UPDATE: Fake Trump account makes fake claims about Ted Cruz

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UPDATES: See below for important updates!

While this author would think that a self-proclaimed group of “Conservative Misfits” would go after establishment types or perhaps the socialists who have taken over the Democrat party, “sundance” at the Last Refuge prefers to target Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz, while lauding Donald Trump almost as loudly as Breitbart has been of late.

With friends like this, conservatives don’t need enemies.

Consider the latest smear piece by “sundance.” It cites a “report” which is actually a series of tweets claiming that a man named “Don Fairly” left the Cruz campaign along with seven other staffers.

Cruz smear piece cites "report" at the Last Refuge
Cruz smear piece cites “report” at the Last Refuge

The claims were made by @LandmanMarius, (Who has since changed his Twitter account to @CampaignTrump and deleted the tweets that you can still read below) a man (presumably) whose tweets consist solely about the touting the awesomeness of Trump while relentlessly bashing Cruz:

Here is the first tweet:

Then these came after a supposed meeting:

The blogger “sundance” pounced on the tweets, “Seven Cruz campaign staff quit,” lamented “sundance,” “Campaign legal staff hits exiting campaign workers with legal notices to keep quiet.”

This author will go out on a limb to say that “Don Fairly” is as real as Donald Trump’s dedication to the Bible or the Constitution. 

After tweeting this:

This happened:

Blocked by Storm Trumper1

The fake photo of “Don Fairly” is actually of Dushaun Fairley, a real estate advisor who lives in San Diego according to his LinkedIn page. As far as @LandmanMarius, his photo is evidently fake as well (see here and here). Donald Trump gave him a shout out here:

It makes one wonder how many fake Trump twitter accounts exist.

The author “sundance” goes on to cite a truely vile unsourced smear piece by CNN about Cruz and finishes off with a jab at Glenn Beck.


UPDATE: “Sundance” scrubs his anti-Cruz smear piece of any reference to Don Fairly, does not mention in updates:


UPDATE II: “Sundance” calls author of this article a “dumy.”

UPDATE III: @LadyLiberty1885 found this link proving that @LandmanMarius is posing as some guy from Australia.

UPDATE IV: Pro-Trump supporter hijacks prominent Twitter conservative’s name:


Author: renee nal

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36 thoughts on “UPDATE: Fake Trump account makes fake claims about Ted Cruz

  1. And that “shout out” by Trump wasnt a “shout out”! It was a reply! notice his name listed twice along with Jeb’s?! and how names before the message. Anyone on Twitter can tell u this. SMH. Wow, now its a crime to reply to ppl. Nothing substantial on this page that ties Trump. 10,000 come in the US 100 are bad. Trump has 7.5M followers, if we use the same ratio= 7500 bad followers. I think its impressive that this site was there when this specific tweet happened out of 7.5M Tweets. Sounds more likely to me that there was some sneakiness happening here, whether it be Photoshop or another account. Think about it, 1 in 7.5M odds. Better luck winning the lottery than this Trump Tweet being legit. who has won $7.5M from the lottery? Someone was truly focused on tying Trump to this. Just ridiculous. Oh look I just used basic MS Paint and made it change to Fox
    look–> https://twitter.com/Johnathin79/status/713853077611094017

  2. There should be a new party called “People’s Voice”, seeing Neither side really listens to the people! No group thinking allowed. The people run the campaign, not a RNC or DNC! No rule changing in the middle of the campaign just bc “the people’s vote is winning, which I just heard today they did, rule #40. Used to be must win 8 states to qualify, but w/o this rule, it allows Kasich to steal the nomination in convention. This pisses me off more than anything! Putting Sorros puppet in office so they can have their globalist agendas! Trump voters wont vote for Cruz after all the lies and cheating with NO disavows. Our ONLY chance is Trump! I tell u I will write in Trump b4 voting for Cruz! I’m not worried about Killary, she getting so many death threats. Its not right that a group of elites take away the people’s right. If it happens there will be a revolution/civil war. #WriteInTrump

    1. If you are going to comment, why not comment on the article posted? But to your excitement about Trump, it is great if you are a big government democrat, but constitutional conservatives know better.

