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Larry Grathwohl: May You Be Remembered for Your Heroism
July 18, 2013 – 7:51 pm EST | 10 Comments
Larry Grathwohl: May You Be Remembered for Your Heroism

I just learned this morning that my friend and colleague Larry Grathwohl has passed away at home. At 67 Larry was a comparatively young man. His death is a huge loss to his immediate family and to his wider family in the freedom movement. Larry Grathwohl fought for freedom in three main phases. Firstly he […]

“Brother Roger” and the Racial Agitators
July 18, 2013 – 11:54 am EST | One Comment

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media When conservatives complain about Al Sharpton, they usually note his relationship to NBC news or his hosting a show on MSNBC. But a new book says the racial agitator and Democratic Party politician has considerable clout with Fox News, and in fact played a role in getting conservative Glenn […]

New Documentary on TWA 800 Set to Premiere
July 18, 2013 – 11:03 am EST | No Comment

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media Photo by Roger Aronoff An excellent new documentary, which examines evidence that makes the case that TWA Flight 800 was brought down by missiles, a crime or accident that has been covered up for 17 years, is set to premier Wednesday night. The film is titled, simply, “TWA Flight […]

Watcher’s Council Nominations – Free At Last Edition
July 18, 2013 – 9:45 am EST | 3 Comments

The Watcher’s Council Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration […]