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And This is How the Republic Will End…
April 20, 2011 – 2:55 pm EST | One Comment

NoisyRoom By: AJ Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “compiled a list of some of the 10 worst corporate income tax avoiders;” it’s being publicized by the far-left MoveOn.org (financed by George Soros), NPR and other Progressive websites. Five on the list are also on the UN Global Compact’s “selection” of corporations as follows: General Electric: […]

Harry Reid’s Excellent Chinese Adventure
April 20, 2011 – 1:17 pm EST | One Comment

NoisyRoom By J. Scott Applewhite, AP Nothing can stop the progressives! Not Easter… Not Passover… Certainly not American taxpayers. As I write this, at least 17 of our intrepid comrades from the left and the right progressive sides of the political aisle are en route or have landed in Mother China. 10 make up the […]

Van Jones: Our Civilization is Fueled by Death
April 19, 2011 – 12:35 pm EST | 2 Comments

NoisyRoom From: Eyeblast.tv/Stephen Gutowski Van Jones Full Van Jones Speech at Power Shift 2011 Watch Van Jones: “We Pull Death Out of the Ground and We Burn It”

IMF Bank Lords & George Soros’ INET at Bretton Woods, What’s the Diff?
April 19, 2011 – 11:56 am EST | 2 Comments

By: Arlen Williams Gulag Bound The INET Bretton Woods summit, summoned by George Soros and those who alternatively hide behind, or gather around him, has now happened. But before trying to analyze whatever we may discover of what occurred there, it is critical to discern how it fits an overall picture. For context, one must […]

Beck and the Bloggers
April 18, 2011 – 9:46 pm EST | 6 Comments

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Gulag Bound, Joshua Pundit, Nancy Jacques Glenn Beck Mondays are notoriously rough around here, but today was a stunner. I woke up to a number of emails concerning The Daily Caller’s piece on Glenn Beck and his alleged ‘lack of attribution’ to those who have contributed material to him. The post included […]

April 18, 2011 – 1:03 pm EST | No Comment

NoisyRoom By: AJ President Obama placed our soldiers under UN NATO control for his war in Libya without consulting the United States Congress. Using our soldiers and our military assets according to what the “international community” global elites decide is clearly what Obama is interested in doing. Another example of weakening America’s military defense was […]

China Offers Places to 10,000 US Students, Steps Up Cooperation With MIT
April 17, 2011 – 6:57 pm EST | One Comment
China Offers Places to 10,000 US Students, Steps Up Cooperation With MIT

Let’s make treason, espionage and subversion  even easier, shall we? From the Communist Party of China website   Visiting Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong announced here on Tuesday an additional 10,000 scholarships for Americans to study in China. The announcement was made during the second meeting of the China-U.S. high-level consultation on people-to-people exchange held […]

Tea Time in Wisconsin
April 17, 2011 – 3:32 pm EST | 2 Comments

NoisyRoom Greeted by the Tea Party as well as local and bussed-in thuggish astro-turf minions dispatched by Richard Trumka and President Obama’s Organizing for America, Andrew Breitbart once again showed what a courageous patriot he was during his introduction of Sarah Palin. Amid cheers of support and hurled insults, Breitbart roared to the forefront with […]

Sarah Palin knocks it outta the park!
April 17, 2011 – 12:04 am EST | 6 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Andrea Shea King – The Radio Patriot Sarah Palin knocks it out of the park in Madison, Wisconsin at today’s Tax Day Tea party. As John Nolte writes at Big Government: Sarah Palin Steps Into Wisconsin, Points to Left Field, and Hits a Grand Slam If Sarah Palin’s not running for president, what […]

Andrew Breitbart to union thugs: “Go to hell!”
April 16, 2011 – 11:58 pm EST | 3 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Andrea Shea King – The Radio Patriot Last night Andrew Breitbart spoke in warm 76 degree temps at the Florida First Coast Tea Party in Jacksonville, headlined by Florida Gov. Rick Scott. Today Breitbart flew to Wisconsin where the weather was cold, wet and miserable. He was there to introduce Sarah Palin, as […]

Atlas Is Shrugging
April 16, 2011 – 6:48 pm EST | 3 Comments

NoisyRoom – Hat Tip: Brian B. Ace of Spades

Father Pfleger & Cornel West Are Shocked To Learn Even A Black Man Can Be Corrupted By Power
April 15, 2011 – 6:17 pm EST | 4 Comments

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews First of all, this man is a travesty in the sight of God. He is blasphemous. Second, don’t you believe what he is saying for a minute. It is misdirection and a false flag. He excels at lying.

