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Obama and Israel: The Undermining of a Historic Relationship
June 6, 2012 – 2:12 pm EST | One Comment

An excellent new mini doco from Accuracy in Media This should be sent to every Jewish American, before the election.

Russian Dupes Behind Bilderberger Protests
June 4, 2012 – 5:52 pm EST | 5 Comments

By: Cliff Kincaid The major news organizations have been driven by the Drudge Report and WorldNetDaily to cover protests against a meeting of the “Bilderbergers” at a Marriott hotel outside Washington, D.C. The stories usually feature Alex Jones, a Texas-based radio host who regularly appears on Moscow-funded Russia Today (RT) television, or Daniel Estulin, a […]

Barack Obama, Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez, Frank Marshall Davis, Socialism and Communism
May 31, 2012 – 5:45 pm EST | 5 Comments
Barack Obama, Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez, Frank Marshall Davis, Socialism and Communism

In awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to California labor unionist Dolores Huerta, President Barack Obama has symbolically re-affirmed his thirty year relationship with the US’ largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America. Dolores Huerta, a committed radical, is an honorary chair of DSA and has served that organization or its predecessors for nearly 40 years. […]

Communism in Canada: Red Led Students March in Quebec
May 30, 2012 – 1:34 am EST | One Comment

Students march under scarlet banners in the largest protest in Quebec history.

J. Christian Adams Talks To Tony Katz How Citizens Can End “SWATting”
May 29, 2012 – 6:41 pm EST | No Comment

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques In the wake of the coverage of Brett Kimberlin and his tactics, RedState.com editor Erick Erickson found himself the victim of a “SWATting.” Tony Katz speaks with former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams of the ElectionLawCenter.com about how citizens can end “SWATting” and fight back against those who want to […]

Breaking… Blogger Aaron Walker Arrested after Maryland Hearing on Kimberlin Case
May 29, 2012 – 5:22 pm EST | 2 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Andrea Shea King The Radio Patriot Top Item at Memeorandum: Robert Stacy McCain / The Other McCain: REPORT: Aaron Walker Arrested After Maryland Hearing on Kimberlin Case — Aaron Walker, whose complaint against convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin became a conservative cause célèbre this past week, was reportedly taken into custody today after a […]

Communist Propaganda Coup: Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Trash Medals at NATO Summit
May 29, 2012 – 1:13 pm EST | One Comment

A Communist Party USA propaganda video, shot during the recent communist led protests against NATO in Chicago. U.S. veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars threw their medals towards the site of the NATO Summit May 20, in what was called the most dramatic antiwar action by ex-GIs since Vietnam. One-by-one, 45 service members from […]

This Week’s Watcher’s Forum Question: Prediction – What Will Happen In The Trayvon Martin Case?
May 29, 2012 – 11:31 am EST | No Comment

The Watcher’s Council This week’s Watcher’s Forum question concerns the Trayvon Martin case, which involves neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman and one Trayvon Martin, who Zimmerman saw inside his gated community and who apparently ended up shot and killed after an altercation between the two. Zimmerman was originally not charged by the police, but was […]

The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks Watchers Council Results – 05/25/12
May 25, 2012 – 3:21 pm EST | No Comment

The Watcher’s Council The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up. What is peace between nations? What does it consist of and how does it happen? This week’s winner, Joshuapundit’s: What Does Peace Mean Anyway?, decided to examine that very timely question, […]

Obama/Democratic Socialists of America Ad
May 24, 2012 – 7:11 pm EST | 3 Comments
Obama/Democratic Socialists of America Ad

While connected to the US’ largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America, for at least 30 years, Barack Obama can only be linked through documentary evidence, to one DSA sponsored event. From Buzzfeed: In this little-seen advertisement that ran in the Hyde Park Herald in 1996, Obama was listed on a panel sponsored by the Chicago […]

Dershowitz Doubles Down on Trayvon Martin Case
May 22, 2012 – 7:40 pm EST | No Comment

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media As part of a recent AIM Report, I wrote briefly about the release of documents last week in the George Zimmerman case. Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin. But more has come out since then, and attorney Alan Dershowitz has stepped […]

Loudon: Utah and Colorado Events
May 18, 2012 – 6:14 pm EST | 4 Comments
Loudon: Utah and Colorado Events

I’m back in the US until mid to late June, mainly for research and fundraising, but I will be doing some talks in the North East, California, Utah and Colorado. Utah conference Rocky Mountain Conservatives 3rd Annual Convention & BBQ. Saturday, May 19, 2012. 12pm to 4pm Buy tickets here. Colorado events Monday, May 21 […]

Media Pundit Named in Jesse Jackson Lawsuit
May 16, 2012 – 7:54 pm EST | No Comment

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media Tamara Holder, a Fox News contributor, is accused of having an affair with Jesse Jackson, Sr. in a lawsuit that alleges the illegal use of a gay Jackson employee to facilitate the relationship. The accuser, Tommy R. Bennett, was Jackson’s personal travel assistant and ran the legal clinic at […]

