6 thoughts on “Actress Confronts Sean Penn Over His Support for Chavez: ‘You are a Communist A**Hole!’

  1. Wonderful episode! Would that we all had the stones Maria Conchita Alonso demonstrated. Funny that she thinks calling him an asshole is a worse insult than calling him a communist.

    1. You didn’t listen to the whole interview. She said, she was not sorry for calling him a commie. In the Hispanic culture, women who come from a decent family are taught to not “curse”. That is what she was sorry about, that she did “curse”.

  2. It’s sad that OUR best hopes for an America that is patriotic once again comes from Cubans and South Americans who have experienced firsthand the communist boot,and then there is Trevor Loudon who has to work extremely hard from New Zealand to make us wake up to the threat of communism in our politicians. Thanks

  3. Sean Penn is no diplomat. He is a fairly good actor. But why is it that the news media keeps broadcasting what these actors have to say? A common everyday High School Social Studies knows more about world events than the average actor. Another thing…why is Sean Penn always taking the side of anybody but the United States? Why?

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