11 thoughts on “#OccupyChicago Occupies City Hall: ‘Revolution Will Require Collapsing the American Government’

  1. Our education system massively populated with progressive left teachers and professors have sown the seeds of what is coming.

    1. Yes they have! Nikita Khrushchev warned us in 1956 that Communism would bury us from within! Our ignorance and apathy has allowed this to happen!

  2. Proof once again that it impossible to fix stupid.

    They don’t have the slightest idea that by “collapsing the government” they would endanger themselves. Stalin called them “useful idiots”, I call them lemmings. Apparently there is an abundant supply of them.

  3. F this old fudge-packer. He’s nothing some good old-fashioned Sharia Law can dispense with. Islam knows what to do with filthy queer traitors

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  5. I don’t understand the idea behind collapsing the American system. These people talk about how bad it is now. Do they not think it will get worse with a banking system and collapsed government? What happens to all the union pensions without Wall Street? Don’t these people realize that the money that funds union pensions is placed in Wall Street? What scares me is the complete lack of critical thinking skills on the part of any Occupy Protestor.

    1. These people have fallen prey to, and are being surreptitiously misled by individuals who are indoctrinating them with Marxist sociopolitical ideology and the delusional dreams of a Marxist “DYSTOPIA”! Our apathy toward them and our ignorance of the methods they will employ to accomplish their agenda are our greatest enemy and their greatest ally!

    2. exactly. How many of them have student loans that will be defaulted on and paid by taxpayers? They all seem pretty much brainwashed, and are arrogant in their proclamation that they speak for myself and so many others in the middle class. I’m not part of their 1% or 99%, so I guess I don’t count. Their math is bad too. Heaven help us. These are our future leaders?

    3. Will….
      read the Cloward & Piven papers….this will clarify what their end game is…. collapse the system in order to engage the new infrastructure that is already in place….ie unions/community groups as well as the socialist arm of the US Government. Van Jones stated, “Top down, bottom up, inside out” on many of his speeches….. this means that the “TOP DOWN” infrastructure will be called upon when the “BOTTOM UP”, bottom of the socioeconomic ladder, begins to revolt (the destroy the system/occupy people)…when these people begin to revolt to the point that the middle class, “INSIDE OUT” call for that government to crash down.

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