4 thoughts on “Rep. Frederica Wilson: ‘The Real Enemy is the Tea Party’

  1. Amazing, how anyone could think the Tea Party is the enemy. This tells me that there are some really stupid people out there who do not understand “Who” and “What” the Tea Party stands for.

    For anyone not knowing, the Tea Party is a national group of people who want less government in the nations faces, less taxes, a balance budget amendment and fair trade.

    So, if a progressive Democrat OR Republican wants the opposite, then the Tea Party works against them. The Tea Party is not getting in the way job growth, but they are getting in the way of Government leaders, pushing higher taxes on the American people.

  2. Yes, of course the Tea Party and “right wing extremists” are the enemy of the liberal conspiracy to take over our country and replace American liberty with communism.

    The Founding Fathers are included in this description of “extremists”, the English under King George thought so too. But who cares what the enemy seeking to destroy us thinks. It’s max nix.

    This country was not founded by, or for, Marxist socialists, this is not their country. They are invaders and usurpers of another’s birthright, burglers in the house of the host.

    The Tea Party simply restates the positions of our Founders and demands obediance to the Constitution. Liberals are opposed to all of this, of course they hate us for screwing up their seditious plans.

  3. These Reps must be even dumber than they look to make an enemy of every day Americans by saying the Tea Party can go to hell and the Tea Party is the enemy.

    Being black uber liberals who want to spend us into oblivion won’t protect their careers. In fact; why isn’t Mad Maxine in prison right now for using her job as a Rep to manipulate fed money going to the bank her husband is involved in. That ought to be good for a nice 5 year stretch in the penitentiary.

    Why is the black caucus singling out the Tea Party? Are they that afraid of honest, decent, hard working, Americans that they feel a need to vilify them to further their agenda of cradle to grave welfare for “their people”. I’m assuming their people are not all Americans; just black Americans. Seems to me they are part of the problem and not the solution. Getting people off welfare, making government smaller, and putting corrupt politicians in prisons is part of the solution.

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