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You Can’t Really Prove Obama’s a Commie?….Try KeyWiki

Submitted by on June 8, 2012 – 1:08 am EST

Is Barack Obama a communist? You know it in your gut… but you just can’t prove it?

Our sister site KeyWiki is an online encyclopedia of the US left. More than 60,000 profiles of radical/progressive/socialist/communist individuals and organizations.

Our most popular page is that of Barack Obama. It just ticked over 100,000 hits today.

Click on it today, for all the proof you will ever need of Barack Obama’s Marxist sympathies.

If you want to know about Barack Obama and the Communist Party go here.

If you want to know about Barack Obama and Democratic Socialists of America go here.

If you want to know about Barack Obama and the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism go here.

If you want to know about Barack Obama and the New Party/Progressive Chicago go here.

If you want to know about Barack Obama and ACORN/Project Vote/Demos go here.

Send them to to your friends, colleagues and liberal relatives.

While you’re at it, you might want to check out another of our more popular pages – George Soros.

Or maybe former Obama “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones (who this writer first exposed), or Obama mentor Frank Marshall Davis (who this writer also exposed). Or Obama’s communist doctor Quentin Young – the man who gave Obama the idea for Obamacare.

Or maybe some of your favorite commie Congressmen like Nancy Pelosi, Rosa DeLauro, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Dennis Kucinich or Raul Grijalva.

Hours of fun to be had.

America’s best resource on socialism and communism.

Volunteer contributors most welcome. Assistance is needed to expand the project. Email me if you’d like to help.

Financial sponsors are also very welcome. This project costs money. Assistance is needed to expand the project. Email me if you’d like to help.

Also don’t forget my book Barack Obama and the Enemies Within. The very best book out there on Barack Obama’s communist and socialist ties.

Buy it online here.

Trevor Loudon


  • III Frogs says:

    Thank you, Trevor!!!!!

  • BackwardsBoy says:

    Thanks, Trevor, for helping to inform the American public about our many domestic enemies. Hopefully, enough folk will take advantage of this information and begin to question their continued (and highly puzzling) tendency to vote these people into office.

    Only when enough Americans understand that Progressivism merely our national version Communism will we start to regain control of our government.

  • Tim Martin says:

    Trevor, another great post. Sadly even with all the documentation there are folks out there who will refuse to believe facts. To accept the truth conflicts with the world view they’ve adopted. In that delusional world view Obama is great, the Constitution is irrelevant, because he is saving us from those mean right wingers. I have a family member who is in that category. Afraid to even hear anything that might cause her to question what she thought she believed.

  • akw says:

    Trevor, I started reading your stuff on Obama in 2007 – I can’t remember who first directed me to your blog – and just want to tell you again how much I appreciate the work you do. Thank you!

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