  3. The real name of the man pictured in the above meme is Dushaun Fairley and he is a real estate agent from San Diego not connected to any campaigns!!! So my question is… did the Trump campaign break any laws by using this poor man’s photo fraudulently and without his permission?

  4. I am hearing the mailers might be from the RINO’s at the RNC or IowaGOP. Also that they weren’t really sent out.

    Sabotage attempt?

    1. The Iowa Secretary of State just confirmed it is from the Cruz campaign (who also confirmed that it was them). The Hill (and I’m sure others) just posted an article about it.

  5. Is everything at CTH 100% true? Unknown.

    Did Cruz campaign just mail out “shame letters” to Iowa voters? Yep

    Did Cruz push H1B? Yep

    Did Cruz sign Corker (without his touted amendment)? Yep

    Was Cruz Canadian until some 14 mos ago (?)… ?!?!

    Am I aghast and sorry for this site and your alignment with Glenn Beck? Yep.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you lisa. We go way back. But the constitution is and always has been my yardstick. I like Trump..but seriously Lisa is he anywhere near as constitutional as Cruz?

      1. I say yes seeing he didnt disavow thugs shutting down 1st amendment, flip floppy on the 14th amendment, actually said beef up federal gun registry 2nd says “…being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. u look at my twitter videos. I have them all. He 1st said welcome refugees then took Trumps stance as it became popular (remember all the heat Trump took ALONE) Took Trumps stand on the wall (again Trump took major heat ALONE) Ted pushed for Gang of 8, then when it failed he claimed pioson pill. plenty videos for u out there, but again i can show u where 3 times he said he wanted the bill to pass. Also in the same video his amendment allowed illegals to stay (amnesty) just without citizenship. How does that sound like a “poison pill”? Ur guy WAS less conservative than Trump the whole time, then comes out trying to label trump liberal bc he did business as a businessman. haha.Speeking of disavowing, he cried disavow to trump (kkk), but yet hear Cruz disavow his campaign in Iowa Carson, Mailers, Rubio Hawaii, Texas votes changing, or even the(anti trump) PAC that did the nude Melania ad! Who’s more Conservative/Constitutional? The Canadian Birth Certificate carrying (Which I have a copy, way to uphold the constitution to urself)(Not US citizen born abroad BC) sealed records, Rafael Cruz or American Donald Trump? I choose the American who sides with our police, military and American people. Yes he speaks plain with a no BS lingo, thats just another thing to love about him. Cruz is NOT constitutional, he just appears to be to ppl who dont dig deep enough. I have 1 MAJOR thing against Heidi. She is the architec of NAU! If u dont know what that is, I suggest u pause and google. NOT CONSTITUTIONAL AT ALL!!! I have more like the $1M from Goldman sachs then miss Audit the FED/Goldman Sachs. Missing the votes against Common Core. Voting against Sessions on the border. It was just him and Sessions and Ted gave in. SMH. Thats why Sessions chose Trump. Lets not go into TPP and TPA that Cruz voted in with Ryan and Obama again against Sessions.

        1. #Trumpanzees make this claim all the time, but it’s false. Ted was on record in 2011, when Trump was supporting the gang of eight, saying the EXACT SAME thing he says now about immigration; build the wall, triple the border patrol, increase the air and surveillance assets and enforce the law (IOW deport illegals and keep them out.)

          Ted never pushed for the gang of eight. That is a bald faced lie that #Trumpanzees tell.

          You #Trumpanzees are all the same. You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the ass.

        2. You mentioned several debunked things from the start, so I am not going to bother with the rest. Allegations are not facts, and context matters.

