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Article Archive for 3 May 2013

Don’t Forget Misha
May 3, 2013 – 7:39 pm EST |

By: Bethany Stotts Accuracy in Media The mainstream media are absent on the Misha story, preferring to let the discussion of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s possible mentor devolve into hearsay reporting rather than to delve in-depth into the background of this Islamist. Perhaps he undermines the narrative that this was a couple of self-radicalized kids who were […]

How Obama Obstructs Justice in the Search for a Communist Terrorist
May 3, 2013 – 6:03 pm EST |

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media If the FBI wants to find Joanne Chesimard, who has just been added to the “Most Wanted Terrorists List,” it could begin by wiretapping President Obama’s friends, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and other members of the Weather Underground. The Weather Underground helped Chesimard—a convicted cop-killer—escape from a New […]

The Washington Post’s Liberal Image and Record
May 3, 2013 – 5:42 pm EST |

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media The Washington Post says that Ken Cuccinelli, who is running for governor of Virginia, has an image problem because he has described sex between homosexuals as “wrong” and branded President Obama’s team as “the biggest set of lawbreakers in America.” When one reads the front-page Post article with these […]

The Council Has Spoken – This Weeks Watcher’s Council Results – 05/03/13
May 3, 2013 – 1:13 pm EST |

The Watcher’s Council Alea iacta est… the Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and we have the results for this week’s Watcher’s Council match-up. Before we get started, some flowers, a little medicinal tonic for healing purposes and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to Matthew White. Heal up soon Matthew!! […]