse peoples around the world are mostly engaged in hating each other.
    When hatred isn’t enough they are killing each other.

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