Communists in Congress? (1) Hansen Clarke (D) Michigan
May 13, 2012 – 7:27 am EST | 8 Comments
Communists in Congress? (1) Hansen Clarke (D) Michigan

Recently, Florida Rep. Allen West received considerable flak after claiming that there were up to eighty “communists” in the US Congress. Rep. West was certainly correct in spirit. There are dozens of members of the US Congress who have strong ties to one or more of America’s several influential Marxist organizations. This is the first […]

ABC News’ Roberts “Gets Chills” for Obama
May 11, 2012 – 1:13 pm EST | 3 Comments

Hat Tip: Logan Churchwell Accuracy in Media Remarking on an interview earlier this week about President Obama’s gay marriage announcement, ABC News’ Robin Roberts gushes over the experience on Good Morning America. http://www.aim.org

Club of Rome Still Pushing “Global Warning” Scam
May 9, 2012 – 4:52 am EST | 3 Comments
Club of Rome Still Pushing “Global Warning” Scam

While the world seems to be cooling, the appallingly dishonest Club of Rome is still shamelessly pushing “Global Warming” lies. From Moscow propaganda channel Russia Today: Rising carbon dioxide levels will most likely cause the global average temperature to rise two degrees by 2052, the Club of Rome think tank has said in a report. […]

Allen West Knocks it Out of the Park
May 7, 2012 – 5:43 pm EST | 8 Comments

An incredibly inspiring speech from Florida congressman Allen West. Thanks to Tammy.

Lord Monkton on Agenda 21 and Environmental Marxism
May 7, 2012 – 6:54 am EST | 5 Comments

Must view! Thanks to Kyle.

Military Unions March on May Day
May 6, 2012 – 6:10 pm EST | No Comment
Military Unions March on May Day

My guess is that if Barack Obama is re-elected, he will unionize the US military, as has already happened in many European countries.

Russia Today Interviews US Communist Leader – Working in “Occupy” Movement, Supporting Obama
May 5, 2012 – 10:49 am EST | One Comment

A revealing interview by Moscow funded propaganda station Russia Today, with Communist Party USA Chair Sam Webb (sporting some cool new facial hair). Webb candidly admits that his troops are working in the Occupy Wall Street movement and are actively supporting long time party “friend” President Barack Obama. This video supports my theory that Russia […]

Occupiers Storm Boston Tea Party Rally
May 3, 2012 – 4:54 pm EST | 2 Comments

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: BB MRCTV Warning – foul language and lewd content. Occupy members stormed a Boston Tea Party rally and began screaming and disrupting the event. A couple of the protesters are then arrested.

New York Times Bows to Terrorism
May 2, 2012 – 5:38 pm EST | One Comment

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media Speaking at the April 25 New York Times annual meeting, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., chairman of The New York Times Company, tried to justify the rejection of an ad calling attention to the alleged oppressive nature of the Islamic religion and the “vengeful, hateful and violent teachings” of Islam’s prophet. […]

Occupy DC’s Muddled May Day Rally
May 2, 2012 – 4:52 pm EST | No Comment

Hat Tip: Logan Churchwell Accuracy in Media: Accuracy in Media’s Brigette Namata covered the May Day march, protest and all around party in Washington, D.C. AIM found that the local Occupy group has yet to decide upon demands, goals or a general purpose. http://www.aim.org

Seattle May Day Protest Turns Into Black Bloc Gone Wild
May 2, 2012 – 2:13 pm EST | No Comment

NoisyRoom Read more at The Blaze…

Mayor issues emergency order after mayhem in Seattle
May 1, 2012 – 7:56 pm EST | 3 Comments

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques Read more at KomoNews.com… Flashpoints on Occupy May Day Welcome to the real face of the Occupy Movement – Communism, anarchy and chaos.

Chicago Communists Support Obama
April 30, 2012 – 1:29 am EST | No Comment
Chicago Communists Support Obama

Shock! Horror! Two leading Chicago Communist Party USA members Bea Lumpkin and Pat Flagg are supporting President Barack Obama. Check out Obama’s long time connections to the Communist Party.

“Why Marxism?” Why Indeed?
April 30, 2012 – 12:29 am EST | 4 Comments

An excellent expose of Marxism, from C. Bradley Thompson. I learned economics through the works of the Foundation for Economic Education. Great to see FEE still doing its great work.

Russia Today Covers Montreal Riots
April 27, 2012 – 11:42 am EST | No Comment

Russian government propaganda channel Russia Today covers recent marxist/student rioting in Montreal, Canada, during which 85 people were arrested.

Occupy DC Demands Release of Cop Killer [Explicit]
April 25, 2012 – 6:31 pm EST | No Comment

AIM: Accuracy in Media’s Brigette Namata pays a visit to the Occupy DOJ rally to see how good a grip the protesters have on inconvenient things like facts. Tales only get taller after 31 years it seems.