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NASA Tests Show Warming by Greenhouse Gases a False Crisis
July 29, 2011 – 9:47 pm EST | 7 Comments

By: Arlen Williams Gulag Bound Man-made global warming – not so much. Man-made global Marxofascism – now there’s a crisis. New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism  By James Taylor | Forbes – Wed, Jul 27, 2011 NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth’s atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be […]

Rep. Allen West Defends His Stance on “Boehner Plan”
July 29, 2011 – 9:36 pm EST | 13 Comments

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a big Allen West fan. Many “Tea Party” activists are disappointed that Congressman West has chosen to support the “Boehner Plan” over the debt ceiling issue. Here Allen West defends his position, with Laura Ingraham. What do you think?

CEO Slams Obama’s Leadership
July 29, 2011 – 9:13 pm EST | No Comment

Home Depot founder Ken Langone slams Obama leadership. Great vid. Hat Tip: DRScoundrels

Commies for Obama!
July 29, 2011 – 8:43 pm EST | 3 Comments

A recent Baltimore labor union rally, introduced by Communist Party USA supporter and Maryland AFL-CIO leader Fred Mason, and convicted fraudster, hospital chaplain, Obama volunteer and Communist Party Religious Commission member Pierre L. Williams. This rally makes it very clear exactly who President Obama’s support base is.

Solution for Debt Problems? End Entitlements
July 29, 2011 – 6:00 pm EST | One Comment

NoisyRoom By: James H. Fitzgerald Tea Party Tribune President Obama said if the debt ceiling is not raised, he can’t guarantee 70 million checks will go out to the Americans who receive monthly pay from the government (read article here). The real number is actually closer to 80 million. The president has also stated he […]

The Council Has Spoken!! This Week’s Watcher’s Council Results
July 29, 2011 – 3:09 pm EST | No Comment

From: The Watcher’s Council The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week, carved eternally in the hewn stone halls of our hidden fortress. This week we ended up with tie between Joshuapundit’s piece, Norwegian Ambassador: The Oslo Attacks And Palestinian Terrorism Are ‘Different’, an examination of […]

You Are Being Lied To
July 29, 2011 – 11:15 am EST | 2 Comments

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton NoisyRoom For those of you who may have forgotten and for those of you who possibly never knew, regardless of what you are hearing in the news, there are NO spending cuts. There are only “budget” cuts. The “natural” progression of expenditures in Washington, having its own localized financial physics, is that […]