White House Legislation for DHS Control of all .gov Domains (and as always, more)
April 15, 2011 – 2:20 pm EST | No Comment

By: Arlen Williams Gulag Bound Firstly, “White House legislation;” what’s wrong with that picture? Well, that’s not so uncommon (except in the Obama administration, where he usually hides behind Congress, while his comrades type and type and type). Anyway… I remember reading a comment in a forum or somesuch, in maybe the Spring of 2008. […]

Welcome To Our Homosexual Day of Silence
April 15, 2011 – 1:03 pm EST | 3 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Nancy Morgan – RightBias.com Friday, April 15, the Homosexual Day of Silence is being promoted in government schools across the country. Welcome students. Today is the big day. Today is your chance to take a stand against the forces of bigotry and homophobia that unfairly targets our brothers, sisters and others in the […]

The Council Has Spoken!!
April 15, 2011 – 12:33 pm EST | One Comment

From: The Watcher’s Council The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week, carved eternally in tablets of stone in the vast Hall of Council Records. This week’s winner, The Noisy Room took the honors for the in-your-face attitude displayed in her fine piece Rumors of Beck’s […]

Jim Wallis: Paul Ryan a Bully & Hypocrite, Never Been Around Poor People, Has No Courage
April 14, 2011 – 8:50 pm EST | 2 Comments

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews Spoken like a true Marxist. Jim Wallis is not a genuine man of the cloth. He is a progressive, collectivist who wants a Marxist state for all. It’s just simply evil. That he would pose as a false prophet to push his agenda is beyond hypocrisy. It’s blasphemous.

Soros, Piven and SEIU Working to Destroy Americas Financial System to Create Revolution
April 14, 2011 – 7:18 pm EST | One Comment

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews

The Globalists’ Takeover of America: Part 2 – De-Industrialize America
April 14, 2011 – 5:15 pm EST | 5 Comments

By AJ at NoisyRoom Entice large American corporations into the UN Global Compact and the de-industrialization of America becomes a reality in short order. A selection of the corporations who are already members of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), which is now part of the UN Global Compact, can be found HERE. The UN […]

The Globalists’ Takeover of America: Part 1 – Collapse the Economy
April 13, 2011 – 4:48 pm EST | One Comment
The Globalists’ Takeover of America: Part 1 – Collapse the Economy

By AJ at NoisyRoom Obama, George Soros, the United Nations (UN) and the global elites (Democrats, Union leaders and some Republicans) are accelerating their plan to bring America into their Global Governance scheme which will usher in the New World Order (their term, not mine). Financially, they need to collapse America’s economy to establish a […]

Watchers Council Nominations – ‘Hey, What’s A Few Billions Between Friends?’ Edition
April 13, 2011 – 2:37 pm EST | No Comment
Watchers Council Nominations – ‘Hey, What’s A Few Billions Between Friends?’ Edition

From: The Watcher’s Council Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for […]

Marxists and Muslim “Peaceniks” Unite Against America’s Military
April 12, 2011 – 8:02 am EST | No Comment
Marxists and Muslim “Peaceniks” Unite Against America’s Military

Glenn Beck and this blog have been saying for some time that the far left and radical Islam were working together against America. Last weekend, the United National Antiwar Committee organized large Bring the Troops Home Now! rallies in New York and San Francisco. Who is the United National Antiwar Committee? Currently serving  on the […]

The dirty secret behind the American Clean Energy and Security Act
April 11, 2011 – 8:21 pm EST | One Comment
The dirty secret behind the American Clean Energy and Security Act

The below article, originally published at Examiner.com was contributed by Laura Rambeau Lee, Florida. The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, H.R. 2454, sponsored by Representative Henry A. Waxman, CA, was passed by the House of Representatives on June 26, 2009, with a vote of 219 – 212, and was received by the […]

Miss Glenn Beck this week? Gulag Night Reports Breaking News on the Soros Front, Monday & Thursday
April 11, 2011 – 12:51 pm EST | No Comment

By: Arlen Williams Gulag Bound We’ve been breaking the news for years and we’ve got critically important subject matter to discuss this week, in the soft war against freedom and sovereignty — and our return fire of knowledge and First Amendment action. No blackboard, but we do have a chat room during the programs. (Or… […]

Rumors of Beck’s Demise are Greatly Exaggerated
April 10, 2011 – 7:45 pm EST | 16 Comments

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton NoisyRoom By now, everyone has heard of Glenn Beck’s impending departure from Fox. Many, including myself, felt a profound sense of sorrow at the announcement. He has become a bastion of sanity in an ever increasing media whirlwind of lies, deception and propaganda. Beck brought facts, hope, morality and grounding to the […]

Glenn Beck on the “Perfect Storm”
April 9, 2011 – 11:48 am EST | One Comment
Glenn Beck on the “Perfect Storm”
Allen West on Government Shutdown
April 8, 2011 – 12:04 am EST | One Comment

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