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Article Archive for 3 October 2013

Obama’s “Propaganda Village” on Display in D.C.
October 3, 2013 – 5:11 pm EST |

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media The Washington Post front-page photo shows Park Service employees shutting down access to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the mall. I have visited the memorial several times in the past and have never seen any Park Service employees. Where did they come from? The “shutdown” is a […]

Obama says strikers should be fired
October 3, 2013 – 4:51 pm EST |

By: James Simpson Examiner.com In his unguarded minutes, or perhaps more to the point, when he doesn’t have his handlers, scripts and teleprompters with him, sham “President” Obama reveals what a grossly incompetent idiot he really is. On October 3, 2013, Obama spoke at a “minority owned” business in Rockville, MD, a DC suburb, and […]

Obama Domestic Abuse: Now Look What You Made Me Do…
October 3, 2013 – 10:06 am EST |

NoisyRoom.net By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Jon McNaughton – One Nation Under Socialism Obama is punishing America and her heroes any way he can. He’s punching us in the face, while proclaiming to the Republicans: “Now look what you made me do!” He’s guilty of domestic abuse on America. Small wonder… Mooch […]