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The Council Forum: What Should Romney Do To Win In November?
May 10, 2012 – 2:17 pm EST |

The Watcher’s Council As you know, the Watcher’s Council represents the cutting edge of political thought in the blogosphere. You already read their weekly offerings on the issues and if you’re really on the ball, read their incisive and stimulating sites. With that in mind, as a regular item, we’re going to feature Council members […]

‘FORWARD!’ (Tancredo’s call)
May 10, 2012 – 1:11 pm EST |

By: Tom Tancredo Gulag Bound The official Obama campaign logo! Source: Leading Light Communist Organization Obama has adopted “Forward” as a slogan for the campaign. It is not very original. It has been used by other leftist movements throughout the world. I can see why they chose it. After all, who can be against moving […]