  6. The most obnoxious Trump supporters all wave around Conservative TreeHouse as a source reference, like it is a ‘blankey’.
    BUT, on American Thinker, someone posted this information:

    “Sundance, aka Mark Ivor Bradman, Conservative Treehouse blog owner- prior to Obama’s 2008 win, Bradman and most of his current admins at the treehouse were major Hillary Clinton supporters on a now extinct blog. He very MUCH wanted a Hillary Clinton presidency in 2008.
    He now trashes Ted Cruz on a daily- if not hourly- basis. He trashes American Thinker and Breitbart because they do not trash Ted Cruz.
    So forgive me if I am hesitant to follow along with his supporters in a very emotional fever for Trump and everyone else be damned mantra”

    CTH has been rabid Trump supporters since he joined the race….but in the head to head match up polls, Trump is the only one who loses to Hillary….Cruz and Rubio both win over her. I don’t know if CTH actually supports Trump….or they want Hillary to still win in 2016!! Hope this helps!

    1. The information about CTH and its staff is mostly a lie. How do I know that? Because I am an admin at Conservative Treehouse, have been an admin since Feb 1, 2012 (the blog’s first day), was an admin with the same people at another blog before that, called the Honey Trail (now defunct), and hung out with the same people at another blog before that called Hillbuzz.org. Hillbuzz is still there, but pretty much inactive. Most of us also frequented lucianne.com, and other conservative blogs.

      I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Hillbuzz is run by a gay man who used to be a Hillary supporter, but is now (and was when I frequented the blog) a conservative. I have never voted for a Democrat and, as far as I know, neither have any of my fellow admins. I first learned about Hillbuzz when Rush Limbaugh featured a post from that site about support for George W. Bush from a former Democrat.

      No matter what you think about CTH’s support of Trump, or the people who post there, we have NEVER supported HIllary Clinton! Not in the current life, and at no other time. The reason why Sundance supports Trump is because he is the only outsider who is not beholden to the Washington establishment in any way.

      I would be interested to know who posted this lie at American Thinker, a blog I read on a regular basis.

      1. Thanks for your insight, and I can vouch for what you are saying about Hillbuzz, as the “gay man who used to be a Hillary supporter” is known to us at TrevorLoudon.com. He is a good man. As for Sundance, I personally have no problems with who he supports, but I would suggest that instead of trashing Cruz with phony allegations, he make the case for Trump.

        1. Thank you for acknowledging my comment about the lies that are being told by someone regarding the staff at the Conservative Treehouse. Over the years we have made enemies in certain sectors, which is to be expected considering the topics that have been covered on our pages. Disagree with us, yes, but don’t tell a ridiculous lie about our group supporting Hillary Clinton! I am only one person, but I will confront and refute any such lies, and anyone who really knows us would do the same.

          There is room for commentary about the election, and debate about the candidates is healthy. I (and, many other conservatives) would vote for Ted Cruz if he is the nominee. He is not, however, a perfect man, or a perfect conservative. Furthermore, I don’t think he has the ability to gather a large enough coalition to defeat Hillary (or some other Democrat, if she is disqualified or drops out).

          I think that Trump can pull off a win against the Democrats, because I believe he will garner the support of many of the Democrats and Independents who supported Reagan, including support of some private sector unions. Immigration and jobs are of primary interest to the “middle” of America. The bottom line is that I would like to win with a candidate that some don’t think is “conservative” enough, rather than lose to another socialist Democrat administration.

          As far as “trashing Cruz with phony allegations” is concerned, Sundance has removed the offensive tweets that you mentioned; in fact, they were removed in the very early morning on Saturday. The tweets existed – they were not made up by CTH, and the article by CNN was not written by Sundance, just reported.

          Sundance has written dozens of pieces explaining why he supports Trump, making the case for his preferred candidate, beginning last year. He often lists links to many of the legacy posts at the bottom of current posts. An important one is “Why I Support Donald Trump’s Campaign – And It’s Probably Not What You Think…” written on July 13, 2015. http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/07/13/why-i-support-donald-trumps-campaign-and-its-probably-not-what-you-think/

          Thank you, again, for allowing me to refute the scurrilous lies that have been told about those of us who work at CTH.

          1. Sundance prides himself on his research. Yet he cited false accounts to further his chosen candidate. So much for his vaunted research skills.

            I’ve dealt with him before. He brooks no disagreement at all and will ban you the minute you point out something that diverges from his chosen tack.

            Now he has gone off the deep end with Trump. Rather than defend him, you should counsel him. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar. Sundance could do with a massive dose of humility.

