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33 Ways to Encourage Atlas to Shrug

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By: James Wesley, Rawles

Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel “Atlas Shrugged” is enjoying renewed popularity following the release of the new Atlas Shrugged movie. Rand’s story describes a group of American industrialists that lose patience with onerous regulation and taxation, and “shrug”–disappearing from their normal lives to relocate to a hidden valley called Galt’s Gulch. While this tale is fictional, it has some strong parallels to modern-day America. And despite the fact that Ayn Rand was an atheist and favored legalized abortion, she was a good judge of both character and the inevitable tendencies of elected governments. When I consider the regulatory and tax burdens that have been implemented in my lifetime–I was born in 1960–I believe that Rand had amazing prescience. Let’s face it: We no longer live in a free market capitalist nation. At best, it could called a “mixed” economy with statist tendencies, and verging on socialism.

Reading the news headlines in recent months has led me to believe that the Galt’s Gulch concept has a lot of merit. If The Powers That Be wanted to encourage the Atlases of the world to shrug, they couldn’t have done a better job. What is the best way to get the most productive Citizens of our nation to go on strike, and retreat to “gulches”? Consider the following “to do” list for those whom Ayn Rand called “The Destroyers”:

The shrugging and gulching has already begun…

Reading the foregoing might have you inspired to find your own Galt’s Gulch. Although I admit a personal bias, one practical option that I can suggest is the American Redoubt. (I’m the originator of the plan.) The Redoubt region is inside of the continental United States, so moving there is much more realistic than moving offshore–at least for most of us.

Many folks are now ready to vote with their feet. Atlas is starting to shrug.

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  • Mike Frost says:

    I have been a proponent of “conservative exodus” for some time now. My thought was to encourage movement to the southeast (from Virginia to Florida and from the seaboard to Arkansas and Louisiana in the west). This would also provide ample seaport and easy air access. Wherever it is, a conservative “redoubt” should be established and all constitutional mechanisms used to enforce its sovereignty vis-a-vis the occupation government in Washington, D.C.

  • And so it now picks up the pace, if they want to move to another state, then come to AZ. Comapred to the government and taxes of the CA state, ours are a God sending for them.

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