5 thoughts on “April 13th – Day of Action Video (Revolting Teachers)

  1. Interesting to see what’s happening in my back yard here in Long Beach. The Revolution spreads and continues………………

    I get depressed thinking that so many others don’t see or understand the worldwide BIG PICTURE and what it will do to America and Americans. They’ve spent generations indoctrinating Marxist ideas in our schools to our children. Modern youth have heads full of mush to what “AMERICA” IS. It’s the Crown Jewel of the World — who wouldn’t want control and to plunder it?

  2. Trevor, they are no longer even trying to hide their communism. As for having a quick link to Reddit, I was shocked (not really) to see that quite a few of the powers-that-be from Reddit attended the Soros Media Reform conference you linked to that happened last weekend. Reddit is a lost cause, IMO.

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