          2. You say: “I think that Trump can pull off a win against the Democrats, because I believe he will garner the support of many of the Democrats and Independents who supported Reagan, including support of some private sector unions. Immigration and jobs are of primary interest to the “middle” of America. The bottom line is that I would like to win with a candidate that some don’t think is “conservative” enough, rather than lose to another socialist Democrat administration.”

            I agree completely that Trump can pull of a win against the Democrats. I can’t say for certain if he will, but I agree he’s at very least capable of doing so. He will either have a potential felon or a mummified socialist as his competition. Should he win though, it’d be by a close amount as it’s a lot tougher to use Trump’s “debate style” in one on one competitions. Eventually, he’s going to have to get deep into substance, which is where Trump falls apart as we’ve seen thus far.

            Still, I’d disagree with this insinuation that Cruz isn’t “electable” or that we should pick the most “electable candidate.” Problem is that we’ve heard it before line for line. Be it Romney, McCain or Dole. “We’ve gotta get someone who won’t scare away the independents!”, they often tell us. Mitt Romney actually won the independent vote in 2012. He lost the election but a sizable percentage of the conservative vote stayed home. And why wouldn’t they? It was yet another election where their options were progressive or somewhat-less-progressive.

            I’m sorry, but the two elections of Ronald Reagan should’ve put to rest insinuations like yours a long time ago. You can win with a very conservative candidate. No different than how you can win with a very liberal candidate (i.e. Barack Obama . . . and perhaps Bernie Sanders, from the looks of his poll numbers). The issue boils down to whether said very-conservative candidate can articulate conservatism in a simple common sense fashion that appeals to the American people. Reagan did it. As we’ve seen with Cruz, he can do it as well.

            Moreover, we’re not at the general election yet. We’re not yet put in a situation where it boils down to having to either pick a socialist or someone who isn’t quite a socialist. The Republican primaries are supposed to be our chance to pick the nominee we want to pick. A lot of us want a nominee who’s actually going to hold true to his word and do what he’s saying he’s going to do. Based on Ted Cruz’s record, a lot of us have picked Ted Cruz. Now does he have some blemishes here and there? Of course (TPP fast track vote, H1B Visas). But out of all the candidates, he has the least blemishes by far. I know some people like to pretend Mr. Trump doesn’t have a deeply checkered past on every single issue and doesn’t openly anti-conservative remarks in the present, but he does, as did John McCain and Mitt Romney.

            Which leads us to the brass tacks. This election isn’t simply about winning the election. We are at a pivotal time in our nation’s history. We have 20 trillion dollars in debt, over 200 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. We are one Supreme Court Justice away from having a court intent on ripping our founding document to pieces (see District of Columbia v. Heller). We are but one step away from having open borders. We are but one step away from having single payer healthcare. We are but one step away from having a carbon tax. We are but one step away from having a group of terrorist who will try and use nuclear weapons against us. We are one step away from our nation’s swift decline. And we’ve seen throughout all of human history, it doesn’t take much.

            We can no longer afford to put ourselves in situations where we are effectively picking our poison. Don’t get me wrong. Keeping a confessed socialist out-of-office is great, but not the sole issue at hand here. Not even close. We need someone suitable to at very least address every single one of those concerns I listed above and then some. And we don’t need them tomorrow nor do we need them now. We need them yesterday!

            Having a principled president, however, is only a part of the battle. The federal government can never truly be relied upon to fix itself. Even with a principled executive branch, the minute he’s going, it’s back to business as usual as we’ve seen with everything post-1988. The states are going to need assert themselves and reclaim the 10th powers that have been stolen from them. The abolishment of the 17th amendment and a convention of the states is absolutely necessary at this point in time.

  7. Wow, if that is true, that is a lot of people abandoning the sinking Cruz ship (flying the Canadian flag of course).

  8. Looks like another fake story attacking Cruz is out there. Something about threatening mailers supposedly sent by the Cruz campaign.

  9. I’d just like to be able to go to my favorite conservative sites, read the articles, and read comments from posters whom I respected, not necessarily agreeing with them always. I thought 2008 election was bad with the unnecessary infighting on the R side and pro Obama people on the other side. 2012 didn’t seem so bad. A couple of times on Twitter I’ve gotten Trump supporters who copy my avi, photoshop it in behind a cartoon steel door with a window, and then have a cartoon of Mr. Trump at a control panel ready to push the “gas” button. Who the hell does things like that? That’s in addition to the very trump-like comments about my looks and age. Not all Trump supporters do this, but too many of them seem entirely unhinged. I also don’t read Breitbart much anymore.

    1. “Who the hell does things like that?” A very good question. Obama voters do things like that. Socialists do things like that – they cannot stand on their own merit (evidently) and so must lash out at their perceived “enemies” with lies. It is almost as if a certain portion of Donald Trump’s followers are seeking to discredit conservatism. More likely, they want to “win” at all costs, without knowing the end game (like the people in the Occupy movement). What would a Donald Trump presidency look like? Would he fight to restore the Constitution? Perhaps, but I am more inclined to think he would rule like Obama has, steamrolling over Congress and ruling by executive order. And his supporters will cheer, like Obama’s do today.

      1. Based on my numerous encounters with the Trump supporters on breitbart, I’ve come to the conclusion that at least a sizable percentage of them voted for Obama in 2008. This is apparent in the way tend to engage those they disagree with as well as their willingless to outright trash conservatism. Thus it came as no surprise to me the other day when they had nothing but praise when Donald Trump openly attacked conservatism and blamed it for the mess we are in.

        Like or not, a sizable percentage of Trump’s support is not conservative and Trump knows this. That’s why he’s slowly easing his way towards his progressive roots. Be it his recent remarks about conservatives, his recent comments about healthcare or his recent insinuations that he’s prepared to “adapt” as he goes forward into the general election.

        You ask whether he’d fight for the Constitution. I highly doubt it. Look no further than his own words. Every time he talks about the problems with Washington, does he ever cite the Constitution? Does he ever talk about it being too big? Nope. Instead, he simply tells us that the people running it are “stupid.” That they aren’t managing it “correctly.” That if he got in, he’d “do a better job.” This is not the talk of a constitutionalists, but of an authoritarian. That’s what Trump is and that’s what we’ll be getting should we support. Even worse, should we get 8 years of him, we’ll get 8 subsequent years of a far worse progressive as every mess Trump gets us in will be blamed on conservatism. Just you watch.

  10. I read Breitbart daily and I used to think I fit into that news cycle. Lately, the Trump supporters there have been running amok and ruining a rather good alternative site. The commenters upvote themselves ad infinitum, ad nauseum and bash anything Cruz or any other candidate for that matter. I believe deep down, when the voting begins, the conservatives will vote conservative and Trump will be voted off the conservative island.

    1. I cannot agree more about Breitbart. It is quite painful. I very much hope you are right about conservatives, Stephen. Thanks for your comment 🙂

      1. Andrew Breitbart on Trump.
        Of course, he’s not a conservative. He was for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), before he was against Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)…celebrity is everything in this country if these guys don’t learn how to play the media the way Barack Obama played the media last election cycle and the way that Donald Trump is playing the election cycle–we’re going to probably get a celebrity candidat

        Breitbart would be sickened to see just how far they have fallen.

          1. Trump gave to both sides then, he was a businessman. A story about lies and untruths and then posts doing the same thing, geez, get a life.

          2. This is the largest pile of steaming tripe ever. “Trump gave to both sides then, he was a businessman. A story about lies and untruths and then posts doing the same thing, geez, get a life.”

            Yeah, that’s Trumps excuse, for supporting the Gang of 8, giving money to the most detestable liberals of all, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Durbin. NO conservative would ever give those people a dime. You say Trump is a businessman and that’s his excuse? The Koch brothers are businessmen – much bigger business men than Trump. They have never given a single dime to Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Durbin, etc.

            Make all the excuses you want. In the fevered minds of Trump supporters everyone else is out to get him. The fact is some of us have our eyes open and aren’t fooled by this con man.

            It doesn’t really matter, though, because if he wins the nomination he’ll lose in the general. And then all the Trump supporters can start explaining their delusions.


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